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  10 October 2012
Got a fair amount done this weekend.
Set up alot of shaders, laid out basic textures, updated lighting and added the rock. Props shaders arent working as well as the ss shader so if anybody knows a mental ray shader that can handle good wood / stone please let me know.

The rock also needs tlc as although the look of the basic diff I made looks ok, it is trying its hardest to make it look like a giant chocolate brownie!! hehe. Gona start making some alien plants and roots to dot around in the fg. The wierder the better for them.

  10 October 2012
Looking good same! I understand what you mean about the rocks..although putting in some walnuts in the rocks would be funny...jk
I see what you mean on the shaders you have for the stone and wood, because the shader on the knife in the small hand almost appears to be the same color as the skin. Maybe make the color of the stone darker.
I also think some nice vein work on those monstrous arms would be cool too

Comin along really nice!
  10 October 2012
This little fella is fantastic, yes definately a touch of stitch in there but more developed and in an alien environment with some strange plants will be fantastic.
  10 October 2012
Congraulation for mastering the perfect chololate brownie shader.

On a serious note, the character somehow looks flat (tonal wise).

I propose a harsher sunlight from the right side of the face (left side in picture), & hence hasher shadow as well on the other side of the cutie.

The skin texture also looks kind of flat, like a standard blinn or something. Did you use some form of SSS?
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  10 October 2012
Love it in general. But for me it's more a figure toy stand look. So I guest it's cause by you blinn shader look like PKD expose. Also maybe the fact, there is no background.. Are you planning add somme trees on the moutains?

and the light are too white for a day outside shot. maybe warmer but I know that like spill on your color ;(
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  10 October 2012
Cheers for the feedback guys. I see where you are coming from, agree with all isues. Lighting, shaders and textures are still fairly basic at the moment, they all need reworking / tlc.

Just concentrating on getting the plants done atm, almost there, will post results in a bit!
  10 October 2012
Can't wait to see it Sam!
  10 October 2012

Got a bit delayed, life got in the way etc, but managed to finish up the zbrush models of the alien plants:

The floating bits will be duplicated about to add more bulk to the core structures, so there will be many of those grey balls and lots of tentacles. Time to get them in the scene...

Side note: Mental Ray is frustrating me a bit, all renders seem too washed out...grrrrrr
  10 October 2012
The plants looks amazing!

can't wait to see more updates.
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  10 October 2012
Ok, here we go, latest render. Been struggling away with Mental Ray trying to get something decent. Still not too happy, but at leas I am progressing..

Bunged in a temporary background, its wip so please dant take it too seriously, but hope you get what I am going for. Gona start comping in fusion now. not PS for final Image.

Things that still need doing:

Build more trinkets and pieces for him to wear.

Build background mountain range.

Update layout a bit, still not happy with composition.

Update lighting to something better

Completely remake background (planets etc)

Possibly add some minor atmospheric fog.

Update and move towards final shaders

Same with textures.

Try some other poses for char.


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  10 October 2012
Nice update.

I am not sure if you have updated the character, but he still looks flat.

Maybe add some gloss or watery shader to some of the plants (squid like), as everything looks too matt.

I think the character is too centric in the image also. Also, you should also experiment with landscape format.

I think Mental ray are very good for architectural & environment & such, but other then the SSS shaders, I think there isn't much good shader (shipped) for character base 3D render. A lot of the good shaders are made by other people, not MI.

very often I end up making texture using the basic blinn, lambert. Its 2012, you would think that there are more purpose build shaders out there, say wood, metal, plastic, fabric, & each allows some kind of control to get the exact, say type of wood desired.

Even industrial software like Catia have preset materials, & a software that is design to make render, such such limited base materials.

to be fair, the mia material x have a lots of good preset.

But of course, MR allows us to do GI & caustic etc in Maya. Nothing can be much worst than Maya's default software render. At least Maya have decent sets of tools for making shaders (but a bit technical at time for the average artist I think).
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  10 October 2012
i really like this one. and i agree that a little bit more volume to the character would help. just try some extra light from the side as PKD proposed before...
looking forward to see what will you do with the background and composition
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  10 October 2012
Cheers guys, thanks for feedback, much appreciated as usual

I will try to get the ss shader looking more solid, I see what you mean. Will add more direct lighting too, thats next on the list.

PKD: you hit it on the head. I went into the mental ray shaders expecting them to be rich and complicated (Using Max here), but aside from the ss, architectural and car paint shaders they seem really basic to me, and outright do not have features you would expect to see. Oh well....

Learned alot of lessons on this. I think I will try Vray next to see what it has to offer. Gona start building those BG mountains tonight. Just want to get all the modeling and texturing out of the way before I start heavy tweaking.


  10 October 2012

I found this preset for mia_material_X, when I was searching for good brick texture yesterday, & is rather good.

YOu can use the preset teyture, or plug in your own. YOu need to be member (free) to download.

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  10 October 2012
Hey PKD, your a star!

Im using Max though :'(. Im gona hunt around a bit and also try find some better shader presets as the current ones arent cutting it! hehe

Oh yeah. Been very busy but finished the lowpoly of the BG mountains and strated zbrushing, will post results in a bit...
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