Wonder Woman - In The Name Of The Mother

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Old 09 September 2013   #16
Wonder Woman - In The Name Of The Mother #13

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Old 09 September 2013   #17
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Old 10 October 2013   #18

Wonder Woman - In The Name Of The Mother#15

FINALLY, enter the baddies:

- Dr. Paula Von Gunther
- Prof. Turgo
- Stacy Macklin, a.k.a. Lady Lunar
- Valerie Beaudry, a.k.a. Silver Swan
... and some guy I have no idea who he is because he, like his fellow pilots, will probably not get a line of dialogue before his hyperspace craft meets its horrific fate. ^_^

Edit: Originally, I was going to make the test pilots' names Ferris and Jordan, but I figured that franchise can take care of itself. ^_^
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Old 10 October 2013   #19
This has been alot of fun. Well done and we wait for more
Old 10 October 2013   #20
Hey, Ebolii, thank you.
Let me know if you have any suggestions of things you'd like to see featured.

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Old 10 October 2013   #21
A clever wrinkle to the legend. I like it.
As I mentioned in the other thread, I love your telling of the WW story.
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Old 10 October 2013   #22
Hey, Wyatt, thanks for your post, I really appreciate it!
Just trying to make the WW mythos a bit more movie-friendly.

I really-really tried to add the line "- My God, BEES!" ^_^
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Old 10 October 2013   #23
Wow wow wow wauw..

And me sitting hours for just one figure, and still not doing it right.

I envy thee.
Old 10 October 2013   #24
I know, and some of these are coming out one page a day. Most impressive.
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Old 10 October 2013   #25
Hey, guys, thank you so much for your posts and comments, I really appreciate it.

Thank you, Do-re-mi, you flater me but truth is this comic is just a byproduct of me not having a life. ^_^

Thank you, Wyatt, I wish I could do a page like this a day.. Truth is the first pages were uploaded at a faster pace because I had already finished a whole batch when I realised I could upload them as WIP on CGTalk.
Due to work/nieces babysitting, a page usually takes me about a week to write/pencil/ink/color/letter.
And that takes all the free time I have.

The free time that is not consumed playing L4D2, of course. ^_^.

There's a whole point to that last panel.
From the very beginning I've been saying that the amazons should take center stage in the Wonder Woman mythos, not the greek gods (especially since the amazons weren't even greek to begin with, but a strange eastern european/asian tribe from the steppes that gave the greeks nightmares).

They should be the agents of their own destiny, not meat puppets by gods driven.
If this is a tale of female empowerment, then their achievements should stem from their own merits and not from divine trinkets and gifts.
Amazon training and all.
So, I turned Diana's notorious lasso of truth to its classic ability to make people ensnared by it bow to her will - because the lasso is now an extension of her willpower-. It whirls, it bends, it floats at her command.
And it pierces demonic shields and armors.
The weapons these immortals use are a materialization of their will powers, be it Kirke's arrows or Nubia's spears.
This, IMHO, opens the door to more intriguing storylines, as people ensnared by Diana's lasso are struggling against her willpower. It's a battle of minds.
Marston's original amazons were telepaths who honed their abilities after 3,000 years of rigorous mental and physical training. They were like jedi meet shaolin masters and I'd like to see that brought back.

But the most interesting bit for me lies in this final tidbit.
Now, when they say her Lasso of Truth is unbreakable, it's not because the gods made a magical-mystical majestical lasso that cannot be broken.
it's because HER willpower is unbreakable.
And THAT, imho, is empowering.
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Old 11 November 2013   #26
Ha ha, yeah. But then these days it's a virtue going your own way. Not many are capable of doing that any more getting entangled in all sorts of distractions. Myself included.

What software do you use? Photoshop or the much acclaimed Manga Studio?

If Diana has the truth and moral high ground, fighting for free will. She will be invincible.
The only way to defeat her is then by finding corruption or a weak spot, since no one is perfect.
Then the antagonist wins because corruption is where it reigns. Playing home court.
Diana then sacrifices her will to the free will of all, and thus wins the final battle.
Her story then becomes part about a bigger tale.

Thats how I would approach it I guess. Thinking out loud here...
Old 11 November 2013   #27
Hey, guys,

sorry it took me a while to update a new page, had a couple deadlines to battle.

Thank you for your kind post, Do-Re-Mi, I have to confess I have never worked with Manga Studio, I stick with Photoshop.
Your idea for Wonder Woman is very interesting, there are many ways an enemy could explore weaknesses in a heroine, no matter how formidable she is. Fear for her loved ones, doubts about her ability to save everybody since nobody can be everywhere at once...

So... can you guess where my inspiration for the cyclops came from? ^_^
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Old 11 November 2013   #28
Me? haha

Thats what I like about story writing there is always a way.

I use Photoshop too, but then I heard so many praise for Manga Studio.
So I will give it a go.

As always nice work
Old 01 January 2014   #29
Thank you, Do-re-mi!

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Old 01 January 2014   #30
So now WW is solo.
Keep it coming.
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