Character/vehicle: my old Monobike revisited

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  01 January 2004
You know, I'm impressed that your 3D work and your Photoshop stuff looks so consistent. That tells me that your control of the tools is so strong that the vision is coming through regardless of the medium.

Props man!
Francis Tsai
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  01 January 2004
um why not just make an image becasue you want to why is an of purpose a necessity. Oh and there is nothing sexist about this. In which way does it degrade the female sex, simple becasue she is in a procacitive pose? So do nude male sculpute make you feel degraded... I sincerly doubt they do. You assume to much about the content
  01 January 2004
There's a lot about the first one that I like better actually Steven... I've also viewed this image on your site a few (thousand) times.

I think your first girl fits the eroto-mobile a little better, she feels more confined by it... the second girl seems to have a sort of half-ass smiley look about her that just doesn't seem to work... but your first girl is all business... as she should be.

Put the new girl's outfit and hair on the old girl, and move the background elements over to the old picture, and you've got my vote.

Needless to say, it's all great work... if you don't agree you should be tarred and feathered.
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  01 January 2004
On the other hand Lildragon, true art awakes emotions
I must admit that this was the first picture today that made me react in an emotional way.

I just think its a shame, that a person with so many nice pictures has to make a picture that makes me think of the old half naked posters 13 year old boys used to have on their bedroomwalls.

Actually, when I look at the picture again, putting just leatherpants and high boots on her would make it so much... less porny
(And by god, it would draw the attention to that lovely backlightning she has)

Oh well, the risk of me sounding like Im nagging increases right now, so Im out off here.
Good job on the modell! The composition and choise of surroundings wasnt my piece of cake.


  01 January 2004
Looks excellent Mister Stahlberg. You've been busy

Maybe could use a windscreen. Or some kinda of slightly visible force distortion from a protection field? I'd hate to hit a beetle at that speed...


Ritchie L. Roberts
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  01 January 2004
Quote: Originally posted by lildragon
UnlikelyCorny you could've gotten your point across without singling me out. What I was referring to is that she appears to be a time cop from the future, hence the need to ride such a bike. If the thong was hidden I don't think it would've recieved such polictically correct comments. Lighten up people.


Right on lildragon. It's just art. I think that Stahlberg should be able to model a female character in a way that expresses his own interpretation of what he wants to reveal about her physical attributes. If he wanted to hide her hips, curve of her butt, the skin of her thighs, the form her breast, etc. he would have done so in the first image. The character is not showing anything private in any of the renders.
Modeling 3d objects on a 3d Beryl desktop. It's the 21st century, forreal.

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  01 January 2004
I really don't think you have any room to speak alice.

Because once I visited your website the first thing I saw (aside from the poorly drawn bird) was some Cher looking angel with unnecessary cleavage and a clear crotch shot.
Now, I hate people who use boobs to get attention but I have to give people credit for their ability to model. I've viewed his site before and he has talent. Unfortunately panties will always find their place on cgtalk.
  01 January 2004
I'm going to have to support the "Lighten up" side.

Yes, it's a scantily clad woman provocatively posed on a physics-defying motorcycle. I don't think the image was meant to be incredibly deep or realistic. As far as being cheesy futuristic pin up art, it succeeds very well.

If someone posts a cartoon animal, I don't go into the thread and complain that I wanted to see a photorealistic wildlife scene. See what I'm saying? Besides, if you don't like this, go look at the other plugged one today, it's amazing.
  01 January 2004
Okay, I'm a bit confused as to why some people would suddenly
now accuse Stahlberg of being sexist, when he is actually known
for his beautifull portrayal of the female body in his work.
'Alice', you say you would like to see this character being sexy on a bed? Stahlberg wanted to see her sexy on a bike. What is your point? Think about it for a bit. And the only reason I'm replying to your post is because Stahlberg has been such an inspiration from day one for me and my career in the digital field. Not that he needs to be defended, I believe he can do that all by himself, I'm sure
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  01 January 2004
Cool, thanks, some good feedback. It's true the background is a bit over-powering now. As for the practicality of the design, this is the future and they have (obviously) mastered anti-gravity and the use of invisible force-fields for protection.

I also like the slightly 'rounder' woman in the first version, but I was using my generic body for this, and she's more slender. Perhaps too slender, I'll see.

As for being a 'titillation shot', well duh. The image lacks believeablility? Yeah, I guess so.
But I certainly don't accept that this is degrading to women. If you want to take offense, fine, go ahead. But I'm not taking responsability for it. It's true a man in the same pose would be weird, but I can think of other poses that would show off a man's physique nicely, and I think I could design a vehicle that showcases it like this. Would an image of that be degrading to men?

And lastly, yes the bike design is mine too.

Last edited by Stahlberg : 01 January 2004 at 01:28 AM.
  01 January 2004
Quote: Originally posted by Adam
um why not just make an image becasue you want to why is an of purpose a necessity. ..........You assume to much about the content

without a purpose, well..... why bother....and my assumption lies in the lack of content...
Quote: Originally posted by lildragon
UnlikelyCorny you could've gotten your point across without singling me out. -lild

You're right lildragon, my appologies, but I missed the timecop bit.
Again, my objections are not with the thong or with the lack of political correctness, I personally would not mind a 3d beaver long as it would make an original approach to the sexual portrayal of the feminin sex. Like Alice, I won't go on about it, but I think you can't put a girl on a bike with her bare bum up in the air and than say people who question the subject should lighten up a bit. I personally think it's a good thing we do discuss mathers like this on a forum like cgtalk.

"Creativity is found in Unlikely places"

Last edited by UnlikelyCorny : 01 January 2004 at 01:53 AM.
  01 January 2004
Well, it caught my attention for sure. I like the composition of the downward angle, which adds motion and tension. I have to say this one is far better than the original cause it has mood, with lighting and nice colors. I think your use of colors have gotten better ever since you started doing digital paintings. Not pertaining to this particular image but in general, I wonder why people think fully nude is artistic and having clothing (altough very little) would be less artistic. The focus of attention is definelty pointing to her butt and lower back, which has seems to recieve the most amount of light. I would say this was done with intention. Overall, its very nice.
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  01 January 2004
I think the background of the second image can be corrected by simply cutting it off at about 1/2" above the top of the wheel. It's mostly the very pink sky that distracts from the rest of the picture. Too big an area of contrast.

It's a T&A picture, and he already said it was silly, so let's just leave it at that. Doesn't change that he has skill. Heh... if it makes anyone feel better, just imagine that the artist dressed and posed like his subject to get the feel of his emotion. You know, the way animators act out their animations.
  01 January 2004
erm... yes its true that I have my picture from the gameicon challenge her at cgtalk on my website.

Sex sells, yes, I agree on that.

I wasnt offended by the picture, but I would love it if the motorbike was more than just an excuse to show of the butt.

Personally I tend to erm... like women aswell and I believe that sex is a powertool for women aswell, so I just want to point out that I realy aint trying to raise it as a "porn issue"
  01 January 2004
I know that would never exist any ways. But is that physicaly possible. if there was to much resistance on the wheel, wouldnt the motor just flip the part shes sitting on, over the wheel, and smash her into the ground??

Nice modeling. Though i think the gun needs mor detail, or needs to go.
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