High-tech City Architecture

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Old 07 July 2014   #1
Smile High-tech City Architecture

Hello there everyone!

Based on the comments on my previous work in high tech architecture 2. This new concept art piece that I did,"high tech city architecture", again inspired by science fiction movies like star wars and star trek cities, and works from concept artist like Ryan Church, Dylan Cole and others.

Before I proceed for the next step, first, I would like to build the entire composition and depth of the entire painting using the building forms(silhouette) and the atmosphere of the environment. The two buildings in the mid-ground that has a bridge is actually going to that right building that has docks for ships for arriving and departing passengers. In the lower right that is covered in black for more depth, those are also buildings and road, I will add some ships at the sea soon.

Any comments and suggestions? I really appreciate for this new concept art piece. Thank you!

Read more: http://www.conceptart.org/forums/sh...e#ixzz37YszXPUn
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My advice for composition, is to always have as many visual elements pull at least double-duty as possible, so every single piece is very useful. When you use foreground silhouette solely for the sake of adding some Z-depth or to frame the composition, you're not using them to their full potential. Always try and have those elements also be relevant to the narrative of the image, or contain design elements that are relevant to the concept itself.

For example, you can have that foreground silhouette area actually be a landing pad and a hovercraft is landing, and there are figures on the landing pad. Or maybe it's a roof garden and there are figures standing there enjoying the view of the cityscape. This also fixes another problem you have right now, which is the right 1/3 of the image having no real purpose in the composition.

And be careful with tangents and contour edges touching, such as what's happening with your foreground silhouette and the bottom/right corner of the background building. Always either overlap very clearly, or separate clearly. Never let contour edges touch like that, because it confuses the hierarchy of the z-depth and flattens your image unintentionally.
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Thank you very much sir.
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Good day, this is the edited concept art piece of my previous High tech City Architecture. In the mid ground, I enhance the buildings with the bridge, and in front of those buildings were small buildings and buildings for ship port. I added ships in the water, edited and enhanced the background buildings, decided the foreground to become roof top that has plants, grass and some people who looks at the cityscape view and added lighting.

I apologize if the image is small, this is a big file but I decided to reduce the resolution to 75 I think because 100 dpi is still big for the upload. Thank you.
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I'm assuming you haven't populated the right side of the image yet, and that's why it's so blank. The people are fairly small, so they won't do anything to fill the right side. You'll have to use maybe larger trees on the rooftop as well as a hovering craft, otherwise the large negative space doesn't do anything for the composition, the premise, or the narrative.
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Hello there sir, good day. This is the edited piece of the previous work, like you said in your comments, in the background building sir, in the right in the far distance, I enlarge it a bit so that It occupies some of the negative space, in the foreground, I added some trees in the roof top and enlarge those people who enjoys the view of the city and flying crafts. I was actually thinking if the hovering craft would be in the roof top also as you said based on what I understand in your comments, but, I think sir, your first comment to add some people enjoying the view in there was good with additional trees like you said, and what I did is, I put the hovering craft in the sky in the right near the sunlight. What do you think sir?
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The stuff you've added are tiny shapes, and in the grand scheme of the composition, they don't have much visual weight. You need to think about composition in terms of visual weight, which is determined by factors such as size, shape, contrast, density, etc. The more eye-catching something is, the more visual weight it has. So right now, the right side of the canvas has a big spot of open sky that doesn't have anything with visual weight there. If you have a hovercraft that's actually much closer to the camera so it's large and has more visual weight, it'll balance out the large shapes on the left better. You can also put really tall buildings in the far background on the left to achieve balance. Even really dense/numerous ships in the sky might do the trick. Experiment and try different mock-ups quickly and compare them and see which works better.
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Good day sir, thanks for the comment, in the background, at the sky, in your comment, I added some small ships and tall building as well, at sea, I added smaller ships. In the foreground, something came in to my mind that instead of putting a big hovercraft in order to block the sky, I decided to enlarge the roof in there like a dome shape, as well as the people more closer to the camera who loves to view the cityscape. I also put some plants and lights in the roof top and added door for way in and out. I can actually add another person in the door going outside to view the city as well sir.
Old 07 July 2014   #9
That works pretty well. You might want to move the guy on the left to the right instead, so that his silhouette shape isn't obscured by the building in the distant background. And make sure the three figures are all distinctly different in clothing, hair, body type, etc, so they don't look homogenized. Maybe there's even a small family of young parents with their little toddler riding on daddy's shoulder, a pair of teenagers, etc.

