Bergquist Game Entry! Muwahaha!

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Old 08 August 2013   #16
Hey Etsu,

Thanks bro! We won't be able to tell to much "story" in our glorious 2 minutes of game play, but hopefully that is exactly what my environment will do for me!
Best of Luck!
- Bergquist
Old 08 August 2013   #17
Ello CGS World!

Today I started working on Trees & Foliage for my Environment.
Mainly working on my first tree of the challenge, the Giant River Birch!

I'm working entirely in Maya & Photoshop at the moment.
First I created a small branch of individual high poly leaves and branches. I then created a very low poly version, and transferred normal maps in Maya. I took those maps in Photoshop and created the color and alpha maps.
I'm now spreading those branch clusters around my "tree skeleton" like putting fake branches on a christmas tree. Next, after I finish spreading them around, I'll go through and radomize them a bit before moving on to the bark.

Here is a couple shots of what I've goin on so far.
Old 08 August 2013   #18
Originally Posted by Bergquist: Hey Etsu,

Thanks bro! We won't be able to tell to much "story" in our glorious 2 minutes of game play, but hopefully that is exactly what my environment will do for me!
Best of Luck!
- Bergquist

I believe you can go longer if you want to. The 2 minutes is more like a guideline than a limit.
Wow that's lots of effort put into a tree model. Now I kinda feel cheap with my forester pro trees. I always edit them in 3ds max later as well, but I find it easier to have something to start from.
Old 08 August 2013   #19
Hey XilenceX,

You're right, the two minutes is only a goal for me. You can go longer of course for the competition, but even so, I don't think its going to take nearly that long for a character to move from one side of my little mountain temple to the other. Hopefully though, with enough pretty things to stare at, it will! hehe

& Thank you so much! Creating a tree from scratch does take a bit of time, but I think it will be worth it!
Doing it this way gives me certain powers too, hehe. It allows me to rig and animate the trees very easily, giving me nice looking wind effects. Since I've taken the time to layout my temple's UVs in proper preparation, doing the trees and plants this way also allows me to use them to bake out some amazing, individually moving tree limb shadows maps! I'm really looking forward to that! I think its going to bring my whole level to life having all the plants and shadows moving around and crossing over each other.

Thanks for posting!

Best of Luck!
- Bergquist
Old 09 September 2013   #20
Talking Tree Leaves

Hello Everyone!

Today I was able to get several hours of work in and finish the top of my Giant River Birch!
I'm still deciding whether I want to do a "lower" section of the tree or not...
But after that its on to the bark.

Old 09 September 2013   #21
Thumbs up Unity Test

Ello CGS World!
This morning I started off by testing out my new tree in Unity!
And it runs great! No Lag addition at all so far.

It took me a few minutes to figure out the shader language and code a few things into it, like turning the culling off for a double sided render, and using full color specular with a prompt for an image map.
My normals are still reversed for the back side of each leaf though, so turning off culling by itself won't be enough. I'll have to do 2 render passes, One rendering the front side with culling on, then flip the normals and render the backside with culling off... I think

But here is what a few of them look like so far in Unity!

Last edited by Bergquist : 09 September 2013 at 04:49 PM.
Old 09 September 2013   #22
Hello Everyone!
This week I finished my Environment Model,
Zu Shiroi Temple or The White Sky Temple!

I also finished the UV layout for all of the Temple's pieces and the surrounding grounds.
Its always trippy to see the final result with everything uv'd and being texel checked at once
Old 09 September 2013   #23
Ello CGS World!
Today I finished baking out all the Light Maps and Ambient Occlusion Maps for my temple model!

Here's a shot of The White Sky Temple with just AO

Unity Preview is Coming Soon!
Old 09 September 2013   #24
Hello CGS World,

Today I bring you Unity via Video!
Here is my first Unity Vidcast of my Environment, the White Sky Temple!
In this video I only have the AO & Light Maps applied.

As Always, Feel free to post a comment & Stay Tuned for more Updates!
Old 09 September 2013   #25
Oh, man. That's just beautiful. I love the light and shadows of that scene. Very immersive!

I can imagine a group of senior lords, emperors, courtiers, generals and ministers, sumptuously dressed, walked down that very corridor, discussing affairs of state. And there you are, with a gun, ready to destroy a thousand years of history and culture.
Old 09 September 2013   #26
Hey Etsu,

Thank you so much bro! That really means a lot to me

I was thinking of these huge stalky guardsman with evil hunting dogs to match... But this idea of high society types and a killing rampage sounds pretty cool! muwahaha

Thanks again for the post! Can't wait to show you some game play in this new fancy level
- Bergquist
Old 09 September 2013   #27
Hahaha. You're welcome.

Originally Posted by Bergquist: I was thinking of these huge stalky guardsman with evil hunting dogs to match... But this idea of high society types and a killing rampage sounds pretty cool! muwahaha

Almost every place has a history. You don't need to put those high society individuals there now. They could be there centuries ago, or just decades, or even days. A lot of games have lore in the form of reading material, such as books or notes. (Resident Evil is a classic example, or Dishonored in the latest times, and Mass Effect through the Codex, etc.)

But of course, like you said in a previous post, even the walls of a place tell us a story. You don't need to put that in the game, but let the player imagination do the rest. A headless statue in the middle of a room? Who was he or she? A philosopher? A emperor? A war hero? A revered artist? We may never know, but the fact that it's there tells us that this place was populated by other individuals those who populate it now.

At least this is my view on this subject. Neither the best nor the only one.

Last edited by Etsu : 09 September 2013 at 08:03 PM.
Old 09 September 2013   #28
Hey Etsu,

Nice, those are some thought provoking ideas... especially for me. I loved games like Myst and Riven, so your ideas lead me to think of ways to put in "clues" of secret meetings and past events that lead you to find what you're looking for or solve the level's "puzzle" so you can continue. I also love telling bits of story line through flashbacks of where you are (ie when you're standing in the temple and touch the knife on the alter you get a cut scene of the ceremony from the night before)

Thanks for posting!
- Berggquist
Old 09 September 2013   #29
Ello CGS World!
Well, there are only 27 days left, and I like most have a lot to get done! So!

Today is speed modeling day!

I've decided to work on my Enemy Character, The Castle Guardsman!

It is now 6:10pm here in Texas.
I'll post an Update every Hour!

Stay Tuned!
- Bergquist
Old 09 September 2013   #30
Speed Model Update:

Hour 1:
Bulked out base model
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