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  12 December 2010
Originally Posted by bipolarmadman: I'm sorry those are the best I could do, by the time the MTV was being issued I had long been past the phase of taking pictures of me in full combat gear wielding dual m249's to send home to ma and the better half .

Haha, that's too bad for me!

Originally Posted by tragik: Is this link/post accurate to your knowledge? Would it help his research on the MTV..

Thanks again for that link! I really do hope that they're accurate since those are by far the best images that I have. So, I'd also like to know if they will do
  12 December 2010
good model, man!
  12 December 2010
Originally Posted by tragik: bipolarmadman, I have following this post and your points and descriptions are great for him.. I found this online and sent it to him (private message) but failed to ask the one question I can not answer. Is this link/post accurate to your knowledge? Would it help his research on the MTV..

I found this regarding the MTV,

As far as the info regarding the MTV yes, to my knowledge, all is accurate besides what the OP thinks MTV stands for. He got the branch that wears it correct, but the M in MTV doesn't stand for Marine, it stands for modular.

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  12 December 2010
Thanks for the confirmation! If you don't mind, I have a few other questions: is using iron sights for the M16 out of the question, or does anyone still use it? What type of boots must I make for him? I don't know how much is up to the marine himself.

Since I haven't updated in a while I'll show some small progress on the head. I've also done some more on the rifle and the MTV (but the vest won't look very good before I will get around to sculpting it). The rest of the helmet is more or less waiting on the head to finish, so that's where my priority lies right now. I'd love some help with it! No 'fancy' lighting this time around, I hope that helpes the critiquing. Picture here.

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  12 December 2010
Originally Posted by eRKK: Thanks for the confirmation! If you don't mind, I have a few other questions: is using iron sights for the M16 out of the question, or does anyone still use it? What type of boots must I make for him? I don't know how much is up to the marine himself.
Marines are trained to operate "above and beyond" with less than what's necessary, this is an obvious exaggeration, but not as much as you might think. You may get some cool toys to add onto your M16, depending on your MOS, but iron sights are standard issue. I don't think I've ever seen an M16 without them, but that doesn't mean it doesn't happen.

As far as the issued boots, prior to the digital cammies, they came in two main flavors:

The Jungle Boot - if you crossed an all star converse shoe (chucks) with a'd have a jungle boot. Relatively comfortable, extremely light and they let your feet breath. You wouldn't want to step on a nail with them, depending on the design, and you can definitely roll an ankle in them.

The RAT Boot - Rugged All Terrain Boot. I honestly didn't know this is what it was called prior to looking up the name because I forgot it. If I remember correctly I always called/heard them called BCT's...though I could be wrong. I know I've never heard them called RAT Boots. Either way, the name says it all. They're very thick, heavy and hot. In my opinion they are more comfortable than the Jungles. I never had to worry about what I was about to step on, and you'd have to be trying to roll your ankle to do so.

After the digital cammies the RAT and Jungle Boot designs were somewhat combined. The RAT Boot became much lighter and incorporated canvas in its design. You can still find Jungle Boots in the new design, but to my knowledge they are not standard issue. When I had to buy my new uniforms, when digital cammies became standard issue, the Jungles were optional but the RAT Boots were not.

As to which a Marine would wear: In my time I saw Marines wearing either RAT's or Jungle's based soley on personal preference. I'm sure that hasn't changed, but I could be wrong. What style they came in depended on where you got them from. That being said, like anything else, it all depends on your commanding officer. Every command I had only had two requirements for the boots you wore - that they be black and were able to be spit shined. That was, of course, before the new uniforms (which aren't supposed to be ironed) and the new boots (which cannot be spit shined).

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  12 December 2010
Thank you so much for all that info! The fact that you make me not having to worry about accurasy really speeds this whole project up!

While we're at it, what "small stuff" do you recommend I should make for him? I mean small visible stuff such as a pen, a scissor etc. I'd like to put in as much detail as possible without it being stuff that no one would ever really use.
  12 December 2010
As far as what you've modelled, I'll assume you're making a grunt. Every Marine is a rifleman before anything, but grunts do it all day every day. I did it during rifle qualification week, which from what I remember wasn't ever more than 4 times a year, and other various types of scheduled training sessions.

