Armed and Dangerous - Atlantis Renegade

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  02 February 2012
Armed and Dangerous - Atlantis Renegade

This is just a placeholder, I made up a quick name but I kinda like it at the end hehe

Letme show you a concept image, there should be a dangerous submarine creature lying dead in the boat's deck with a huge knife stuck in a big bound, like if he was resting before finishing the job smoking with that old fashioned smoking pipe:

Current status is: Working on base mesh to get started in Mudbox. Never used it before!
  02 February 2012
Almost ready for Mudbox, I need to add some more details in Max to the base mesh. Let me show you the head on this "alpha" status.

  02 February 2012
I'm ready now, lets see how it goes from now on!

  02 February 2012
prety good base!

do you planning some clothing for this guy?
  02 February 2012
Thank you fantasymaster, I'm watching Waterworld right now hehe I'm going for a post apocaliptic look I think.
  02 February 2012
I'm liking Mudbox a lot, It was a hard time feeling idiot because you keep missculpting while trying to move the camera, but our relationship is starting to work hehe.
Here some progress:

  02 February 2012
Last night's update ... zZZz

  02 February 2012
Some updates, it's taking shape and since I haven't managed to draw a good concept (I might try tomorrow) I needed to know how all my ideas look in the model.

This is almost all for his native Atlantis armor.

He is an Atlantis guardian who becomes a renegade who scapes from his home land when he is unfairly betrayed after stopping a kind of "coup d'etat". He's captured and manages to scape. I'll get a bit more into the plot later on, but the fact is that he has been wandering on a post apocalyptic human world he doesn't belong to where the sea took 90% of the earth surface (Waterworld alike) . I might add some steampunk elements like clothing and weapons, and some more deco props.

Although his Atlantis suit may look so clean and perfect, it's gonna be full of dirt, scratches and will look aged. The human elements I'll use on him will be raw, aged and dirt aswell.

I plan to give him an atlantis energy shoting staff he took from a guard the day he scapes. This weapon ran out of Atlantis energy though and he managed to plug in a sort of battery that can be refilled using sun light. (before humans world collapsed they had time to invent a lot of stuff useful for survivance).

That's it! Now the latest update, please C&C's are more than welcomed.

On the technical side, I had a hard time with mudbox since it's consuming more resources than expected. I had a whole model first which seems to be too heavy for my comp specs, I cut the model into pieces but having the torso and arms in separate blocks was a pain in the ass. I decided to sculp a bit slower but have them in 1 piece. Pants, belt and legs are all separate objects.

I also miss some more polished rendering tools. I like to see it quickly and maybe because of my mental ray settings, it takes sooo long to render vector disp maps. i want to see the results faster so I'll try to improve my workflow.

Apart from that, I'm enjoying Mudbox, it's a clean tool. Maybe I need more brushes either by getting them on the net or doing them myself, but you can do almost everything whith what it has out of the box. I've seen many videos and can't wait for texturing!! I'm so excited about that.


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  02 February 2012
nice plot. will be interesting to see the steampunk elements with this guy but think they will look cool.

his shoulder and neck muscles need more tweaking, they look a little bit flat.

regarding the armor, he needs to swim a lot , but the armor looks very stiff and goes up to his breast. this could be a problem (for him).

hope to see some new updates soon.
MfG Max

  02 February 2012
maxloegler - Thanks for the tips, that plate ends now a bit lower so he can move properly in water. Anyways, it's not supposed to be that rigid, it's a high flexibility and durability compossed material. In the final pose that will be more ovbious cause it will behave like clothing adapting to the user body.
The same goes for the pants. It's a high tech suit with some plates in strategical points to provide high performance in water and also some nice protection in close combat situations.
About the shoulders and neck, the only part that is like 70-80% finished is the face. The rest is just proportions and concepting but the shoulders are maybe a bit off.

Following the plot, the major part of his Atlantis suit/armor was taken from him when he got captured.
On his way out, he could only manage to take a weapon from one of the prison guards which I will detail in the following posts.

The weapon is a kind of trident that shots energy blasts from it's end, and is powered by Atlantis energy sources which he has no access anymore. That's why it will have some addons to provide it with human made energy batts. The look of this weapon would be like the seen in the first stargate movie i'd say. But I'll give a sea touch and use the same color pattern that the one from the rest of the Atlantis suit.

I'll create a human-like weapon capable of shooting bullets and maybe 40mm grenades aswell, something "modern warfare" alike, also aged and repaired several times.

I'm talking a lot, I wish I could do better concept drawings to support the plot.

About the steampunk parts, a lot of ppl are using that topic recently and I wan't to be as original as possible, so I'm rethinking that part. The two possibilities I'm thinking on right now are:
- Steampunk look as the seen in the movie Waterworld.
- Aged high tech props. Removing bucklets, leather and iron and using some high tech locks and materials instead.

The sea, the renegade part, some pirates era looking items, lonely sea wolf... seems to fit better with the plot to me tho. Watching again Waterworld was awesome and inspiring.
We will see

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  03 March 2012
I'm back with some updates. I'm close to retake the sculpting part now. Some belts and strips need more detail and the weapons... that will be hard hehe

I hope you like it! C&C is a must

  03 March 2012
nice update!
the only thing that bothers my on first glance are the breast muscles. the are extremely sharp and flat in terms of shape. right now they feel more like an crablike armor. if thats what you are shooting for, i´d suggest you continue this on more areas (shoulder stomach..) so it is easier to identify.
keep it up
  03 March 2012
lukasvogl -Thanks for your feedback. That chest part was a kind of test because my main reference for the skin is the Scorpion Fish, and it doesn't have those pinchy shapes:

But it adds some more texture to the mix and I'll consider using it for the rest of the body, because the fact that being half human doesn't exactly match a fish reference gives me some freedom to put there whatever makes the sculp better :P

At the end, the body and skin will be consistent.

I'm interested in what you guys think on this, sharp or smooth shapes on his body?

Thank you very much!
  03 March 2012
i quite like the sharp element. i think it adds to your sculpt. and i instantly had a maritime creature in mind when i saw it. so it might be a good thing to try and play with.
i googled a bit and found some things i liked. hope its ok for you i´m posting those links here.
maybe these armor parts work well in some places. where the character is most likely to be injured. etc.
i think the mouth area of the crab in the image could work well for your stomach. it allready looks a bit like a sixpack^^.

looking foreward to your next update
  03 March 2012
I don't mind at all, funny thing is I didn't look for crabs when collecting references at all... Having a soft delicate skin isn't that "dangerous" I'll try adding more of a crab to it. I refuse setting up different plates on the body, the transition between soft and hard skin areas will be a challenge here. Only texture and maybe color range will change on his skin at the end. Otherwise, it would look similar to the Turtle Barbarian from Jesse Sandifer... and this is a fish-humanoid

Some fishes have soft and hard skin mixed all together and that's my goal. Thank you very much for your images and comments! I hope I can make a good use of it all.

By the way, I'm doing a base mesh for a laser gun and will also make the staff and then I'll finally start detailing and texturing the model.

Expect an update soon with my wireframes and uv's. Any tip on what would be a nice approach on UV'ing the face? I'm getting some artifacts on the 4 spines behind the "ears", but having them in only one uv island with the whole face stretches the polygons a lot :S Gotta sort that out soon!
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