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  04 April 2006

i started out ambitious, but couldent get it but then i posted it anyway
  04 April 2006
Thanks Frostblade! I bet it isn't as hard for you as you seem to think it is now.

Thanks Andreasrocha! Not sure on the colour yet, don't have a lot of experience with it. But I have started on putting her into place. So I'll having something to show soon I hope.

Adrianospm, it's more complicated than it seems regarding anatomy heheh. Maybe it'll be more apparent when the background and perspective are more clear.
modelling practice #1
  04 April 2006
Jan-Mark, so sorry!! I saw jm and just inserted an I... many apologies.. :(

Also, about the breasts.... they look just fine? What's wrong with you people -- they aren't too long! You all look at too many fake breasts imo if you think these look too long.. LOL

I dunno, but they actually look really natural to me, really real... and I have two of them

They look like, umm... mine actually - and I've had kids, and breastfed... and that is how they look after all that... rounded on the bottom, soft -- and they hang lower. Not saggy... just... relaxed. I dunno, JM, they look just fine to me.

Ok, embarassing little tidbit here but just to back up JM's artwork here, I like, measured my own - put my hand under where they rest and the line comes to just right above my elbow by like 1/4 inch... and that was with my arm at rest along my side -- if I held it up like she is, it would totally be at my elbow.
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  04 April 2006
Thank you!!! Finally, some sense into the pop notch culture generation. *deep sigh* lol.

That oughta teach em... =), oh yeah don't worry about the name
modelling practice #1
  04 April 2006
They look like natural double d's or something bigger... I know they are bigger than d for sure.
The fake boobs pictures just make women worry too much about their own body image and that really sux. Also bras and clothes make a lot of differences too...big is sometime not that pretty naked :P. A lot of people always forget to include the stretch marks when they paint huge head sized boobs. ...maybe they don't know that plastic boobs and real boobs have those because of airbrushed photos and lack of close ups.

keep up the good work...and you can paintover my stuff anytime too
  04 April 2006
Yeah the media have been portraying a false image for so long now that it seems to have become an expectancy. It's become almost scary I think. Ah well... I gotta admit I'm painting them rather large too, but I thought that fit a queen in the wild nicely, hmm.

Gotta do some things over here, and then I'll try a paintover on your painting. I hope I can get to grips with PS quick enough.

Thank you!
modelling practice #1
  05 May 2006
Originally Posted by jmBoekestein: Heheh, thanks for trying at least, but I find I had a completely different pose and body structure in mind, and to be honest that's a little vague to use as an anatomy guide. I have a lot of ref if I want to fall back on that, don't worry.

I guess the trick is sometimes to 'stretch it'. Ok I added some tweaks, so her pose is more easily readable, but I won't work on it till I get more in the composition done. But I thought I'd post this anyway.

Thanks for checking .

and here's afifteen minute sketch for the dsg, just for the curious: >>sketchy<<

I quote adrianospm !

If I see your image I can divide it into 2 areas.
1 : from right hand to the head with a pure bottom up view
2. from belly to feet with a quite ground to ground view.

I suggest to follow adirano's suggestion and I add that image too.

  05 May 2006
I like looking at this thread from time to time, JM, haven't commented, because I just wanted to see where you went with it. I did have a question though, or perhaps a statement more or less. I read somewhere that you didn't really like working with colours, why is that? and I would like to see you give it a whirl... but I can understand working in one's comfort zone, I'm the same about backgrounds, I don't like doing them, though on occasion, I'll give them a whirl.
  05 May 2006
Oh I didn't check my mail today, sorry for being late. I've been fiddling here and there and researching even.

Thank you for taking the time CYborgJA! I noticed the hip was a problem area because of the same effect I guess, maybe after staying away from the figure for a while and working on the rest of the image I'll see better.
The way it's intended now is in a sort of contraposto style torso, because of the animal swaying while it walks she moves along with that. I think some adjustments on the hip would solve the fact that it's hard to read as such.

Hey Jennifer , Thanks, that's really fun to know .
Well, I guess I'm just insecure about my work in the end . I've only really seriously started painting since last summer, so that also gives me very little experience to work from. I feel that if I keep things structured and focus on important things, I'll get to results more quickly. It's easier to learn I feel when everything is isolated to a certain point. However, I would like to colour both wip's I have now. Greyscale seems to drudge up doom and gloom in me as well heh. I'll give it a go soon I think.
Thanks again!
modelling practice #1
  05 May 2006
Originally Posted by jmBoekestein: Thank you for taking the time CYborgJA!


Greyscale seems to drudge up doom and gloom in me as well heh. I'll give it a go soon I think.
Thanks again!


Ok; use greyscale on more layers and then colorize them using photoshop.
  05 May 2006
Heheh, ok. Ph- ... photoshop? : .
modelling practice #1
  05 May 2006
Had no inspiration at all, and I could only draw monstrous stuff. SO logically a demon screaming...

added a quick layer with highlights... cause its'a real quick one. Prolly not gonna finnish it.

modelling practice #1
  05 May 2006
JM - your scaring the sh*t outta me


*edit* good drawing!
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  05 May 2006
Originally Posted by jmBoekestein: Heheh, ok. Ph- ... photoshop? : .

sure. Read that as sample http://graphicdesign.about.com/libr...blonecolorb.htm

If you use more layers you can do beautiful things starting with a B&W pic
  05 May 2006
lol thx Gord.

CyborgJA, Thx for the tip!!! Looks interesting, Definetely colouring these ones.
modelling practice #1
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