Kindergarten Archi-Viz

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  10 October 2012
Kindergarten Archi-Viz

Hey Guys,

So I creating some 3D Visualisations of a new kindergarten block that the college I attended is putting in. This work is for freebies.

I have already worked quite a bit on this project but it is still in its early stages, I feel it still has a lot of improving to happen before it becomes great.

If you have any thoughts or ideas, post them!

  10 October 2012
Any ideas from improving an average image to great? Composition tips? lighting? colours?
  10 October 2012
Hi Matthew,

iím not an arch-vis guy, so i can offer you only some thoughts of a complete layman:

- the architecture is rather simple and cold, even if having some colours on it. So most important would be to get a cosy feel. Yellow moods are known for being cosy and shadows are known as ideal to make simple forms look more interesting. That means:

1. Your render is overexposed, which is lowering the saturation, giving a washed out feel to the scenery. Also your shadows seem to be weak - that little girl standing in the sun isnít throwing any shadows for example. Shadows shouldn't be parallel to the building - let them stripe generously the scenery (without using that much fill). Apropos fill: the columns in the shadow areas are casting surprising shadows.

2. The colour of the sunlit grass looks a bit ugly in my eyes... Try to get it more appealing (more like lush grass instead of giving a desert feel).

3. more a tactical tip: a kindergartener is missing imo, which might imply the impression of an unattended place.

So iíd try an other lighting with more interesting shadows, having a lower sun, giving also a warmer mood to your scenery. And maybe some little flowers here and there could help with getting a pleasant environment for kids.

Looking forward seeing your updates!
  10 October 2012
These are some great tips Zokana! I will get straight onto implementing them and post them up!

Looking forward to more of your critiques!
  10 October 2012
New lighting

Ok so the first I will start with the lighting.

I have changed it to a morning/midday lighting, below is a very quick and dirty mock-up of the this lightings set-up.


  10 October 2012
Hm, colours are more saturated, but the grass looks rather yellow now (could be more green). Personally iíd prefer the sunlight coming from the right (as done before, but less straight >> slightly from the back) to have more interesting shadows in the foreground (try to use shadows as an element of the composition). Talking of the foreground: the tex of your stone is a bit clean, and thereís so much space, not only in the foreground but generally... Perhaps you could fill the scenery more (why not a whole group of kids, some birds, toys, a ball, flowers, frogs, what ever)

The colour mood is definitely better, except that large and uniform yellow-green of the grass.

And donít forget then that windows need reflections..
  10 October 2012
Noted! I will have an update up here in 30 mins with better shading on kids, more fillers, flowers, better grass and some other changes.

I am giving this to people tomorrow so working it now :P
  10 October 2012
Alright so here is the update version. Comments and critiques!

For larger image just go the image URL! 4400x2600

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  10 October 2012
Looking great! The only thing that bothers me is the texture on the bottom of the patio roof in the top right of the image. The stripes are a tad unrealistic and a bit of distraction from the focal point of the image.
  10 October 2012
Thanks Brik!

Yeah I agree with you, I didn't pay enough attention to that texture. I might just flatten the texture out to a concrete or something. Will post with update!
  10 October 2012
Looks much better now!

- the ball is floating
- kids arenít visible in the windows and some of them are also blurry
- the sky is looking dirty somehow, especially at the lower left (iíd try to give a slight shading to those clouds to have a cleaner white and a reddish part, instead of sandstorm coming up)
- and if thereís still some time for corrections: the edge of the roof in the foreground could prove the plasticity the tex is trying to convey (instead of being straight)

Otherwise cool!
Keep it up!
  10 October 2012
Thanks again Zokana! A great list of Crits and comments, I will get started on yours and Briks ASAP.

At the moment I am setting up my second image, from the back of the kindergarten (main entrace). Figuring out the best lighting at the moment, may post some images.

Update soon!
  10 October 2012
in addition to all the above,i think having some round/curved shapes in here could massively improve the likeability of this scene..,at the moment its kinda cold shapewise,add some roundness to some shapes,maybe some playgarden with nice flowing curves ,or a fence with wavy patterns to step away from the squared /box feeling,would definatly improve the likeabilty..
  10 October 2012
Hi, this is looking pretty good =)

What most people seem to stride for when starting width arch viz is trying for absolute realism / perfection. Now, in some cases this might be exactly what is needed for architects / builders to sell it or to figure out minute details regarding lighting, colors, material choices etc.

However, usually, arch viz of projects are bought from architects / builders to be able to sell the project as a whole. All the nitty picky details on construction etc are already in the drawings. The 3D is there to let regular people get a glimpse of the vision, how it could turn out, as long as everybody is on board.

And in theese cases it is just as much feeling that you sell, as pixel perfect images. Now, Ive attached and extremified paintover regarding glows and whatnot. But I see so many 3d viz drawings wich are technically perfect, and as I said, in some cases that is what is needed / wanted, and all is good. But again, usually they look really dead and on the virge of scary. If this place was built, it wouldnt feel as "dead" as the picture, due to all the light playing everywhere, reflections everywhere etc. So what I tend to do, is to try and over exaggurate theese things to create an image wich is false, in the sense that if you went on the finished project and took a picture from the same spot, it wouldnt match, but the feeling you get from the image would be reflected in the project once it is built, as you would be moving around, and other people would be there, light and reflections would move as you move and so on.

So after years in the business I still do most of the stuff right up until the finished image in 3d, and the architects are never satisfied as they want more "life". But theyve learned how I work, so when they are happy with the structure, I go nuts in photoshop "painting" light and reflections, people, diffuse color zones to break up the picture etc. And while you could do all that in 3d, it would take 1 week to get everything the way you want it, wich could take 1 hour in photoshop. Its obviously no good for animation but as far as still images go, its a pretty neat way to get creative and quickly try out different moods / colorschemes.

Ahwell, just some thoughts =)
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  10 October 2012

Thanks for pointing that out! A subtle but very powerful difference it would make (Yoda voice). I will tend to that in the next update of that image! 0


Thanks for putting some time into the post-pro! I agree with what you are saying, its how the image connects with the viewer more than the realism of the shot. Your pointers will be put into affect in the next update I do on that image.
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