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  03 March 2012
@The FubaR its not such heavy workload as it may seem, especially when i only had to do it once

imho it definitely pays of, it breaks down the perfect smooth mesh into something more organic.

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  03 March 2012
preparing and cleaning the scans for displacement map trensfer

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  03 March 2012

...then the Lord formed man of dust from the ground...

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  03 March 2012
nice...I suppose you'll start shading soon?

  03 March 2012
not so soon i guess, since i want to build a little smd diod light stage for texture and also world space normal map shooting. should be fun, looking forward to it

anyway...update :

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  05 May 2012
ive been pretty busy lately. many new personal and commercial projects emerged last few months

this (only crop from a still) being one of them.
i learned a lot about eyes setup making this.
itll come very handy when i start building eyes for my character i think

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  05 May 2012
Very nice. For a second there, I thought the water was actually the optic nerve.
  05 May 2012
my next goal is to build a nice little light stage for texture shooting, normal map capture, and facial motion capture later on.

theory :

a hemispherical construction approx. 30 cm in diameter
with 300 smd (type 3528) diods attached in 100 clusters (3 diods each)

4 light scenarios (side,top,front,full) should help me produce a world space normal map

from what i tried. it should work just fine ...


but putting theory into practice here would be quite a challenge.
my first concern is the light intensity.
im currently deciding between two smd diod strips
one that can produce 1800 lumens in total (300 smds type 3528)
the other one 4800 lumens (300 smds type 5060)

the question is... is 1800 lumens too low ? is 4800 too high ?

another thing is the actual setup. the ideal scenario would be changing the 4 light scenarios
by press of a button, but i have no idea how to achieve that.

if anyone reading this has any experience with something similar, or is just good with electricity, please let me know. thanks

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  05 May 2012
Hi Lukas,

30cms diameter sounds very that maybe a typo?

I suggest you read up on everything you can find about the lightstage and look closely at the photos that are out there on the net.

I have built 2 prototype LED rigs for this use in the last takes a lot of work and quite a bit of money to get something working.

You will need LEDs that are much more powerful than those SMDs, remember the faster your shutter speed (and you will need to shoot fast) the more light you will need to illuminate your subject.

As an example my first prototype had 156 LED modules, each produced 100 lumens each, so 15600 lumens when all LEDs are on full.

This works fine up to certain speeds,but you don't want to be cranking the ISO up to compensate for low exposure at higher shutter speeds because that will introduce noise into the images which will cause problems.

Controlling the LEDs will involve having a driver for each LED or multichannel drivers….there are various ways to control the actual drivers such as DMX / 485 or 232.

DMX drivers are quite easy to find on the net,but generally they will not be cheap or small
Then there is the software/programming side of things to consider

Lastly, cabling will be an absolute nightmare…believe me, I have done this twice and running all the cable required around a 2M diameter sphere to control the LEDs will drive you mad!

Not saying any of this impossible, but even as someone who has worked as a lighting tech for 14 years it has been a big project.

Hope that helps a bit
  05 May 2012
pfuu. thanks for the info merry. maybe i reconsider this and try to think of another and easier solution . thanks again
  06 June 2012
You could use photo softboxes or computer monitors as an alternative. The monitors have the extra advantage that the light they emit is polarized, so you can easily cross-polarize out the specular component of the photos. It would then be a trivial matter of connecting the monitors to a computer, and getting them to display different colors; something that can easily be done with a few lines of code.

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  06 June 2012
Keep religiously checking for updates in this thread! Hope you can find the time to continue on this after all the work getting it to this stage. I was really looking forward to seeing a lot of these elements come together into some final renders.

Nick Marshall
Head of Environments / Generalists
Double Negative :: Vancouver
  06 June 2012
dont worry, i had/have some commercial jobs that are prior, so this project was a bit on hold, but im working on it . now im preparing for textures shooting. if everything goes as planned, im going to shoot this weekend which is great...cant wait !
  06 June 2012
very good work Lukas , we are waiting for final result.
it is good technic , but don't you think it is wasting of time and Effort ?
I mean what about the traditional technic ?
it's gives us good result Versus time and effort .
  06 June 2012
well, depends on what is your goal. mine is to make a facial mo-cap with dynamic texture maps, and also a challenge to create an accurate digital double. and creating something that you can enjoy while learning tons of new stuff is never a waste of time

and as for the led dome and world space normal map shooting, i already bailed on that idea.
too complicated and not really worth it

anyway. here is an update i put together just now : rough initial shader setup

...looking at it, i think im gonna redo the displacement map, there's some room for improvement

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