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  06 June 2012
Himura Kenshin-0617edit

Because I'm the huge fan of the comic called Himura Kenshin.
so I remake the new one base the picture I capture on internet.

sample is here.

if you can't see the picture,please try these link.
1) https://www.dropbox.com/s/sa48qoj0j...a%20Kenshin.JPG
2) http://home.gamer.com.tw/creationDetail.php?sn=1630209

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  06 June 2012
Can't see the second image.
  06 June 2012


here is my wip and the detail to prove I made this.

  06 June 2012
The main issue I see here, is that when you tried to translate a very flat and stylized version into a more realistic version, you didn't give the more realistic version enough anatomical structure. All you did was add some superficial lighting information to what's essentially still a very flat image. There's no 3-dimensional structure to the skull--as if he's a cardboard cutout. You should shoot some photo references, and also study how a human skull is structures when seen in the profile.
  06 June 2012
Thanks for the response!
I notice that problem..The skull looks like the flat image.
maybe I'll do some change and post it.

still thanks the comment.
  06 June 2012
You might want to consider using reference that belongs to a very small person since the character is 158cm in height and is a mere 48kg in weight.
  06 June 2012

I try to combine two image today.
and the right side is the last process.
but I'm not sure i't ok or still looks like flat image?

Thank you.
  06 June 2012
Do this--actually take a human skull and study it from the profile, under various lighting direction, and learn the structure of a human skull. You can use a replica model of a human skull, or search for photos online. Really learn it, and then apply what you learned to your image.
  07 July 2012
Rob's got some great advice.

Also... note that you've drawn the ear too low each time. The bottom of the ear should match roughly on a line with the bottom of the nose.

The top of the ear is on roughly the same line as the brow.

But you have to account for the tilt of the head.
  04 April 2013
thanks for you all comments again.

here is my new fan-art.

I know I have missing something there,but I just don't know what's wrong except the left hand's angle.

and I wonder this one...

Did it fit a matte painting or not? thanks!

Last edited by enis : 04 April 2013 at 05:18 AM.
  04 April 2013
Well, I was going tosay to see what your problem is, flip the image of the final fantasy chick (Yuna or something?). The mistakes will uump out at you. The most obvious is the fact that her head is elongated as if her skull is made of jelly. Secondly there you're making the classic mistake of drawing features onto a face-shaped blob rather than drawing a face. Use references! I know that this style of art uses perfect-skinned 3D models with diffuse lighting, but she should still have some form: shadows and highlights showing what the skeletal structure is underneath.

Your brush technique is not bad and I think if you put the study in you'll start making some pretty good paintings, but you DO need to really observe the human form in photographs rather than just inventing. It doesn't have to be boring and difficult - just choose some photos you like and try to copy the figure in them. If something's not looking right, then check all the angles, the distances, the shapes. Just see what you're doing wrong. Every half an hour flip the image, have a minor heart attack as you see how horrible it looks flipped, then work on it until the flipped image is the one that looks right. Then flip it back.

Background is fairly nicely rendered. Maybe a bit less fuzzy on the foliage. The waves are wrong though. Look at photos. You don't get that confused muddy swirl when a wave hits the shore. Dark blue suggests deep water, but that's where the water is shallowest.

As for the matte painting... uh, you joking? Going for a symmetrical composition is pretty risky even if you paint it all by hand, because natural scenes are not symmetrical. But painting half and mirroring it? No. Just... no.

Ignoring that, there's some really nice - if stylised - rendering on the water in the foreground, and good attention to overall detail, assuming you're going for an anime backdrop style. You might want to include more colours, and areas of less complexity or the texture ends up being a bit too busy, not really leading the eye anywhere.

In summary, more observation! More patience! But keep trying, you will get somewhere good.
  04 April 2013
To add to the excellent advice already posted, you have issues with edges. You're not defining your shapes and volumes, because your colors are too flat, there's not enough contrast, and you're not defining hard edges where you should be. If you reduce the female figure to a drawing, not only is the anatomy off, it's not pleasing to the eye.

A good example is the girl's ponytail, and her arm - her elbow melds into her torso because the values are the same - the arm will be lighter and be lit more and have a shadow - and the ponytail needs definition - wrapping like that would be lumpy with defined raised edges for the wrappings. Or look at whatever she's holding in her right hand - there is no shadow or line to indicate what it is, or depth. Her face is also lacking any shadows or highlights to indicate volume.

I would also urge you to stop using speckles as a way of texturing. It's not working, and it's distracting - to be honest, it's irritating, especially when you're going for the level of realism that you are. Concentrate on actual textures and lighting, and leave special effects like that until you have a better grasp of the artistic techniques you need. That stuff will come later.

You have a solid start, and some good advice - hope it helps!
  04 April 2013
You need to understand what matte paintings are. They are meant to look like realistic backgrounds used in visual effects in movies or games. They are supposed to look so real that you'd think it's the real thing being shot by the camera, or build with high-end 3D asset. They also cannot contain anything that moves like water (or flying birds in the sky, or anything that is living and moving), because they are supposed to be still image of background plates composited into a video. If you put anything that moves in the matte painting, in the video, it will appear frozen--water is frozen in mid flow, birds, frozen in the sky, etc.

So with all that said, I think it's pretty obvious what you did is not a matte painting--neither in technical specifications or quality.

On an artistic level, you are putting too much contrast everywhere and not paying any attention to the macro level visual design of your tonal composition. There's too much visual noise everywhere and not enough overall coherence. You need to step back and look at your entire image at the macro level, making sure the values and shapes work well even if you simplified the entire image into just basic shapes and flat local values.

You are making progress, but you are doing it without a proper understanding of how to learn/improve efficiently. I recommend you read the sticky threads in the Art Techniques & Theories forum (linked below in my signature) and there are lots of excellent resources that will help you improve much faster and more effectively.
  04 April 2013
Thumbs up

I do not understand what matte paintings are,before.
but now I know.

I'm really appreciated to all Critiques,there are really constructive.

about face,in the beginning it's more contrast and shadow on face,
but it makes she likes a old lady so I have to use more Middle Color to cover it.and it works!
so became there is no balanced between body and face even flat.

I do know where should be adjustment.(the contrast,focus one thing I want to show...)
and when I have done will post it again.
Thanks again.

see you all soon.
  08 August 2013

hey~ I have posted my last work here.

I hope it will more better than before.
and comments always welcome!
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