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  10 October 2013
A last shot of my previous scene:

I'm not happy with the floor. Even if I'm looking for a more "cartoonish" approach for the look of the game, I think some more dirt on the ground could come in handy to improve the "feeling" of the place. But I'm afraid I have no time to learn how to do that, so we'll see what happens.

These past days I have been prototyping a new and much more simpler scene and creating my first gameplay elements. Here are a few shots:

Adding some light to the same scene:

Unfortunately, I can not work a lot on the project over the weekends so I will not be able to make much progress until Monday. See you then!

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  10 October 2013
Even if still it's a prototype, I'm working to make things look better.

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  10 October 2013
I'm trying to create my interactive dialog system with PlayMaker, but it's a little hard. At the moment, I have more than a hundred sound files just for the first scene. It's insane.

I suppose I'm going to cut the rest of the dialogs scenes just for time sake. I hope to finish this Monday, but I'm probably being too optimistic. We'll see.

A better ceiling.

My flashlights factory. (?)

And a brand new bot, Sixteen.

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  10 October 2013
This would be my main screen:

Even if the challenge is over, I will surely keep working on this game a bit more and see what comes up.

Greetings to all competitors and good luck.
  10 October 2013
Post challenge update.

I have changed some of the camera effects and some other things. Starting to like how it looks. Almost entirely made ​​with primitives inside Unity. Can be noticed in the very low resolution of all the elements.

An old scene with the new camera effects:

Perhaps it makes no sense to continue posting improvements when competition is over, but as I have not announced this game anywhere else, exept on Facebook, it seems appropriate. I hope it's fine with you.

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  10 October 2013
I think the camera effect go very well with your level, and it accents the lighting too!

Are there any enemies in your game?
I forgot if you told us already

Well, I hope they leave this forum up for a while and you are able to continue working on your game. I think your ideas are really innovative and I'm glad that you posted and update

- Bergquist
  10 October 2013
Thanks for your kind words. I'm certainly not going to stop working on this game any time soon. I hated the idea for a long time. Now I'm starting to love it.

About your question... There are no enemies in this face of the project, but now that I have time I think I'm going to develope some foes. I have no plans for this to be an action game. It's going to be a story-driven adventure game, so to speak. But I just watched a video of Beyond Two Souls a few minutes ago and began to imagine a weapon too bulky and bizarre, with heavy wires coming from everywhere, designed in a secret laboratory, as those of the first Half-Life. (Beyond is not an action game. It was just the atmosphere of a scene that inspired me that image.)

I can imagine the main character, a maintenance worker, carrying such a huge monstrosity on his back, with the grab-globe in his left arm and the beretta in his right hand with just a few rounds left, trying to avoid a pair of surveillance bots, nicknamed Lifters, which track the area.

This game will be about choices, so I'm planning to make the acquisition of a regular weapon optional. I don't think is going to be too many weapons, probably just two or maybe three, preferably each one of them optional. Whatever you decide to do tell us about your character. Who is he? What is he willing to do to survive? Is he capable of taking a weapon, or he prefers to use his ingenuity to break through? It's not about whether you're smart enough or not, but about that every decision has to have real consequences. Remember when Luke Skywalker decides to take his gun to the cave, even against the advice of Yoda? Something like that, but trying not to be so pretentious.

Cheers and thank you very much for your words.

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  10 October 2013
and also the irony of your story elements. You gotta work that into the game play some how

I like the idea of your only enemy being just a couple of maintenance droids!
and i really like that example of luke and the cave...
maybe that's a good way to work in the irony,
say there is no way to test the weapon except when you are in battle...
so if the player chose the weapon over some actually useful tool,
it would be hilarious when they get into battle and go to pull out their weapon and its actually just a useless flashlight, hehe

fun rambling
- Bergquist
  10 October 2013
I forgot to mention the giant robot. But that's all I can tell. The rest is Top Secret. (?)

I'm not sure how far I'm going to push the parody component of this game. There will be humor, that's for sure, but I want to talk about serious stuff also. There will be no only humor, but also sadness, and other heavy stuff. Without give you any spoilers, this game is going to have multiple endings (maybe three), and presumably all of them are going to be tragic.

In fact, were the three endings the first thing that occurred to me, and what made ​​me start to like the idea of this game.

EDIT: Now I'm thinking in put a tentacular monster in the mix. This game will be so bizarre.

Last edited by Etsu : 10 October 2013 at 01:11 AM.
  10 October 2013
I'm planning to share the first scene of the game, and maybe I'll create an entirely new scene just for the demo, presented out of competition so to speak, for next week. That way at least I can say that I could come up with something playable for this competition, even if it's a week too late.

Hey, if they can do it in Cannes, why not us?
  10 October 2013
I am finalizing the last details, hoping to have a playable demo at least of the first scene for tomorrow.

This last two weeks I made a radio that you can change stations (just three stations for the moment, one music theme for station), I polished the lines of dialogue a bit, I finished the GUI with icons and stuff, and added some new conversations for players who like to explore the scenario.

Additionally, I have climbing stairs and some very basic parkour elements, but they need a lot of polishing to be truly functional. I still have to make a cut-scene for the beginning, add a lot of sounds to the environment and develop a minigame in which you must guide number five, one of the robots, so he can repair a broken power generator.

I'm hoping to make readable documents and a full new scenario with puzzles tonight.

  11 November 2013

Hope runs well on other people's computers, because yesterday I tried it on a friend's laptop and it ran too slowly.

Probably have to optimize it further.

I also want to hear from other people about the voices, because I'm using digital voices and maybe someone not like it. But I prefer this to having a mute game with just text.

There are many lines of dialogue if you explore enough, about two hundred sound files, over three thousand words, only in the first room, much of it optional stuff.

Last edited by Etsu : 11 November 2013 at 02:00 AM.
  11 November 2013
I'm having some troubles with the physics of the game. Some objects lose gravity if you touch them, or just start to bounce all around, or just disappear. I had to remove the Rigidbody from one object already, because if you miss it there is no way to leave the room. I needs to fix this, because physics is very important to this game.

Here you have three more captures:

Time to go to sleep.
  11 November 2013
Well, I almost lose the full game yesterday, but eventually I was able to recover it. First, the first scene stopped working properly if you click Start Game from the Main Menu, but it was working just fine in the editor within the scene. Later, I tried to update a plugin to see if this problem could be fixed, and everything went wrong from then on. Nothing worked, and a lot of compilation problems everywhere.

Fortunately, I had a backup of an early version of the project, so I managed to move the new content, textures, sound files and scenes mostly, to the old version, and it worked pretty well. Later, I found that I just duplicated a lot of FSMs by mistake in the Main Screen scene, and that was what was causing the problem that started it all.

Now I'm trying to recover the Global Variables of the scene because I lose all my Global Variables during this process, so I will be able to finally bring you the first scene demo in a few days.

Note: Now I had an idea. I want to release this game in little chapters, as if it were a newspaper comic strip: a full game in very short chapters, a series of nanogames of some sort. Who says games should last more than 20 hours? I think it's time to learn from other media as well. With a few chapters of 15 minutes each you end having hours of actual gameplay on your hands. What do you think? Might be worth a try.
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