I ended up in satcom. My needs were different than theirs. I can help you with standard issue that every Marine gets, but as far as what a grunt would need to do his job? 550 cord and a shovel? I'm sorry but I don't think I can help you with accuracy in that department. I could tell you what I'd expect they would need. Would it have a higher chance of being more accurate than guessing, asking a civilian or asking a member of one of the other branches of military (besides maybe army infantry)...I'd say so. But it wouldn't be 100% accurate.

For accuracy you're better off seeking the aid of a grunt. I'd suggest looking for some military forums and asking around there. You could start the rest of your research at they have an ask a Marine sectiion. I doubt you'd have any issues getting someone to open up. If there's anything Marines like doing it's sharing war stories with other Marines...though we may bitch and complain about being hounded for war stories every time we go home for vacation.

You might want to do a search for MAGTF (pronounced Magtaf). It stands for Marine Air Ground Task Force. If you can find someone in a MEU (Marine Expeditionary Unit which is the smallest, and arguably most important, part of the overall MAGTF), then you'll have all the accuracy you'll need. The MOS designator you want to pay attention to during your research is, specifically, 0311...but I'd assume any 03XX would do better for accuracy at this point than I would.

I ran into a friend I hadn't seen in a while at the store shopping for xmas gifts just the other day. I gave him my number so we could meet up for . If, by the time he calls, you haven't gotten any closer to accuracy than you are now...I'll ask him for you. While I forget what unit he was with I know for a fact he enlisted for this exact role.

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  12 December 2010
So... much... information... Thanks, mate! I'll surely look up that forum which you suggested! I will also make my very best to take in all of this info, and to make as much sense of it as I possibly can. Your help and interest is a great big push forward for this project!

Right now I'm having a bit of trouble... I don't know if I'm going to sculpt the entire vest in as few pieces as I can or if I'm going to make the "stripes" on it as separate objects. Here is an update on the vest. General proportions should be pretty well blocket out, but I'm leaning towards modelling the individual stripes instead.

I'm still not set on a pose. I'm thinking it would be cool to have him kick in some door, kind of like this picture. I wish I was set on a pose already.

Oh, and happy holidays!
  12 December 2010
Since I think that the previous head-update was freakishly ugly, here's another update on the it. I hope he looks more... 'likable' than the last one.

Update: I put in more images. Bigger picture here!

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  01 January 2011
I did some work on the pose today. Blocking out the main shapes turned out to be tougher than I first thought. I'm still not entirely sold on it. He'll probably need another guy to back him up. That ought to be cool.

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  01 January 2011
Looking good, but his front upper leg looks really weird in the first pose, even though it is just a block. Something looks funny in the angle combined with the length.

I don't know if he would need a back-up man in this situation, pretty dynamic as it is

Cobra 6
Modelling & Texture artist
  01 January 2011
Agreed! Thanks for the reply!

Quote: I don't know if he would need a back-up man in this situation, pretty dynamic as it is

Are you saying that I don't need to make another marine or that I'd be better of without one more?

I also thought that his left foot looked a bit too twisted to his left. I guess that the rifle was too far away, making him look kind of sloppy. I don't know if I lost the motion in this new pose, but I think he looks more like he knows his tactics this time. But I'll probably get some of that twisted foot back to not make it looks like he's running straight into the room... because that would just be plain stupid of him.

  01 January 2011
Well, you could but it is not necessary imo to make a second marine. Looking better now, although the foot in the first version wasn't bad actually.

Cobra 6
Modelling & Texture artist
  01 January 2011
I'm still not fully satisfied with his pose, but in my mind it's getting closer to where I want it at.

I've started to block out the position and size of various pockets to get a better feel of his final weight and size. I gave him an M9 and an M203 for now, but there are other things to prioritize before I can get around to making those final.

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  02 February 2011
Here's an update of the rifle. There's still much to be fixed. Haven't done anything on the stock, it's simply as deformed cube as of now. Also, the front of the surefire light is still to be made. So even if it's not yet 'ready for critique', I thought I'd show an image of it in it's present state since I'll be working quite alot on it during the six weeks to come. So more exiting images are to come! Bigger image here.

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