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  10 October 2012
Originally Posted by Scote: If you turn off the lights do you see your reflection?

because your candlestick have reflection all over it, the candle (light) doesn't cast so much light to get to the candlestick on your roof.

Only thing I can really do is turn the light down. Is that what you're suggesting? There is no option to increase the decay / decrease falloff.

There is no reflection with all lights off, but I'm not sure if that's exactly what you were asking.

It's also not on the roof? The candle falls off fast enough that there is nothing even on the chest let alone the roof.
  10 October 2012
do you use a hdri? because the candlestick of the roof can't have that reflection. the reflection would be just on the side of the windows.. the rest is in the shadows, but you have all reflection everywhere.

How many lights do you have?
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  10 October 2012
Ohh you mean the chandelier! Thought you meant the one on the table reflecting up to the roof or something. I was playing with an HDRI in that shot... it helps a lot with the mood but you're right about the reflection.

I need to find a way to get same mood without all that reflection in it. I'll look into this.

Edit: left an incorrect setting on, should be fixed next render; testing now.

Getting tired, making dumb mistakes..
  10 October 2012
Here we are then. Upped the fill light a little too...

One of the problems now is that the left of the table is still distracting from the right of the table, the focus point is becoming confusing...

Almost think I should make it a smaller globe and put it with the bottles, then put some random sailing instruments at it's original place... Or move the rum bottles out of the way (where globe is now) and put the instruments with the globe, as the focal point..

Last edited by JaredTaylor : 10 October 2012 at 03:07 AM.
  10 October 2012
  10 October 2012
Your lighting is overburnt in many places. Perhaps you use wrong workflow (not linear). That's why you have your highlights overburnt and shadows are to dark. Using non-linear (wrong) workflow is similar to applying contrast over the image.
You can have such bright spots only in direct reflection of the lightsource, but not diffuse usually. See how much it differs from what you have. You have almost white areas in many places even with such a low-key lighting.
  10 October 2012
I am using a linear workflow.

The strong rimlight is intentional, perhaps it's a little too strong but if I tone it down then the remainder of the room loses it's quality. I'll play with it.
  10 October 2012
So here's something really messed up.

When I got back into vray for this project (it had been a fair while) I looked up on here which settings to use for a linear workflow because so many people use variations.

The one I unfortunately looked at doesn't do it properly because he wants to go in and control which materials are corrected manually, so using the settings he had I wasn't in a linear workflow.

Oh well, lesson learned, RTFM... thoroughly, next time.

Time to re-do lighting...

The more I do generalist work the more I think I should be rigging...
  10 October 2012
Hey Jared, Looks like your putting alot of work into this and gotten alot of thread views so Im just gonna be honest.

Your textues look low rez and gamey. have you done any bump,disp,spec maps? I would definatly go and uv,texture your hero objects in mudbox or similar. nuts, bolts, wood grain etc would help alot. what woods did they use then? are the colours fully right?

Alot of the objects look like there modelled from memory and not from reference. They also look like there lacking the details of real life objects. again for the hero objects model from reference and put in all the details.

You lighting and composition need more work. its going in the right direction. at the moment it seems cluttered and if your trying to lead the eye to the globe try bring down the light on the floor,barrel and chest.

all the images below have tons of detail,are more unified in regard to objects that are in there and have a cleaner composition and lighting. they are not the best but Im trying too be helpful

this table looks similar but look at all the nice detail on the sides.!Blackbeard%27s_cabin.jpg

these chairs look a bit more attentic, again detail. your window frames seem like the could do with some more modelling too.

barrels and chests


maybe grade wise alot of old picutures online and in film are slightly desatured and there usually pushed into a monochrome range. like slightly yellow or brown or blue etc. like the film images below even,reference usually helps.

I hope some of this helps if not just ignore it all

  10 October 2012
Hey Patrick

Cheers for the great response.

I will go through and remodel or retexture a lot of the objects, I'm painfully aware a lot of them need it.

I'm not sure if you saw my above response but I messed up my render settings and it wasn't a linear workflow - something I should of picked up on but I've been away from rendering for such a looong time.

It's already starting to look a lot better lighting-wise now that I've corrected the settings. My massive weakpoint is texturing and compositing. And motivation lately, hah.

Cheers for the extra reference, will definitely make use of it.
  10 October 2012
Hey man,

That's some great feedback from Patrick, definitely add some details if you have time.

It can be a bit inefficient to spend so much time on the lights and textures when the base model is so unrefined. Its fine for amateur projects, but when you start doing professional work, your employer will expect a more disciplined work flow.

It might be a good idea to go back to the grey renders for now, until the mesh and composition are more fleshed out. Then texture your high poly models, and start the lighting once the texturing is complete. You will find yourself backtracking less and not having to redo things.


(I sent you a pm in regard to that weta model, let me know what you think!)
  10 October 2012
Hi guys,

Been rethinking a lot of stuff based on feedback and generally bad overall quality of the scene.

Here's my current list of things to do in a *somewhat* sequential order:

Remodel windows - done
Remodel table - done
Remodel chairs
Remodel chests
Remodel globe
Retexture wood planks
texture new table
texture new chairs
texture new windows
texture new chests
texture new globe
relight entire scene

Here is a shot to show the new table and windows, it is lit temporarily and has no displacement on it currently

Can't see it so clearly so here

Last edited by JaredTaylor : 10 October 2012 at 01:13 AM.
  10 October 2012
Nice table!

I think the windows frame need more thickness
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  10 October 2012
Cool! Looks good!

Definitely upgrade the structure of the ship as well. Do a google search for "hms endeavour cabin" and some nice images will turn up.

It would really help to add the thick celling beams, and add the supports around the windows. You could also put in the central column for the rudder if you want. It would help it look like a ship, rather than a house.

Not sure if these help, but heres two quick screen grabs from a book I have called The 74-Gun Ship Bellona. It says in the book I can share a paragraph or a few photos as long as I cite the book.

  10 October 2012
Will do.

Here's a globe

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