Olivia - Work in progress

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Old 10 October 2012   #1
Olivia - Work in progress

Hi everybody.

That's my first w.i.p thread is this forum. I work on a new project/ still image called 'Olivia' (that's the working title). My first attempt to create a real existing person. Reference is Olivia Wilde. I think it isn't bad for the beginng but needs more work that it looks like her. For the moment I have the feeling that she looks not female enough but can not figure out why.

Maybe someone can give me feedback and tips.

NOTE: Her face is still not asymetric. Thats the next point on my todo list if I'm done with the whole head.
Old 10 October 2012   #2
Would be nice to provide reference. Most people would not be keen to have to look up Google to compare your model with Olivia.

Without looking at references, I say the jaw lines & the brows area are very strong, hence, less feminine.

The eyes lips areas can be much improved.
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Old 10 October 2012   #3
Good start and welcome on board here
I think it's going into the right direction and yes, for the convenience of the other users, just put a pic of Olivia next to the wip renders.
Do you have a wire? Curious about the mesh flow.

Old 10 October 2012   #4
Thank you guys. This are my main references.

Beside this I collected around 40 hi-res images from different angles. I know that the most of this images retouched, shooted with different focal length from different angles and that her head is rotated on every photo in another direction. I have try to consider this.

And an wire frame. I know the edge flow around her nose and mouth looks a bit wired.

Old 10 October 2012   #5
yah your edge flow are wierds. but if you don't plan animation.. who care
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Old 10 October 2012   #6
Hi Clausen
Good work so far! I agree with Scote about some ‘weirdness’ at the nasolabial folds - will be hard this way to let her smile. The likeness is coming, but not really there yet. Check the overall facial propotions: 1. (the major issue right now imo) eye level seems to be lower on the photos (while the level of the mouth seems to be ok); 2. eyes are slightly too large, especially at their outsides, making them lookong more apart than in reality (also their shape isn’t that realistic - i’d use the photo in the center as ref for that).
Old 10 October 2012   #7
Scote and zokana, thank you.
I reworked the mesh to get a better mesh flow. For the moment I don't plan to animate her. It's just for a still image but a good mesh flow can't be wrong.

Next step is checking and reworking the eyes and brows. I have searched some new images and hope it helps.
Updates follow soon.
Old 11 November 2012   #8
Quick update. I reworked the eyes, brows, jaw and made a lot of little changes overall. I think it's better now but not finished.

Time for the next round of feedback, please.

Old 11 November 2012   #9
I started working on the body. The head isn't finished yet but I need a short break to get a fresh view.

For the still image she will be completely dressed but I think it can't be wrong to have a good base mesh for future projects. I'm not finished with the body but I think it would be good to get a bit feedback and critique. Ok guys, let me know what you think about it.


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Old 11 November 2012   #10
I think where the ribcage ends in the spine section, it should be more curved inside, as she's female. The waist in the sideview, so to speak.
Old 11 November 2012   #11
I think the head looks rather good, considered its not sculpt. I think the workflow is the right one ( to maximise what can be done in mesh, to get likeness, before going to scupt in Zbrush or mudbox).

Just some comments on the eyebrow area. First, its too high. 2nd, contrary to many people thinking, the hollow shape of the skull that the eyebrows lay, DO NOT follow the eyebrows lines, at least after about 3/4 outwards (begin at nose side). The profile of the brow areas become less protrude, & smooth out at the edge of the eyes.

You can see this in the reference pictures of Olivia in fact.

On your model, the outside side of the brows area is harsh & a bit concave (cave in), when you see in the reference pictures, its convex (molehill), & rounded.

I hope you understand what i am trying to say, its not easy to explain. Otherwise, I can make some paintover for you to see.
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Old 11 November 2012   #12
@mister3d: thank you for your reply. I think I know what you mean with and I will reworked it in the next days if I found time.

For general interest here the body reference images.

@PKD: Thanks for your detailed answer. I'm not too familiar with sculpting tools and high detailed faces but I think I should give it a try to get a better result.

But let's talk about the thing with the brows. Hmm.. I'm confused. I made some screenshots from another angle. In one of them I have tried to matching the 3d model on a photo. It isn't perfekt but close.

I think it could really help to get a short paintover. (If you find the time for that.)
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Old 11 November 2012   #13
As you wished.

I hope now with the picture, this is clear.
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Old 11 November 2012   #14
Aha. Yes it is clear now, thank you. I will fix it beside the other points on my todo list in the next days and post an update.
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Old 11 November 2012   #15
Made also little paintover for you (especially to show facial proportions and eye issues)

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