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  10 October 2011

Hi yes the buildings ground heights on the first floor's seams a lot better the first building on the right is perfect, the others some of them you can still pull them up a bit until 1 meter I think.

The cables are too curved there is no tension (they are not electrical cables they are holding something just a tiny minimal curve will sell much better.

the high on the side walk should be like 7-9 cm 5 at least, you have 2 or 3 mybe less. (this one depends on your taste to leave it like it is or not)

The road seams to narrow for the buildings height.

The curve seams more natural now but you might notice that you have lost the interesting details on the background, there is a flat zone there...

It is a very cool modeling overall,
  10 October 2011
Great improvements, Latter! Your new building and the stores are nice. Also the lights inside are very stylish. Looking forward what youíll gonna sell there

Stone roundings look better except perhaps the sideboard edge, looking a bit like regular stone blocks.

A pity that James Dean wonít appear, but pose and outfit will add a cool vibe to the scenery!
  11 November 2011
Sorry for the lack of updates.

Whitemagus, thanks. I'll make all the changes you suggested. I don't want the road to be too wide, but I'll think I'll make about a meter wider and see how that looks.

zokana, thanks. I think you are right about the stones. I'll get back to them and change them a bit.

cgrenesh, thank you. I am happy you like it so far

I've mainly been focusing on the character. I definetly want him to have look a bit like James Dean. I haven't done much character modeling... so we will see how it turns out.
This is how far I am at the moment. The eye area looks a bit strange in this render, but ok from other angles.

I still need to fix the bottom part of his pants and add hair/eyebrows and the legs might be a bit too thin. I am sure you guys have more suggestions.

Last edited by Latter : 11 November 2011 at 08:08 PM.
  11 November 2011
James looks already quite good - not bad at all! Proportions look ok in my eyes. Since itís getting a shot with artificial lights and a lot of shadows iíd fully focus on the folds now. Especially those on the trousers need work: almost ok at the crotch area (at least on his left side), but knees and shin need references.

Sleeves look very narrow at the wrist and those pockets seem to be made for children hands. The jacket is otherwise cool - but be careful with keeping the same style of folds all over the same material. Having them very smooth on the front of the jacker conveys thick hogskin, while the sleeves are giving the impression of thin calfskin. Iíd try to get the first (easier to model and more macho ) >> large folds on the sleeves, thick edges, and also the seams at the shoulders could meet smooth and larger scaled.

Face is very good as well. Only some doubts about the very strong edges of the bridge of the nose - looks stylised, giving the nose a regular funnel shape.

Great work, Latter!!
  11 November 2011
Thanks Zokana, that was very,very helpful

I've focused mainly on the clothes. I made the legs and arms thicker. I've added more folds to the pants and changed the knee area (and below) completely. I've tried to make the folds on the sleves a bit thicker to make it look like the same kind of skin as on the rest of the jacket, but they might still need more work. What do you think? I've also changed the shoulder area a bit.

  11 November 2011
Yes, it looks somewhat better! But your folds are generally still not clean and not continuous enough. Not enough love visible yet (maybe partially on the jacket)

Tried to make a PO showing also some tips about creating folds:

A cool reference: Materials are quite different than jeans, but look for similarities of the structure in the fabric movement:
  11 November 2011
watching this thread with interest
Level / 3D Artist @ DICE, Stockholm
  11 November 2011
Zokana, that was very, very useful again. Very nice paintover! I am grateful that you spent so much time helping me out.

I found some reference pictures of people with leather jackets and jeans, but I mainly tried to follow your tips. This is what I made so far. There are probably still areas that aren't correct. This is pretty difficult.

Lightweight, Nice to have on board
  11 November 2011
Good work, Latter! I think trousers are ok regarding the size of James in the final render. Itís well done, maybe folds above his right foot could be cleaner and fall a bit more, but probably no issue with textures. Also the jacket is very nice.
  11 November 2011
Thanks Zokana. I might make some final adjustments to the clothes before I start texturing.

I made test render of the Character with the new clothes and made some small changes to the face. Next step will be hair and textures.

  11 November 2011
Looks great. He feels very much alive

The only thing I can think of right now that you could change would be that his sleeves look a little too thin and also that his ears looks somewhat strange.
  11 November 2011
Oh, very good! Looks really like the good old James! Wondering now how it gets with textures and hair. Now that youíve paid this much attention to James youíve got a little problem! A stylistic inconsistency are his tennis shoes - not really 50ís style. But youíll have anyway newer cars in your scenery, and you can still call the piece ĎJames is alive!í or ĎA legend returnsí. Unless you have older cars in your virtual garage...

Last edited by zokana : 11 November 2011 at 06:14 PM.
  11 November 2011
lawafilm, thanks. I've changed the ear a bit, but it still doesn't look quite right. I'll go back and see if I can improve it a bit. I'll also make the sleeves slightly larger.

Zokana. Thanks. That is a very good point. I am not quite sure what to do.... I'll definetely change the shoes and I'll see what I can do about the cars. If it becomes too big of a task to change the cars I like the James Dean still alive story

I made a texture/shader test of the face. In this update I made some slight changes to the mouth and jaw area.... Somehow James Deans lips look quite different in all the pictures I've found. I am not sure what to go with.
I haven't made the eyes yet. They were painted in photoshop as a test.

  11 November 2011
A few points:

- JDís eyes are sitting deep, but not this much deep. See for example the area above the outer eye. >>> (i used only this one for my 2 cents)

- look also at the very typical relief of the cheek on that photo. Tendency is there on your model, but not cleanly modeled.

- check also the line of jaw and chin (your model has an overall pointier jaw and not JDís square chin)

- (i think the major issue concerning likeness: ) compare the temple plus the skull shape above ear >> JDís head looks quite a lot narrower there.

- and a last one: the ears of your model are something between elfin and human ears >> the enlarged top could get an issue on the final.

Keep it up!
  11 November 2011
That was very helpful as usual Zokana. James Dean looks very different in the pictures I've found so far. In some pictures he looks very skinny, as in the photo you found and in other photos his face appear more round.

I've changed the cheekbone, the jaw, made the head more narrow and made an attempt to make the ears appear less elfin like

The eyes might still sit a bit too deep and I still need to improve my texture map. I hope adding hair will make my model look more like James Dean.

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