Hunt Gallery (or The Scarecrow) - My entry for 3D Awards 2004

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  03 March 2004
i am black myself and i didn't even notice it till jesse said it(the hunting negro thing)but ok,geusse it will send a message if you look at it that why(the old lady must be southern).

but personally i think antropus took that head because he already made it and made it easier on himself by just using that one.

antropuserhaps take that old guys head you made(the one of wich the eye in you avater is)and throw that on a few plaques.
that will take away from that wrong message.

But Great work as always,though the enviroment is less detailed then your usuall work imo
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  03 March 2004
oh man! I think her legs are sooooo sensual LOL

heya neox! Great work you guys are doing with STEN
Thanks for your words buddy.

it is a conceptual subject, not about the easier part. This image I made for 3D Awards but will serve also as a teaser for my short movie, and everything is part of the same project. Therefore the only character that can be in the wall is the plumber. The other guy will just appear about 10 seconds in the film. The main characters are really the old lady and the plumber. But don't worry, she just scares the plumber in the film, but doesn't hunt him, hehehehe.
About the environment, I prioritized the characters in this work. I tried to work with a quite neutral background to highlight especially their facial expressions.
Thanks for the very good points buddy
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  03 March 2004
Quote: Originally posted by Antropus

The only strong message that I see in this image is the doubt on who is alive or dead. Judging by the straw that springs from some parts of the old, I believe that the "white" old lady is the only "stuffed animal" in this gallery. The plumbers seem to be very alive and happy, don't you think?

Come on guys, this is a comic image done with fictitious characters. If I turned the old lady black and the plumbers white this subject would be resolved? Think about that.
I think CG is not the right place for racism. Is the right place for art and creativity, much nobler things.

I don't like any type of racism, even of those that seek the racism where it doesn't exist. The human being is only one, woman, man, black, white, yellow, purple... so, please, be not racists with my work or with another human beings, real or cartoon [/B]

oh i agree with you dont get me wrong i dont feel you are trying to portray racism. But for those who you cant explain this to... might be a different story... i live here near detroit, Mi in teh US.. dunno if you know our reputation..especially about race.. but its not a pretty one. Thats the only reason i thought about it.. I do like like your work and i do find it comedic and you got mad skillz my friend mad skillz.
  03 March 2004
Hey! Thanks my friend!

Here in Brasil (where I live) our population is a great mix (I myself think that I have a bit of Brazilian Indian blood running in my veins ). Oh man! We are all from the same race: human. Same number of chromosomes... same capacity, but for some reason, not the same opportunities

Thanks again buddy
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  03 March 2004

Did you do any compositing for the render or all in one way ??

How much time ?? for rendering ?

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  03 March 2004
Quote: Originally posted by Tycane
i am black myself and i didn't even notice it till jesse said it(the hunting negro thing)

Likewise, it's plugged now for the artistic quality it carries, I thought it was quite funny actually and never thought about the above until it was mentioned. Great work Antropus and I know you meant no harm.

  03 March 2004
Really fun and well done !
What does she has on her right heel an knee ? woodshards ?

  03 March 2004
Great image except for the duplication of the same guy for the busts on the wall. Unless they are sextuplets and that point is important in your film, I think you should change up the heads and put other plumbers on the wall.

It would probably help the racial confusion also if several of them where different races. But, I didn't see the issue when I first looked at it.
  03 March 2004
Wonderful work! Your theme (plumber & old lady) reminds me of a show that use to come on TV several years ago called "The Super". Eddie Murphy did the voice of the maintenance guy and it was pretty funny (IMO).

Nothing really to crit, in my eyes it's perfect!
Jeff Patton
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  03 March 2004

I think that you do good work. The facial animation you did on that guys is one of the best I have seen on this forum. I loved it.
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  03 March 2004
thanks man! I've rendered this image in about three passes for color and basic light. The first includes old lady, floor and furniture. The another pass is for the plumber heads, clock and some cockroaches. The last one is for the wall.
After, I made another 5 passes in Mental Ray, using Dirtmap shader (one for old lady alone, another for three heads, another for 2 heads, another for one head and clock etc). This 5 ambient occlusion passes were combined in one and composed over the color passes.
I think the 8 passes took me about 5 or 6 hours to render, in 3800x2590px

thanks a lot for the plug and kind words man! Yeah, I was concerned, but now I am calmer. Thanks

Straw, hehehehe

Thanks! Well buddy, like I told to Tycane before, the duplicated issue is conceptual. Try to imagine that the six heads are in fact the same and unique one
My movie has only one plumber, a funny guy, heheheh

thanks! I'm curious about the show you have mentioned. I love Eddie Murphy work!

A great honor to know that my work can inspire somebody. Many thanks my friend!
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Last edited by Antropus : 03 March 2004 at 10:54 PM.
  03 March 2004
Awesome job antropus. Great characters and textures. As far as the whole racial message is concerned...i got one thing to say..You people read wayyyyyy too much into a picture. Nice job.
  03 March 2004
Awesome work my friend !

About the Racial alagation's, think of it this way, what if he had a white head on the wall and a black lady with a rifle ..... would there be any controversy over that, i dnt think so ! I think the whole white and black issue is old news to be honest with you, i dont think its fair on Antropus after all the work he has put into this image and animation to basically be called a racist .... if tht was me i would be really quite hurt considering all the work he has put into this image

Anyway, love your work man ..... and im totally 100% behind man
  03 March 2004
Oops, it wasn't called "The Super". It was "The PJ's. What can I say, it's been a while. Here's a link I found to some show notes and pictures.
Jeff Patton
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  03 March 2004

I'll admit that I like this piece because I know/recognise your work already, but ignoring my own slant/opinion - it's damn good anyway!

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