The Cross Alpha Omega Infinity Time Key of Life version 1.3

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  10 October 2012
The Cross Alpha Omega Infinity Time Key of Life version 1.3

Perhaps you still remember this character and the old topic about him .

When CG artists watch my clip , they give me many different opinions , some are good , some are bad . And I repair my old clip , and I release a new clip . I upgrade this character and add information about him . I talk about the gameplay of the game can use this character .

The first thing you can see here is the chest become good and , and new things you will see in the clip .

The information in this clip is about 3 or 4 minutes length , I show how to use this character in game .

You know in 2 old clip , they contain 3 confusing things : 600 billion shields , Universe Creation and the whack contain many galaxies inside . I think some of you forget Men in Black 1997 and the story about the cat and the galaxy . In the new clip , I will talk about these problems .

The clip contain 80% old things , 20% new things . Clip using songs : Arrival to the Earth ,

UEFA Champion League , King of Kings Motor head , Triple H theme song , Metalingus Metalingus - Edge theme song , We will rock you Pepsi Commercial .

And this clip is also my apology to all the CG artists watch my clip and feel disappointed

Final , to Leigh : Im sorry about the stupid topic I created that you had to come and said about ban my account , sorry about that .

This is a new clip , version 1.3 :

If you only want new things , you can watch with the time like this :

10th minute 21 sec to 10th minute 53 sec : I explain about 600 billion galaxies .

14th minute 51 sec to 15th minute 8 sec : I talk about the weapon with many galaxies inside , and here you will understand the Universe Creation symbol too .

19th minute 34 sec to the end : All information and new things about this character .

You know , this character can fight with multi boss at the same time , that why he has all the powers , and with multi boss fight perhaps he need more weapons .

This is something that I call potential character :

1 people create a topic for him on a astronomy website , I can't believe it . Scientists interesting with him .

1 Steam member like him and choose all things of him , even a name of the character and my nickname too , ....

here , they're talk about him too , ...

Here , they said : " Damn, I hope this guy is for real .. "

And more than that but some links are died .

How many character on a default pose can have chance like him , if you put all the character , choose your best and post on internet , how many character can do like this character ?

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  10 October 2012
mannn not you again. I hope you learn from you last threat
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  10 October 2012
Interesting... so different from anything else I've ever seen.
  10 October 2012
If you think this character can break the game play balance , you're wrong , it's just difference to control , and I show you how to control with the information inside the clip . If you want a things really difference with the old things you know , you must break the old rule first . Recharge time will limit the special attack skill he can use , and automatically attack skill still give gamers a think they're still using all 6 or 7 elements even the damage they create are weak . Infinity symbol on the chest , the way to control it belong to the game developer think when and where let it shining to let this Angel do outstanding things with the normal things the others character use to do . And fight with multi bosses at the same time is the things that all the powers inside this character allow you to do it . Some boss will use range attack , some boss will use close combat .
  10 October 2012
If the game about this character have 25 stages , chapters , 15 stage for story mode . With 10 ten symbol on his swords : Fire , Ice , ........ Earthquake only can use at the position that God allow Angel use Earthquake ability , it almost meant character only have 9 symbols to use . In story mode , Angel need to re active the symbol because they're appear on the swords but can not use until the time he really need . When he fight with Fire element on his swords , if Fire have 4 level for the damage Fire swords give to the enemies , and when he reach level 2 or 3 , he can unlock the special skill of Fire element , the skill look like Titan Rage , Poseidon Rage , the skill that give great damage to the enemies , so with 15 stages of the story mode , this Angel can unlock 4 or 5 special skills , the main difference between him and the others character is automatically attack abilities with multi elements . In story mode , Angel look like a normal character . The difference between him and the others character is in the Battlefield mode , and the Battlefield mode I talk inside the clip .
Tomorrow I will have a special gift for all the people that read my topic
Plant element can only use when he near a forest or a tree and Water element can use when he near a sea or river .

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  10 October 2012
For me, it still a poor design charcater sorry. The fact you use all teh symbols is ok, but put it less apparent.. you could make him a tattooman or with a carving suit.
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  10 October 2012
I'm have small gift for people watch my topic, I need only 1 or 2 days .
  10 October 2012
Looks like a badly conceived wrestler.
  10 October 2012
Something inside him is a wrestler
  10 October 2012
Thumbs down

Absolutely awful absence of design. Either you have to learn a lot and get rid of your ego or get reality check. You have no clue what designing a character is. Simply awful.
  10 October 2012
In Gladiator movie : there is 1 things I really like : Win the crowd
Between normal people and CG artists , number of normal people > number of CG artists . A smart studio game is a game studio choose a thing normal people like , not a things CG artists like , there is a distance between normal people and CG artists .
And if 1 character even just on a default pose , no render technique but can make some normal people like , like some people I show you on the 1st post of this topic , they're all normal people . They're my crowd , even I'm just a amateur CG artist .
You say my character is bad , do you have a small crowd normal people like your character like me ?
This is a superhero , in USA and EU , they like superhero .

And there is animator want to create a short movie for my character , I don't know him , I don't know where is he work or where do you live except his email .
I appreciate your help , Joseph Wills :

Last edited by iRock : 10 October 2012 at 12:01 PM.
  10 October 2012
Everything that everbody is telling you is unfortunately true. I wonder whether you could take this to some game creation specific forums to get some better feedback, but people here can advise you on character design and they have told you many times that this design is poor. None of the concepts that you spend so long explaining are apparent in your character without your explanations. Also, superheros are popular and have been for a long time, but only because of the interesting humans that become the heros. You are missing that element entirely so your character seems more like a god or something...

As for your renders, the materials look the same all over without any attention given to wear and tear and function. The lighting is very poor too, its pretty much totally flat, and the images look really badly post processed which isn't helping... Sorry, I'm avoiding talking about whether this would make a good game because that is totally irrelevant, and I'm trying to give constructive feedback on the design and rendering. This really needs to go back to square one...

Nick Marshall
Head of Environments / Generalists
Double Negative :: Vancouver
  10 October 2012
With out a doubt one of the more "unique" characters I've seen on this forum in my short time here.

Do you plan on posting any more renders of your progress? I'm just so perplexed at the concept, and the psychology of a man who would create such a thing.

If the point of art is to illicit a reaction from the viewer, than I think your character and its back story are certainly works of art. It would make a very "interesting" comic book.


  10 October 2012
>_> your char needs a lot of work on mats, lighting, design....the way you explain him reminds me of people who would come in to Yahoo Chat RP rooms and try to instakill the entire room with one sentence...

Sorry if I sound like an ass but you really need to work on him and if you want him to be a "superhero" he needs to loose the god complex.
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  10 October 2012
Originally Posted by Keiyentai: >_> your char needs a lot of work on mats, lighting, design....the way you explain him reminds me of people who would come in to Yahoo Chat RP rooms and try to instakill the entire room with one sentence...

Sorry if I sound like an ass but you really need to work on him and if you want him to be a "superhero" he needs to loose the god complex.

Yes , about mats, lighting , you are right , but about design , sorry , you know , if I can make normal people like this character , and some people like . Do you think that's is a success ?

Between eyes of CG artists and eyes of normal people there is a distance . And if you don't know what people like , even how beautiful character you make , perhaps ..... I can have some normal people like because I know what they like

The most important things is total normal people buy game larger than total CG artists buy game . Actually , I already know some CG Artists like this character .

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