B-Movie Entry: Shannon Daniell-Segilola

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  02 February 2010
B-Movie Entry: Shannon Daniell-Segilola

Shannon Daniell-Segilola is entered in the "B-Movie" update: View Challenge Page

Latest Update: Storyboards / pre-visualization: Classroom Animatic
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  02 February 2010
Revenge of the lost radioactive candy-corn zombies!!!

Hey what's up, plan on posting some pre-production work soon for our team project "Revenge of the Lost Radioactive Candy-Corn Zombies!!!) All C&C is welcome and good luck to everyone in the contest.
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  02 February 2010
Pablovsky Ramos is also entered, right now working on the environments visual development for our "Candy-Corn Zombies"
  02 February 2010
Okay, so currently Shaderrooster and I are busting our butts on the pre-vis and concept work for this short. So first before we start uploading any art, here's the script for our short. Be warned, it's a decently long read. All C&C is welcome and encouraged. Also, we haven't come up with "proper" names for the characters yet, so they are simply referred to as Hero, Sidekick, and Love Interest. Thanks.



Hero is sitting on his couch franticly studying the zombie survival guide, flipping through pages in a rush and looking around in a paranoid manner.


Life is tough, we've always been told to follow the system, but look where it's gotten us. It's a dog-eat-dog world after all, well, let me rephrase that, It's a zombie eat Us(this word is stressed and held longer) world out there.

Once the Narrator says out there we see a zombie hand come in from right frame off screen and pushes the play button on a cassette player and zombie audience noise begins to sound. Zombie moans and feet shuffling noises are heard. Narrator voice over continues after play button has been pushed.


And if you haven't read my book, well(unconcerned)...then you're as good as dead...


As the Hero continues to read the survival guide, we see the camera dolly out to outside the room via his bedroom window. As we are now looking into the room from the outside we see zombies trying to force themselves in through the basement window.


We see the Title in 3D letters "Revenge of the Lost Radioactive Candy-Corn Zombies" As the camera slowly dolly's in zombies begin to run across the screen and over the letters until the whole screen is covered with them. The zombies act as a screen wipe transition to the next scene.




We see several cuts of the Hero running. His feet hitting the stair, Hero looking back to see what's behind him, close up on Hero's face to show the strain of running. These shots are cut quickly as to convey a sense of speed and urgency. Finally the camera shows a wide shot of the Hero running in
place on a stairwell going absolutely nowhere.


Rule number 26, when trying to escape from a horde of zombies, never run in place.

We see zombies hanging on rails and walking towards the Hero ready to feast.


The camera shows a side view of Sidekick arm wrestling a zombie on his school desk. The desk is ridiculously tiny compared to Sidekick.

Camera cuts to medium full shot showing Sidekick beating the zombie and breaking his entire arm off. Zombie falls off screen with agony and pain.

Camera cuts to a medium close up of Sidekick. Sidekick has a smirk on his face as he holds his prized ripped-off arm squirting blood.


Rule number 44, Never arm-wrestle zombies at school.

Camera cuts to full wide shot of Sidekick sitting at his desk. His expression suddenly changes when zombie arms suddenly start flying/jumping all over the place in his direction. Sidekick starts fighting back using the detached zombie arm.

As the camera dolly's back we see a normal person(candycorn/crew person) shooting the zombie arms out of a portable T-shirt canon. The crewman looks directly at the camera, looks surprised and then puts the canon on his back(it has a shoulder strap) and grabs a mop from off screen. Crew Person then begins to clean up the arms while whistling nonchalantly.


Camera cuts to a medium close up, top view, of Love Interest lying on a sofa bed.

Camera cuts to over the shoulder shot where we see a zombie entering through the conveniently open window.

Camera cuts to medium full shot showing Love Interest hitting the Zombie repeatedly with a pillow. Zombie just takes the blows as if he was being hit by, well, a pillow.


Rule number 69, Never try to kill off zombies with a pillow.

