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  07 July 2013
Originally Posted by Deadguy71: Sounds good, I was just pointing out the possibility (likelihood) of someone exploiting this, and then claiming they knew no better. That being said, my funds are limited, and if given a choice, I would spend money on things I didn't already have, to improve in areas that needed improvement.

However, if the end result is to be commercial, my conscience likely wouldn't permit that anyway, "allowed to", or not.

Thanks for bringing the issue up!!!

Yep, to everyone involved please use the provided elements in the spirit that they were given and heed the contributors requirements. And, importantly, create great art!
  07 July 2013
Originally Posted by adamhindle: If the Game does have to be an FPS, Are knifes aloud to be included?

Yep. Even cream pies if you want
  07 July 2013
Originally Posted by Gallus992: This is an awesome challenge! I love that it's tailored mainly to 3D artists.
I have a question pertaining to the Terms and Conditions. It says "Entries must have been created for this challenge."
I have a game idea that is currently nothing more than a Game Design Document and a single 3D model (unfinished, untextured, and unrigged). I would like to use this game idea (which I first had the inspiration for in fall 2010) in the challenge; is that allowed?

That should be fine. We just don't want to stumble upon any work that has been done prior to the challenge and repackaged to look it's been done specifically for this challenge.

Good luck!
  07 July 2013
Originally Posted by daniyalkhan2000: I'm using the free version of unity so can I use the plug ins and upload my entries using the free version or do I have to buy the full version?

Free version is fine
  07 July 2013
Originally Posted by jcdeighan: First Post! This looks awesome!

Probably well beyond my capabilities but love to see contests like this!

Are these group projects or individual?

What if you excel in one aspect (3D) but not in another (programming), can you get help?



It can be either. If you have a team, you must choose one person to be captain and the main contact. Good luck!
  07 July 2013
Originally Posted by Nibooss: Hi, this challenge looks great. And I really want to participate ... but
I'm 17 years old

Sooo ... in the "Terms & Conditions" is written, that all Entrants must be 18 or older.
Can you make an exception ... or isn't that in your hands and it has to do something with other laws?

Unfortunately not. There are issues with distributing prizes to under 18s. Perhaps join a team with a captain over 18?
  07 July 2013
Originally Posted by Knightedskull: Hi, I know that that games entered must be made after the challenge started and all but if I had the FPS Control Beta 5.0 downloaded before it started, does it still count or must I redownload it?

No need to
  07 July 2013
Originally Posted by CashWasabi: Hey,

i just wanted to ask if this game challenge is solely for "3D Artists" or could i compete even if I'm a "Developer".

Also what are the the 7 judging categories or where can i find them?


Please join in the fun!!!

Categories are here: (under Open Categories)
  07 July 2013
Originally Posted by theblacksmith: Also, I wouldnt mind a breakdown of the prizes based on placing, instead of the current per sponsor format. I want to know exactly what is for grabs for placing, honorable mention, and general participation.

Not sure what you mean. Prizes are here: Press on Open Categories to find out the specific prizes
  07 July 2013
Originally Posted by misinko: Please have a look for me too because I'm getting confused about the 90 days trial. Allegoritmic does not give a clear answer how to get 90 days trial but 30.

Thank you

"The trial timer will be reset every 30 days for 90 days, so don't worry about it, you will be able to use it for the whole challenge, and apart from the time limit, the demo is exactly the same as the full version."

Cheers, Mike
  07 July 2013
Originally Posted by pgh-O: Hey, how does one go about registering as a team?. Do we all need individual cg accounts or a shared one?.

When registering as a team, choose one person as captain - they will be the point of contact (they of course need to be registered)
  07 July 2013
Just curious, in regards to the competition. In the near future will you be adding networking functionality to the fps controller or can we be be allowed access to the source to edit Fps controller scripts? (To add networking).

  07 July 2013
Originally Posted by adamtm: Hi,

I have subscribed to this challenge in hopes of producing an entry even though I have no experience in game development.

Here is my problem: The rules are unclear.

First problem:

"Participating artists will create up to 2 minutes of gameplay. - See more at:"


"Deliverables:- Final game: First-person shooter at least 2 minutes gameplay & game preview image. - See more at:"


"Get ready to create up to two minutes of game-play. - See more at:"

"At least" or "up to"?
This is contradictory, please clarify if we are supposed to create more or less than 2 minutes of gameplay.

Second Problem:

What exactly do the judges deem an FPS?

FPS stands for First-Person Shooter, yet the video shows some kind of roman sword-fighting game in first person.
Am I to understand that the "shooter" part is entirely irrelevant?

Can I deliver a game like The Ball or Portal, which is a First Person Puzzle game?
Or Dear Esther?
Or Minecraft?
Or Thief?

What -exactly- are we expected to deliver?

Is it supposed to necessarily involve shooting?
If yes, is it required to be the central mechanic or can it only involve limited shooting but more melee combat? Must it be actual -shooting- (with a gun/(cross)bow) or can it involve throwing projectiles like rocks, fireballs or knives?

Is the first-person part mandatory? Can it sometimes leave the first-person perspective for cutscenes or scripted events/panning shots?
Can it have other separate perspectives (isometric, third person)?
For Example, can I have a strategic/tactical overhead planning phase where I am not in first person (Nuclear Dawn, Battlefield 2 Commander Mode)? Can I leave the first person view while sprinting (Section 8 Prejudice)?
How much first-person needs to be in the game (Deus Ex Human Revolution)?

Does it need to be real-time? Can I submit a turn-based shooter or include turn-based elements (Fallout 3 VATS)?

Please clarify the rules as to the content and game genre that has to be delivered.

Thank You

I will bump my questions because they got buried and are very important for my decision if I will enter this contest or not.

The rules need clarifying.
  07 July 2013
First i will explain my situation: My budget for this competition is 0$, and i am alone in the team (and i am a programmer, not an artist). My reasons to join the competition because, as far as i know, i have nothing to lose, since i was planning on starting a FPS anyways.
Considering that i will use assets from 'Step 2: Download Free Stuff' but i don't win any of the prizes, can I still keep going with my game for commercial use? (besides mixamo stuff, these i know i can't keep using). Remember, i don't intend to spend anything besides time in my game until it starts to make some money.
For the assets that i can't use, if i remove them, and replace with free stuff or something i make myself, will there be any legal issue to sell my game?
  07 July 2013
Originally Posted by MikeHepburn: Not sure what you mean. Prizes are here: Press on Open Categories to find out the specific prizes

Ah this is better. The first time i was on this page it was listed per sponsor on not by the placing. All good now.
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