'P I T G I R L' (Female Robot Concept Design)

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Old 05 May 2011   #1
'P I T G I R L' (Female Robot Concept Design)

These couple of sketch concepts are the first steps in a new robot creation I'm working on - 'Pit Girl'. I'm wanting to start my ROBOMOTOS world by creating a female bot that will act as the showgirl for any of my subsequent designs. Once I'm happy with one of her concepts, I'll then develop it in 3D.

My first attempt below is a bit too masculine looking for my liking. I think I need to emphasise the hips and thighs, pinch the waist in a bit more and make the chest more feminine. The second attempt addresses these issues somewhat, but still needs more developing. They're at least a starting point, and are something along the lines of the direction I want to head in, but there's a bit of a way to go before I'm happy. Of course I'll update my progress as I go....

Thanks for looking and feel free to comment and crit.


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Old 05 May 2011   #2
The first one is indeed too masculine, but did radiate more strength, like an athlete. The second is a bit more girlish, but too awkward I think. Do they have feelings like embarrassment? Maybe you'll want to reference Gynoids from Sorayama a bit, to see how he treated the subject and got the sleek feminine curves in. I remember the original and comic version of Arcee (Transformers) was quite feminine too. Or if you're looking for something more girlish and posh, Drossel from Fireball comes to mind. A lot of her arrogant yet feminine attitude came from the poses she kept making.

I like your site btw, especially that spotlight section. I thought jQuery at first, but looks like it's handwritten Javascript functions instead.
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Old 05 May 2011   #3
I think what you need are more curves.

Take a look at Sorayama's site:


He pretty much defined the "pin up robot" genre in the 80's, with airbrush. Look at his robots - all curves to indicate hips, bust, lips, all of the characteristics that say "female".

I think perhaps you're overthinking functionality over sexiness. Your characters break where there should be smooth curves, they're very cold and, well, robots. You need to cheat a little and maybe design a few areas that wouldn't necessarily work in real life, but look good.

You could also lift some better poses from actual pin up art, the pose alone could radically change the feel of your character. Imagine the robot is programmed to flirt with humans, then pose them along that line.
Old 05 May 2011   #4
RicoD - thanks for the references - you certainly know your female robots! I'm not too sure exactly what I'm after yet regarding being girly, or athletic or showing feelings etc - hence just scribbling some ideas down and seeing where it takes me.

BillyWJ - I agree that curves are the obvious route to go down, but the Sorayama robots are not the kind of thing I'm after. To me they aren't robots as such - to my eyes they are more resembling models sprayed with chrome paint and wearing Robocop's helmet. Not that that's a bad thing, but it's not really what I'm after. I'm more of an Industrial Designer, and so I need things to look functional, however crazy they may be. They have to have some logic to them. And this is why I'm trying to go down a not-so-easy route of creating a robotic female-like robot that is more robot than curvy model. My challenge is to see if I am able to convey the concept of this being 'female' and possibly even 'sexy' without going down the obvious Sorayam-like curves route. I'd like to combine curves with more angular, chiseled forms, and see if there's still a way of still making her look womanly.

Below is a further study of the head and upper torso. It's still not exactly what I'm after, but worth getting a variety of concepts down on paper to pick and choose from. Though she looks a bit evil here, according to the girlfriend, which I'd have to agree with. I think I'll try and explore removing any signs of a mouth and see if this can still look feminine....

Old 05 May 2011   #5
Below is a continuation of the design development.... I'm experimenting with seeing whether having a more 'faceless' robot could still be feminine looking - I'm not yet sure if any of them are successful or not - I don't like the bottom-left one.

The bottom 3 images were actually doodled while travelling on a VERY bumpy train to London, this is why they're a bit rough. Though I do quite like the face on the bottom-right concept, so might develop that idea a bit further.

C&C Welcomed.

Old 06 June 2011   #6
Work commitments have prevented me from doing any recent updates, but here I am with some of the latest versions. I feel that the more polished sketch below is getting close to what I'm after. I think I'll start playing with illustrating her digitally now and see what comes of it. Opinions on the design direction she's taking are welcomed.

Thanks for looking.

Old 06 June 2011   #7
Attached is another proposal - heading in a slightly different direction. This is an experiment with having a faceless, less obviously feminine concept; a slightly more industrialised robotic approach....


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Old 06 June 2011   #8
Here's a revised version of the previous robot proposal, with alternative features/details....

Old 06 June 2011   #9
An amalgamation of the previous 2 proposals....


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Old 01 January 2012   #10
Female Robot Sketches - a slight change of direction....

Ok, I've been away from this for a loooong time, and with no progress whatsoever. Well, that's a little lie - there's some minor progress in the doodle sketches below.

I've had to put this project on the shelf for many months due to injury, work commitments, and many more numerous 'excuses'. I've also had a slight change of heart in 'theme' - I've decided that the Pitgirl concept will be more robotic/mechanical-looking rather than human-looking. Though I do still intend to try and make 'her' look feminine with the use of proportions and curves. My main challenge is the face - as mentioned I don't want it to have obviously human features (ie a human-looking nose, mouth, etc) as that's far too obvious and easy. This is the area that needs most further exploration and development.

The premise of these PITGIRLs are that there will minor variations between each one, depending on their role. The example below shows one with a detachable backpack - she's possibly a communications robot (hence the twin aerials). Other PITGIRLs will have different equipment/features to reflect the service they're undertaking.

I'm hoping that by posting these doodles here for all to see, it might kick me back into continuing this project and take it to it's fruition of being a polished design and 3D model.


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Old 01 January 2012   #11
Here's one possible direction the design of the robot's head could go in. The question is, is it feminine enough to not be mistaken for possibly being male?

Old 01 January 2012   #12
Pitgirl Female Robot Head & FIgure Illustration - WIP Concept

Here's another more refined update for the design of the head. I think the full body sketch also here is the design I'm going to go with; I just need to illustrate it more accurately to refine the details before I can begin 3D modelling.

Old 03 March 2012   #13
I haven't updated for a while, so here's a dump of a selection of more recent doodles, exploring different head and body designs....


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Old 03 March 2012   #14
I'm still a student, but it was fun looking at your designs! From my perspective.. I'm having a hard time determining gender from most of these. Even with the small waist and bigger bust, and hips. The feet give it away but how often are people going to be looking at her feet?

Personally... i think she needs some globes or something more defined as breasts on her chest.

This one's body seems to be the most noticeably female one for me. I liked the other heads better though.
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Old 03 March 2012   #15
Jeannie - thanks for the feedback. More recently I've been deliberately steering away from adding more obvious features such as breasts to enhance her feminine appearance. Do you not think the earlier design of mine that you attached (which has breasts) is a bit cliche in appearance (body-wise)? Out of curiosity, which of the heads was it that you preferred?
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