[WIP] Triceratops for UDK

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Old 02 February 2013   #1
[WIP] Triceratops for UDK

For this project I'll be making a Triceratops with the final rigged and animated model being displayed in UDK.
Critique is welcome


Some of the images that I'll be working from. The muscle form sketch is the image that I have been using as the main reference to make the base mesh.

A fairly simple Photoshop concept idea, so I have a base idea ready for when I start Polypainting in ZBrush or 3DCoat.

Current progress on the basemesh so far made in 3Ds Max.

Old 02 February 2013   #2
Basemesh progress
Additional loops have also been added to even out topology. The images below show the further additions (e.g. frill bones) to the base mesh. Geometry has been added in for the skin/partial horn on the side of the face. Also the horns have been detached from the body and geometry has been added to simulate the join to the skin which is easier than sculpting it in with no base geometry.

Basemesh Clay Renders
Several clay renders of the basemesh in 3Ds Max before sculpting to simply show any errors.

ZBrush Polygroups
This image shows the individual polygroups using UV’s set in 3Ds Max, the separate sub-tools and several subdivisions applied to the model to show the model smooth’s correctly making ready to start sculpting.

Old 02 February 2013   #3
Very nice! Like the organic feel and the flow of topology. Very nice poly count too by the looks of things. Are you using Maya?
What is your target audience for this project? It looks decent for a younger audience.
Old 02 February 2013   #4
Originally Posted by Ethaninja: Very nice! Like the organic feel and the flow of topology. Very nice poly count too by the looks of things. Are you using Maya?
What is your target audience for this project? It looks decent for a younger audience.

Apologies for the late reply Ethaninja. I'm glad you like it. For the basemesh I used 3Ds Max. The target audience would be a young adult audience, so the ZBrush sculpt should address the changes it requires to be more suitable for this audience.
Old 02 February 2013   #5
ZBrush Sculpt Progress

ZBrush Sculpt Progress
This is the base mesh with the body at sub division 6. The initial muscle details were built up using the clay build up brush and smooth tools, at sub division 3. Some areas have also been tweaked using the move and move elastic tools to form a more suitable shape.

On this version detail is just being added into the feet which will need further work. Work still needs to be done on the horns, beak and frill. For this additional work the sub divisions will be placed back to 3, to make it easier to work with. Additionally the skin and scale details still need to be added.

New ZBrush Polygroups

To enable symmetry to be used on the areas such as the front legs when the polygoups are isolated the legs have been merged into the one polygroup. This has also been done for the back legs and the toes.
Old 03 March 2013   #6
ZBrush Sculpt Progress Continued

ZBrush Sculpt Progress Continued
Based on feedback I've made alterations to the head/eyes and back, along with defining the muscles and added details around the toes.

Old 03 March 2013   #7
ZBrush Sculpt Progress - Fine Details

ZBrush Sculpt Progress - Fine Details

Before starting to add the scales the belly has been given a little more sag and skin wrinkles have been added. The lower cheek bone has also been more defined
Scales have now been added to the body using primarily custom alphas.

Old 03 March 2013   #8
Cool, I like the result. Like in Jurassic park movie )
Old 03 March 2013   #9
He started off really cute, but no more! Great work!
Old 03 March 2013   #10
ZBrush Sculpt Progress

ZBrush Sculpt Progress

For the ZBrush sculpt a few tweaks have been made to the shape of things and fold/wrinkle details.

I'm happy to leave the sculpt details at this point and move onto the retopologised mesh that will be rigged, animated and textured then put into UDK. The texture will come from a ZBrush polypaint so I will be back in ZBrush again at some point. Any suggestions are still welcome on the sculpt as small alterations may still be made.
Old 03 March 2013   #11
Low Poly Re-top

Low Poly Re-top

For the re-top the mesh had to be 12,000 tris or under and contain animation loops to make it suitable for the current UDK engine.

These are a few renders of the retopologised mesh. The clay renders simply show there’s no major smoothing errors. Some topology needs tweaking to look a bit tidier and any suggestions for the animation loops would be most welcome.

This is a simple video of a turntable for the sculpt and game mesh.
Old 03 March 2013   #12
Various Progresses

Sculpt and Low poly alterations
Based on feedback changes have been made to the front legs to make them less bulky and more natural. This has been altered on the ZBrush sculpt and low polygon models.

UVW Unwrap
With these alterations made the UVW unwrap has been created. The frill, horns and rear legs will be asymmetrical to allow for unique detail to be added to the polypaint.

CAT Rig/Animation
The model will be animated using a CAT rig in 3Ds Max. The below link is a short video showing the progress of the the walk and idle animations. There are still several points that need to be adjusted such as the movement of the shoulders and front leg twist on the walk and the ankle twitch on the idle animation. The underbelly bone on the walk/idle cycle still requires key frames to ensure it will move correctly.


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Old 04 April 2013   #13
ZBrush Polypaint

ZBrush Polypaint

This is the current polypaint, the render is taken in flat mode. There are still some alterations to be made to add more colour variation.

CAT Rig/Animation Continued
This is a simple video of the current animation progress for the walk and idle cycles. The low polygon model has now been fully skinned to the CAT rig. Based on feedback on the idle animation more movement has been added to the font legs to add asymmetry.
Old 04 April 2013   #14
Animation and Polypaint Update

The idle animation has been updated to add some natural variation and weight. However, the jaw animation had to be removed as it did not work correctly when imported into UDK.

Old Video

Updated Video

Polypaint Update
The modifications have been made to the polypaint before projecting it onto the low poly to create the diffuse texture. Yellow contrasting areas have been added along with a slight blue into the shadows.
Old 04 April 2013   #15
UDK Progress

UDK Progress
The model is now in UDK with all the texture maps applied.

Additionally it has been set up so that it spawns, animates and attacks the player.

UDK Test File
A test file has been put together for others to see if the AI runs correctly. Feel free to download and test the file. Please inform me straight away if you have any problems with the file. A read me has been included with instructions on how to install the file to UDK.

Feedback would be very much appreciated on any part of the project
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