We see a hand enter the frame in the lower left throwing feathers at the zombie. The frame pans slightly to the left revealing the same crew person holding a bucket throwing feathers. The zombie turns around and begins attacking the crew person. In the confusion Crew person throws his bucket
at the camera, blood and feathers fill the screen. The blood and feathers provide transition as they wipe down.




We see medium close up of Hero holding dual glocks, spinning them in his hands. Angular photo-flash with Hero name and graphical elements behind him(think borderlands intro)Flash

We cut to Sidekick revving up his chain saw as he brings the saw up we see a devilish grin as his photo-flash happens. Flash ends.

We cut to Love Interest holding a pillow. Camera cuts to Hero and Sidekick looking at Love Interest with a "are you serious" expression on their faces. Love Interest looks at the pillow and gets an embarrassed look on her face. She drops the pillow off screen and then picks up a sniper rifle
from off screen. She holds it in a "sexy" pose as her photo flash happens. Flash ends.

Camera cuts to a wide shot dollying out slowly. We see all three characters standing in front of the house facing towards the camera. Suddenly we see zombies running up to the characters. Before the zombies even make it to the characters the camera freeze frames and we flash to the movie poster.

Cut to black

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  02 February 2010
Hey guys, thanks for being so patient for waiting on some WIP so as thanks, here is a truckload of concept work from my team member Shaderrooster

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  02 February 2010
What, you thought that was gonna be all the concept work for now, I don't think so, here's a truckload more from yours truly. Plenty of character concept work to go around, so enjoy. As always, all C&C welcome.

Early rough character sketches

character sketches for the "muscle/sidekick" character

Defining the "muscle/sidekick" character a bit more

Sketches of the hero, love interest, and various zombies

Defining the zombies and sketching the intern.

Head turnarounds for the main characters and a height chart
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  02 February 2010
Still more concept WIP to post, here's some sketches of the weapons.

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  02 February 2010
Dont forget! Shotgun for the girl in the end! Let me know if you guys need help with this. After I'm done with my image in 3 weeks, I'll be free.
  02 February 2010
I like it! The facial expressions in your concept art are cool! Is the animation going to be 2D or 3D?
  02 February 2010
Aimanimation - Don't worry, we didn't forget, the love interest is getting a shotgun, thanks for that idea man. Also, hit us up in 3 weeks once your done with you Image submission, I'm sure we might have some prop models or textures that will still need to be finished.

Dkirkland - Thanks man, glad you like the characters. The animation is going to be 3D, in fact, I've already started creating the character models. The WIP for the models will be uploaded in a couple days. We're really trying to make sure that the style, art direction, and charm of our 2D concepts is preserved in our 3D work.
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  02 February 2010
Originally Posted by stubbthemadpencil: Dkirkland - Thanks man, glad you like the characters. The animation is going to be 3D, in fact, I've already started creating the character models. The WIP for the models will be uploaded in a couple days. We're really trying to make sure that the style, art direction, and charm of our 2D concepts is preserved in our 3D work.

Sounds fantastic! Looking forward to seeing it!
  02 February 2010
Love the concepts. I wish I was there for the critique night to provide input, but alas currently in India with a customer.

I'll do my best to provide input for you all on the forums.


Marcus Kim, AIGA
CGS Chicago
  02 February 2010
Thumbs up lol

i love just saying "Candy Corn Zombies"

who doesn't love candy corn and zombies?!.. hard to not like this idea.

I really like the facial expressions

Best of luck guys!

Nobody from Jersey says "Joisey" ...stunad!

  02 February 2010

hey JD, thanks for stopping by to check out our stuff, and yes you can imagine how much fun we are having working with the dynamic combination of CANDY-CORNS and ZOMBIES....lol

thanks for stopping by Marcus, and I am very grateful that you have created this CG-Society Chapter for artists such as us in Chicago
My Portfolio - www.shaderrooster.com
Production Blog for CG Challenge Short - http://rotlr-candycornzombies.blogspot.com/
  03 March 2010
Hero Head 3D model

Currently we are adding the finishing touches to the animatic and are finishing some of the 3D models. Should have new images and videos soon.
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