Tribal Alien

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  11 November 2012
I finished the mountains for the background, not much, been very busy on other things >_< Going to be moving onto final comp and sort out the reamining issues mentioned above now.

  11 November 2012
The rock looks good, but I feel the scale of the rocks on the mountain range may be a bit off. Its looks almost the same size as the rock mr Alien is standing on.

But neverthesless, We can see with the final composition.
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  11 November 2012
Yeah I see what you are saying PKD. I only noticed this once I was almost done. I will add some detailing in Photoshop over the polypaint to hopefully show its relative scale. Just kicked out some render passes now. Onwards to Fusion!
  11 November 2012
Well, here is an update:

Started adding more bg elements and tweaking the over all look. I know the skin shader is still a bit pants, I havent looked at it yet :]

Next step is to add a few more props, tweak the textures and shaders (Finally) and possibly add a better facial expresion and pose.

Getting towards the final image at least.

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  11 November 2012
Oh ya, and one of the kind people here offered to animate my character!

So we will see what he is going to do. I suggested he animate the guy above hunting a wierd critter.... and then hilarity insues. I did a quick sketch of the possible critter.

Excuse the quality, I have no scanner. >_>

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  11 November 2012
Looks but overall, but I think the background looks a little flat, almost like a wallpaper.

I think you can improve it by having the nearer mountain range much less blur. I think the lack of precieved depth is directly link to the mountains being rather evenly burred.

the larger planet or moon looks painted as well. I think background can be painted, but the the brush strokes in general are too visible in my opinion.
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  11 November 2012
Originally Posted by PKD: I think there isn't much good shader (shipped) for character base 3D render. A lot of the good shaders are made by other people, not MI.

very often I end up making texture using the basic blinn, lambert. Its 2012, you would think that there are more purpose build shaders out there, say wood, metal, plastic, fabric, & each allows some kind of control to get the exact, say type of wood desired.

Mental Ray's Mia_x_material(arch&design material in Max) is an excellent shader and can be used to create practically any material you can think of. It's just a matter of knowing how to use it.

Using legacy shaders(blinn, lambert, etc) is a bad idea with MR as they're completely non-physical and not optimised for the renderer.

Overall, your design and execution is very well done but the lighting is really flat and even and takes a huge amount away from what could be a great image. I like the idea of the Alien planet in the background. Also, having put so much work in I think it would be a real shame to rush into comping your final image before getting your material shading/lighting finished. (although, if a hand-painted 2d style is what you're going for.....)
  11 November 2012
The character is awesome, alien plants are even more sweet - simple, yet great looking. And I have reasons to expect the creature to be awesome . The DOF needs more attention, and more consistency - with blurred mountains, there's no way you would get the bg planet so sharp...
While I agree the lighting and some shaders could be done differently, they kind of work for me now - in a illustration-like style (think a storybook illustration). Anyway, there seems to be a big difference in black levels between the character, and everything else. Character has much less blacks in shadows - if you use mental's SSS shader, maybe the sub-surface effect is too deep? Or is it too much fill/ambient light on the character? Good way of troubleshooting such cases is rendering the main lights (even just key light would do) separately, without GI/skylight. Then it's easy to see if the shadows which should remain black are too bright - the difference I mentioned earlier should be even more visible.

Another thing I would do is adding subtle rim light on the right side - just to pop fim from the bg a bit more. Man, that is a sweet scene to light - even in my head .
"Life is not a problem to be solved, but a reality to be experienced" - F. Herbert
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  11 November 2012
Hey guys, thanks for the replys, very good points!

PKD: right as usual, I started painting the BG too much which is reverting too my comfort zone I guess. I will keep working on the depth and I can see the blurring is a bit inconsistent at the moment.

musashidan: Thanks for the tips man, I will try that material out . This being the first time I have really delved deeply into mental ray and its materials, I am aware that this is a weak area for me as I am still learning everything. I will try that material out. Any other ideas on how to get more depth in my shaders and lighting feel free to suggest

azazel: Thanks man. You got it there, I want to have a light illustration feeling to the image, I do not want ultra photo real look at all. Also, you are right about the black levels, currently the MR sss shader and the standard MR shaders (Everything else) produce very different results in the render. Its very frustrating.... Also as PKD pointed out I will sort out that DOF, I can see the issue now, so that should be an easy fix.

Cheers, will update again soon.
  11 November 2012
Oh, just have to add that I am comping this on a different PC and it seems its levels on the monitor are a bit screwed up. Looking at it here I see how the image looks washed out and a bit flat. I recon I will do my final comp on this pc now as the monitor seems to be giving a more accurate result.

Man I hate the differences that each monitor gives....
  11 November 2012
Real nice update again, love the environment and plants.
And this little critters is really awesome, cant wait to see more updates.
  11 November 2012

Finally getting into tweaking the materials meshes and textures now.
Putting some tlc into the final image. All elements are getting attention now, hope you like.

I realise those midground mountains still arent really working, that is the next element I am going to attempt to fix. Hopefully the semi illustrative look is coming through. I want to print this out to a poster once I am done.

Trying to get it to look along the lines of an old sci fi book cover.

  11 November 2012
Really cool!! I prefer that pose with him looking towards the cam.
One little thing the necklace is flying a bit on the right side.
  11 November 2012
The far background mountains look great, middle ones indeed need more work. There's a suspicious looking straight horizontal line on his eye-level - some masking artifact (visible on an lcd screen at an angle )?

I think there should be no stars inside the smaller planet - they'd be hid behind it, even if the shaded side is not visible, it still obscures what's behind. Small detail, but can spoil viewers immersion.

Biggest crit - this shiny gray/green central tentacle hanging from the rock... i'd remove it, or shorten/loop it a bit. Now it catches the eye, and draws it towards the bottom edge of the image. If you loop it back towards the center (and there's a nice crevice for just that purpose ), it'd be a feature, now it's a bug .

Keep at it, it looks great
"Life is not a problem to be solved, but a reality to be experienced" - F. Herbert
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  11 November 2012
Heya guys. thanks fro the crits again.

Cg-Creator. yeah I agree. I will shift his pose back towards the origional position, it is better.

azazel: I cant find that line, but I think I know what it is. Should be easy enough to fix. Will fix those stars and the tentacle, I can see what you are saying there.

More updates soon
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