Character/vehicle: my old Monobike revisited

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  01 January 2004

first off i love it! very much improved! im wondering how you did the hair though, are they polygons? some wires and or closeups might help me out on a game model im working on.
  01 January 2004
KWAK: Understanding the core of an argument is the first step of debate. Think about it.


The image as such is a fairly off the rack chick-pic. A well executed one, and the bike design is really nice although impractical. But, seriously, it aint the "work of art" everyone is claiming it to be. Decent composition and mostly nice modelling work (except the face which kinda looks like a mannequin. I guess Stahlberg likes the smoothness of the eastern population so I guess thats what he's going for but it lacks personlity). All in all, a well executed image. But in case of the feeling the image leaves, it has the same punch as the cover of the BMXXX game.

What I find lacking mostly is originality and action. And that little "ooompf" that makes a GREAT picture.

Stahlberg is a great 3dartist. Actually so good that he is beyond the point where people should rave just because he produces nice models. We all know he can.


My last thought here. How come it is so taboo to criticize this image? This often seems to be tha case with the plugs. I had to gather all my courage not to simply write "Great work" and instead write what I was thinking. And as I am about to press the submit button I fear angry responses.

Try to respect each others opinions wether they correspond to yours or not.

With best regards
Fighting individualism since 1977
  01 January 2004
Wow Stahlberg! That's awesome! I remember the first time I saw the top image, I was in highschool in drafting class. I was working on a floor plan of a house in autocad. I was just wishing I could be working on a human model instead of a house. Since I wasn't able to do that, I just spent the whole time at your website

As for all the other comments... if you want something that is more 'practical' or 'politically correct' then you shouldn't be on these forums, because this is for art. Art comes from the imagination, and usually our imagination comes without boundaries.

As for this girl being anywhere else, like say a bed that has been mentioned before, there wouldn't be any imagination in that, it would just be another hum-drum of rendered erotica. Now on a bike like this, it just opens up for stories, heck, there could be a million reasons she's on that bike, but only a couple if she was on a bed. So for those of you with no imagination (she's rushing to a shop to get some descent clothing or to a garage to get another wheel for her bike? come on man...) it's best that you stay away from anything with the terms 'fantasy' or 'fiction'.

Anyway, Stahlbergs #1, Stahlbergs #1, Stahlbergs #1, Stahlbergs #1
  01 January 2004
I was always under the impression that the first one was a sort of digital graphics 'legend' if you will, as I've seen it many places before, might even have it in my collection somewhere.

Anyway I like the new one much better, both are very good, great work!
  01 January 2004
thats amazing extremely sexy and beautiful. man a little bit of skin and people freak. that pose is beautiful. I forgot where but I saw another motorcycle like that in a video game or in a movie. it had 2 wheels but the rider had to take that same position. I dont know what the people who are complaining are complaining about if they dont like your art then they should not look at it, if they dont want their kids to look at it then its their job and not yours to block them from this and if they feal ofended they should lighten up and go complain to victoria's secret and fashion magazines before complaining to you.

once again amazing work the second one has a sort of final fantasy to it.
If you were touched by an Angel call the Police

I intend to live forever. So far so good
  01 January 2004
Steven, i like first picture little bit more because it doesn't "spread" viewer's attention onto two different detailed planes(bike and town), and it's creates much more impressive feeling of speed.

PS: And hairs....what happened to hairs and face?
  01 January 2004
Test of Time

I think this peice has stood the test of time! I fell in love with the original a long time ago and it is one of my wall papers on and off again. Great to see you improving it. You have a real nack for capturing the sensual aspect of the female and I love your work!
  01 January 2004
I would like to add that I agree with someone's above post about the sense of speed in the first picture makes it much more dynamic, even though the second picture has a more refined look.
  01 January 2004
Hey, good to see - like Ivyn said, that image is something of a classic, I'm glad you decided to come back to and improve it!

Now, I'm as much of a sucka for cheesecake images as tha next young man, but I've never quite understood tha whole 'thong-up-around-your-ears' thang. It's skanky enough looking in real life, but even in an illustration it still just isn't right. (shiver)

On tha flipside, I think tha new figure is a huge improvement - the lighting is much more subtle than tha original, especially on tha face and hair. Much more mature kind of image.

As for the bike, I've always loved the mono-wheel bike concept - the author Iain Banks wrote a fantastic book called Against a Dark Background where a near-intelligent mono-wheel held as much page space as any of the characters. Just that whole physics-defying attitude is inspiring. Though, no need for anti-gravity technology - all you'd need is a computer regulated axle that offset the weight of the chassis and rider against the torque applied to the wheel (the same force that makes it so easy to wheelie and go over backwards).

Design-wise, considering the smooth design of the rest of the bike, I wonder if tha upright shoulder bars are a bit clunky? Maybe they could be a bit more ergonomically considered, like a segmented set-up that moulds over the shoulders to hold the rider through impacts but releases when she needs to sit up and fire mad guns (or whatever... ) Lovin' the belt though!

Expanding the Redkid Republic - check
  01 January 2004
Yeah, I would love the concept on the bike if she could flip around while driving so that she sits up, fold down a gun from above or from the side and stear with her feet while shooting

then there would actually be a meaning to design the seatbelt like that...
  01 January 2004
I think you covered her up too much.
I like the original one more. To "fix" it, you should
have textured the bike and girl realistically.

My 2 cents.
  01 January 2004
also agree with the last post.

The first girl just screams sexy.
  01 January 2004
For me, I think the woman's position represents power. The pose is full of energy, Just like a spring wound up and ready to release. It increases the feeling of power, speed and tension which suits the subject matter very well.
  01 January 2004
Magnificent work, I agree it's sexy, one of my friends rode a crotch rocket like that once, her thong wasm't sticking out that much, but i guess that's due to the extremely arched buttocks, I ain't complaining though. Looks good.
  01 January 2004
I like the old version better
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