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Old 10 October 2012   #61
Hmmm.. still needs some work.

Are you using the MIA shader on everything? It has a setting called translucency that will transfer shading information from one side to the other. It might help on your drapes, and can even work well on your windows.

Try adding some mineral streaks and dirt on the windows, and make them a bit wavy and uneven.

Your interior lights still look to bright. It might help to add a bit of detail to the interior, so you get some shadows. Maybe add some wallpaper too.

Old 10 October 2012   #62
yes, I am using mental ray for everything.

The curtains have translucency on them. Currently, the light effect is done with the glow/self illum setting on a box just inside the window.

It is my opinion too that I am going to have to add some to the interior. May work on that tomorrow....depending on what the hurricane does to this area.
Old 10 October 2012   #63
update to the windows.

First image... straight comp of the windows.

Second image - some minor adjustment for brightness.

Old 10 October 2012   #64
Nice! Much better.

Are you using a infinite or directional light for the sun? I would imagine that the rocks on the hill should be getting a bit of rim light.

I think the sunlight could also be a bit more red and saturated.

Old 10 October 2012   #65
Yeah, they actually are getting some, but it blends right into the sky. I may have to throw a couple of cheat lights or raise my daylight system up a bit more.

Will try the red.

right now am stopping for the day.... Hurricane is coming in.
Old 10 October 2012   #66
Cool man.

Look forward to your next update.

Stay dry!

Old 10 October 2012   #67
changed the sunlight tint and saturation some.
Added some light to the background.... May need to make it less orange toward the yellow though.
Starting on my cowboy on a horse for the middle of the road. Will be a bit for that though I have a character that I may be able to re-purpose for it.

Old 10 October 2012   #68
It's definitely looking better. I think the windows facing the camera (the ones circled in the image) are too reflective. Usually windows become more reflective as the angle to the camera increases, so those windows on the side look about right, but I wouldn't expect the ones facing us more directly to be equally reflective. Also, on the same windows, there appears to be a reflection of the sun going down, which would put it on the opposite side of the horizon to the light source if I'm not misinterpreting something.

Old 10 October 2012   #69
I can drop the reflection, no problem... the light you are seeing is actually the glare from an indoor lamp.
Old 10 October 2012   #70
Looking really good. I clearly read the ball of light in the window as a lamp inside the saloon.
Might think about lightening the horse or giving it a patterned hair color. Right now he's blending into the bg too much.

Also, the blue-ish gray of the building in dead center is catching the yellow-ish light and turning a bit green.

The area above the saloon doors seems odd since there is that bright light just to the left, but the area is dark. Not saying it should be as bright, but it seems like there should be a bit more light there, or maybe an interior pillar or wall that catches some subtle light.

Love the little dabs of light hitting the hill now. Just perfect.

Old 10 October 2012   #71
Looking good now. Maybe a bit of aerial perspective with little fog could add a bit.
Old 10 October 2012   #72
Nice progress so far and i like the direction in which it is going.

A thing I noticed in the first second was that it is missing a "hero" character or item you want the audience to look at. Right now you created an environment which I think is going to be more of a background for let's say a cowboy on a horse you want to draw attention to. All elements like the house on the left, the little church tower on the right, the horse... have the same "level of importance" and they compete with each other. There's no outstanding character or item so far which can form the main point of interest.
Are you planning to create this point of interest or is this scene more something like a photograph someone might have taken in 1880 just to show the everyday life?

Old 10 October 2012   #73
I am planning on a cowboy riding a horse [tired] in the middle of the street toward the saloon.

the window in the saloon facing the camera has less reflection. I moved the interior light so it did not look like a sun in the window.

Old 11 November 2012   #74
I think given the current outdoor light level and time of day, we wouldn't really see much interior lighting at all.
I know the sun has almost set, but it is still there in the sky which means it's still quite bright outside. So if this were a real photo I would imagine the photographer would have had use a fairly quick shutter to get that bright outdoor light to the level we see here, which would make interiors pretty dark and thus interior lighting just as dark.
Imagine taking that same photo at night, with the same camera settings, the indoor lighting would be barely noticeable. At most you would probably see the flame in the lantern itself and not much glow around it and that's why I think the indoor light, as you have it now, to me still looks like a reflection of the sky because no candle light would ever be able to make so much light inside like that.

Of course all this wouldn't matter if you're not going for realism, but looking at the renders so far I think you are.
Old 11 November 2012   #75
LOL... this is what I thought at the beginning.... but with all the crits heading that way I gave it a shot. Using photographic exposure control (as I am) it auto corrects like a camera.

- am very interested in the other posters comments on this.
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