I don't know if you're familiar with Syd Mead's work, but he did a lot of futuristic scenes with different types of people in the crowd. If you're not familiar with his work, you need to fix that ASAP, since he's the grandmaster of futuristic concept art. He influenced just about all of today's sci-fi concept artists.
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Good day sir, Thanks for the comment. I know Syd Mead, he is one of my favorite concept artist in the entertainment industry. I will work on it asap.
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Good day sir,

I rested in week ends and search for some images of buildings at sunset, including the lights in both buildings and ground. As I'm looking at the buildings at the mid ground, I'm thinking about Coruscant, those buildings from Star Wars was inspired by those forms. I know I need to be consistent when it comes to forms but I didn't change the composition of the buildings but only edited some forms to look like familiar with those buildings in Coruscant. Right now, I decided to color it with lighting, the depth is working in the overall composition as on the black and white scheme. Windows at the buildings is in there, added small cars in the bridge and also the lights in there, the sea has been painted including the ships, the building reflections in the sea is now there, light post has been added in the mid ground buildings, lights like beacons has been added at the top of the buildings, and I already painted the foreground to it's details. I will fix the lighting in the buildings by tomorrow and I will try as well as the people in the foreground. Again, I apologize if the image is small again, the file is too big and I did set the jpeg image right now to 40dpi I think. Thank you.

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It's starting to shape up pretty nicely.

Don't forget that those buildings in the far background shown with atmospheric perspective--they are also getting a strong side-lighting from the setting sun, so they should have highlights on the right side too.

Don't treat the buildings like they are large smooth monoliths with an onion skin of texture of bright dots as windows applied to them like on a primitive low-poly video game 3D model. The buildings have individual segments of different forms, and you need to define them. Anything that protrudes or recesses such as balconies, ledges, etc have highlights from the ambient sky light coming down from above, and they also cast shadows too, as well might have artificial lighting on them too. I mentioned this in your other cityscape thread, so keep that in mind and don't make the same mistakes again.
Old 07 July 2014   #13

Good day sir, thanks for the comments, I got it. In this updated one, I edited the huge buildings in the foreground that has bridge, I change the windows base on my observation on other buildings, as well as the color of the windows base on the atmosphere of the sky and sunlight. In some of the smaller buildings/seaports that is in front of the 3 big buildings with bridge, I added balconies, and I also change the windows, and also edited some building forms. In this image, I know it's low res, again, I apologize for it that's why it is not visible because those balconies are small. The people will come soon. Thank you.
Old 07 July 2014   #14
Looking good. As you continue, just keep in mind that the buildings are not just single big monoliths with windows on them. They often have additional forms, so define those forms. Think of the buildings more like a large object made up of smaller pieces that are arranged together, so make sure those smaller pieces are readable, with their own lighting information. If you searched google for "cityscape" images, you'll see lots of images that show this clearly.
Old 07 July 2014   #15

Good day sir, thank you for the comment, here is my updated work, and it's almost finished. The mid ground buildings has been edited as well as some small buildings in front of them, I added some lights in their rooms, added some antennas with red lights, some small beam lights, ledges with small plants in the left building, balconies or rooftop with light posts, water tanks, machines for air conditioned rooms, and a little screen in the tall building in the middle. The purpose of that little black screen in the mid building located in the left side of mid building at the bridge, is information for people regarding the flights of each ship which passengers departs and arrives at the city, and in the right building which is the spaceport, I added some red beacons. Then, in the foreground, finally, I added some teenage guys having reunion and viewing the city for leisure. The reason why they have same color of t-shirts and perhaps as well as color of pants, I observed in some reunions of people as well as some of Syd Mead's people in his paintings were wearing same clothes for the eyes's smooth movement and not jumping and for their uniforms. Thank you.

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