Gum (Jet Set Radio)

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  12 December 2007
Gum (Jet Set Radio)

I've been wanting to do an update of a Jet Set Radio character for ages (one of my favourite games) and I've finally got a little bit more time on my hands so I thought I'd post up my progress so far. Mostly just high poly work done in zbrush using extract and subtools, the boots haven't been looked at properly yet, I’ll probably remove the middle wheels. I'm toying with the idea of adding a belt with some spray cans attached and possibly a set of goggles to sit on her hat (I'll post a quick image tomorrow, with some temp objects), although neither of these things were in the games or in the art kicking about the net I'm using for reference - what do you think?

I was going to use zbursh to add fabric type details to the clothes but its more trouble than it’s worth, so I'll probably just add them in photoshop using crazybump.

I'll be moving onto the low poly version soon, right after the crits

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  12 December 2007
Not familiar with the game, but it's a cool looking character. One thing that seems off to me is her hips/waist area. Just my two cents. Good luck with it.
  12 December 2007
She is looking very good CG_Gordon. I like what you are doing with the face, and the skirt. My only suggestions would be to look at the nostrils and "ball" of the nose tip, the fall of the breasts and the cleavage, and the volume of the stomach.

The nostrils need a little more inward turn and curvature up into the nasal passage and the ball of the nose could do with a little more definition.

The breasts with their outward fall, most likely wouldn't produce as strong a cleavage line. Perhaps smooth and blend in the upper part of the cleavage line to the chest.

And lastly adding a little (very small) "pot belly" to the stomach would give you the chance to add a little extra shape to the belly, without cluttering it with cloth folds.

I'll be keenly watching this thread to see how she turns out. keep up the good work!

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  12 December 2007
YEs good work CG-Gordon

I like this series
a good precursor of the cellshading GAME

very nice Sculting
good luck for the rest
  12 December 2007

It is deffinatly her, I love the game to death as well. The model feels kinda sureal because it looks like how she would be realistic and that is strange originaly because she is so soft and anime like in the games. Doing a Jet Set radio style model is something I have wanted to do for a long time as well mabey I will get around to it eventually but again good work!
  12 December 2007
Thumbs up

Lovely CG-Gordon.

One small niggle I have is the face looks ever so slightly masculine.

  12 December 2007
Thanks for the feedback, the crits are very helpful!

caseofchill-Jet Set Radio and JSR Future on xbox were outstanding, get a copy if you can . Haven't had time to look at the waist yet, I've tried adding on a belt quickly that might hide some of the problems (It's not cheating, honest)

Toast-man-Cheers dude, great crits, I took a very quick look at the nose, not sure if i've quite managed to fix the problems you mention. I wanted to keep a slight asian vibe to her, so I've tried not to make the nose too typically european. Check the new pics out, see what you think. Haven't addressed your other crits at all yet, but I'll get round to it soon.


artraider-Thanks dude, good to know I'm heading in the right direction. I might try some cell shading/npr in the final render...

mindrot-Thanks dude, and cheers for the crit. I'll take a look at the face again, I don't want her to look masculine, but I was trying for defined features, like Lucy Lui, or even Jennifer Garner. I'll take another look for sure.

Heres some slightly updated images, I've stuck on a quick utility belt for spray cans (carrying weapons on your back is so next gen ) I think I mgiht keep it, adds a bit of interest to the silhouette, and is kinda logical. What do you think?

and quick close up of the ever so slighlty changed nose

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  12 December 2007
î like your character a lot, tha face looks bit comic but very sexy and sympathic. and the body *whoho* very sexy but not bitchy i think. wll done and go on! i'm lookinf forward to seeing more
  12 December 2007
This model is looking super good.

Some observations about the face: Her eyes have a strange feeling to them, and I think there are a couple reasons for that. I think the space between them is too great. There is a trick that I use. The distance between the eyes is the same as the overall width of one eye. (basically you can stick a third eye between the two and the corners should all touch) This works both for the surface and the actual size of the eye balls themselves.
Increasing the size of her eyes would make her more feminine. Small eyes are a masculine trait.

The eye lids them selves are sort of a mix between north east Asian and Caucasian (i found a strange web site that has a good example of what i mean Link)
You can see her bone structure just a bit on her face. Which is cool, but the more detail you add the more masculine she will appear. Again there is a trick. If you want to add detail to a womans face you need to add it with fat. (actually it could be just the lighting thats confusing me)

I really like that she has a bit of a belly
I think she could use a bit more of a calf muscle though (especially if she gets around by roller skating)
I don't really see any problems with her hips. In some people you see a dip between the top of the pelvis and the top corner of the femur but I think she is plump enough that you wouldn't notice. Giving her more of a butt might help but i think its fine as is.

I'm just nit picking, good luck with the model.
  12 December 2007
CG-Gordon your artwork rocks and you rock, and I also love Jet Set Radio as a matter of fact I think they should remake it with current CG. hehe like your character above that would be so cool.

PS: no crits

thanks for sharing this
  12 December 2007
hey nice model, one thing i noticed is that she's top heavy, (i know gums knockers are big) she needs to have her hips balance her out a bit more as she kinda has a mans lower half and a womans top half. the modelings awesome though. loved jet set, been wanting to do a similar thing to that only in a less realistic way.

nice stuff keep it up.

also just noticed her boobs are actually quite low considering your aiming for gum and you might wanna look at the V neck bit of her top again its actually not that wide and make her boobs more squashed together..... not that i've been looking aimlessly at a cel shaded girlies boobs.. i'm just a detail freak...yeah thats it, details
If you will not turn to the dark side.. then perhaps she will!

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  12 December 2007
chowlbrow - Cheers for the crits, thats a handy website for the eyes too, thanks!

Qareeb - Thanks very much!

dalmanna - Good crits, I think the chest was maybe sitting too low. I wasn't following the ingame character specifically, just using it for inspiration along with other fan art etc. The open v top was on another piece of art, I'll dig out a link if i can find it, it was on deviantart. I'll probably mess around with proportions for everything once I've baked the all the maps out. Much easier that way.

Speaking of which, the low poly and the UV's have been done - phew - I'm just deciding on how many maps/sizes to use (might throw her into a game engine). So no pictures to show for now, once I've done an AO/Cavity bake I'll post the images. Cheers for all the crits and comments. Updated images coming soon...
  01 January 2008
Heres a quick look at the textures so far -

Just trying out basic colours, still loads of fixing and detailing to be done. Just diffuse textures shown, no normals or spec yet...
  01 January 2008
How i am?
How green?

5th Element.

I like here, but maybe it's a bit But i like her.
  01 January 2008
It's looking good, but her chest and hips are not too proportional. Her breasts hang pretty low and her hips aren't very wide. The texturing (good start!) emphasizes this a bit more than the untextured pics.
-blacker -(todd seifert)-

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