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  12 December 2006
Hey, this looks really great. Of course there are some anatomical issues as mentioned. I also think the back lower thigh (bicep...) should protrude out a little more when the leg bends upward correct? Yours seem to follow the calve muscles direction more.

I have a question, since you are using max. How did you get the cylinder to wrap so tightly?
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  12 December 2006
For the influence issue you mentioned, is it possible to paint "weights" of influence from those muscles that are hidden? Again, I've never made a muscle system, or used the specific muscle tools you're using.... but it may be something to look for.

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  12 December 2006
animatethat3d - Your 2 cents are more than welcome! Yes, that first test had so many relax iterations that it was starting to become one big muscle blob. The patella does rotate around the femur when the leg bends, doesn't it? It pulls the front 3 muscles down? I'll have to double check now :o)

shtl - Cheers!

Sinclair - I think it's called a Lumpfish? I remember doing a google image search for "ugly fish" and that was one of the first to pop up.

Kurosaki Ichigo - You're right, it probably should stick out more but it has to feed into a small pelvis. Re: Wrapping - There's a modifier in Compound Objects called Conform that allows you to wrap one object around another. There's a spinner for how tight you want to make the wrap.

Unicron - Good idea. There are two slots for animated weight maps - one for tension, one for skin.

I've been hammering away at the tools, trying to figure out a good pipeline by making little tests. Again these are simple, wrapped cylinders - so not the proper topology which should give me more control. The bones and muscles are more pronounced now but there's still a lot to figure out. Still, I'm enjoying the novelty of not having to weight verts and push envelopes about.


The short frog/popeye arm - I thought it was a good idea, now it's a logistical nightmare.

  12 December 2006
It just occured to me, doesn't living creature usually have fat tissues underneath their skin?
Did your skin influences setting taken this into consideration?
  12 December 2006
Love it this is one cool project.
I always find movement so hard with muscles, fat, bones and tendons bulging and slide over each other.
Much easier to just model in a pose.
Really enjoying watching you solve problems your doing an impressive job.
I reckon it'll be a damn good muscle setup and character, can't wait to watch this progress.
Can you add Morph targets or blend shapes with a setup like this?
  12 December 2006
Giiilllllllllaaaaaaaaaaa.... This is GRAZY man.....
Bones = Muscle = Skin...... wow... like it much...
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  12 December 2006
I am looking forward to more from your thread, this looks very good sofar.
  01 January 2007
very nice! definitely going to watch.
  01 January 2007
Superb detail!

I haven't read all of the threads, so I don't know if someone has mentioned this or not, but have you thought about adding more of a thickness to the skin and/or body fat under the skin to reduce muscle definition. Having the muscles so defined looks a little strange, at least to me, even if it was a body builder (Arnold S).

Just a thought.
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  01 January 2007
Thumbs up wow

wow, thats a very interesting and time consuming project.
I love the whole case, it is truly admirable even if you still dont get the results you had in mind.
keep up the good work
  01 January 2007
Return of the Living Thread

Despite appearances, I haven't abandoned this project. The Tax Man insists that I work for a living, which seems very unreasonable.

Anyway, I hope to have something new to post by the end of the week. Thanks for the comments. In response to some questions:

The Grub - As long as the cgSkin modifier sits near the top of the stack, I think you can have anything underneath.

Zenneth & Cybernaut - Yes, it does look a bit odd without fat. Looking at it now, after a few weeks, I think the 'shrink wrap' was far too tight. When I come to build the proper topology I'll have to reduce the pits between muscles, make them less pronouced.
  02 February 2007
Night of The Living Base Heads...

Originally Posted by Piek: Anyway, I hope to have something new to post by the end of the week.

One month later...

Things have been moving at a slightly slower pace because of work-work and another personal project vying for attention.

Status: I've rigged the pecs and deltoids, leaving just the bottom and neck.

However, I can't rig my neck muscles without knowing the design of the head, so that's been my main focus. This base head is designed for blend shapes, not muscles and will be skinned separately.

So it's part man/part fish with a side order of ape, squid and hippo. I still need to design a squid-like beak for inside the mouth - I tried mammal teeth but that made him lose his fishy-ness.

Last edited by Piek : 02 February 2007 at 05:16 PM.
  02 February 2007

Keep it up man :o
  02 February 2007
Welcome back! its looking awesome. Really clean modelling his head is looking cool. Are you going to model the entire body now or just the head? Keep up the excellent work!

Oh and happy new years! haha!


  02 February 2007
Sinclair - I'm putting off the body until I find a good solution for integrating the muscles with the skinning. Eddie Izzard once did a routine about having "techno joy" as opposed to "techno fear", which is about discarding the manual and bulldozing ahead until you become horribly stuck. That's me :o)

Hopefully, once I've finished the neck, I will have had my "eureka" moment.
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