Secret Agent Entry: Am?lie Hutt

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  06 June 2009
Love the motion portrayed with the cloth. That really draws my eye into this.
I also was a little uneasy about covering the face.
Kept on looking at it and I guess it would work if there is some emotion in his(their) eyes.
But not seeing it. Maybe adding this could help get the message across.

Keep on, its coming along
  06 June 2009
Thank you.
I've hard on doing the arms. The last changes I've made now show the two faces. I think it's better. But I'm still not very happy with it, I'm working on. They look pretty sleepy by now. I'll had to change that when doing the details.
I'll upload the changes when i have enough to show.

And i'm soo bad drawing guns, that's gonna be hard. i'll try to detail it a bit for the next upload.
  06 June 2009
Work In Progress: dreaming the end

I think this is going better. Thanks to the people who helped me so far, finaly the faces showed fits well.
I did the gun, for me it's done if you guys have suggestion about it it would be better.
I started on the details, I will have a lot to do for the clothes and that will be fun.
I feel ok with my piece by now, long way of little changes from the previous steps.
  06 June 2009
I really like the colours and you have a really great idea, keep it up.
Steampunk Myths and Legends
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  06 June 2009
Great movement, excellent story, fabulous colours, gorgeous characters...Superb job
  06 June 2009
wow, Thank you, this is encouraging.
  06 June 2009
Absolute impressive!! Fantastic colours! Great characters, the girl’s face is beautiful, the position of the shoulder, the clothes. I love it. One idea: The girl holds the weapon under the man’s chin. Like if they are about to kiss but not too close.
I see them a little sleepy; the entire scene is very romantic. Maybe the guy could have an expression that say "you got me, and Im happy about it" and the expression of the girl say "you are mine, your life is in my hand" but both very subtle.

I love how the characters, the dress and the hair rotate in a spiral. Focus the attention in the centre of the frame. Amazing!

Good luck!

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  06 June 2009
cool drawing and paintings.
I really dig the style.
keep it up.
Kory Heinzen
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  06 June 2009
I like the dynamic of the two people going down instead of going up, though I could understand why you flipped the characters. You might want to tilt them a little though, so you could somewhat regain that dynamic of your original sketch for the dream idea...
  06 June 2009
A few comments, first off; there are many guns that can fire underwater, one of which is the Glock. Secondly, bullets fired underwater travel at a lower speed, but will not fragment, it's if you fire a bullet AT the water. Now, the image :P I really like the tension that was inherent in the shot of her holding his tie underwater, I think it has lost a lot of drama now. I'd really work on trying to get that back. Maybe they're fighting over the gun?
//Secret Agent Entry//
  06 June 2009
"Dreaming the end"
This is happening before the scene of my first black&white concept. This dude has to disappear, but he's over-protected. The only way to approach him is from the inside. This woman appeared arround him maybe months, maybe a year ago. She had to spent so much of her to get closer and closer, she spent her body but mostly she gave honesty, she gave her inside mind.
Now he's confident and he lets her stay close to him. But not really, he doubt. He knows she's his only weakness, she could be his own death too. This idea obsesses him that he dreams of it, he "dreams the end" when she will decides it's time to finish the story.
With this doubt he's still going, because he found something in her that allows him to end his life, and so the scene in the car happens. He's talking innocently about future with her, maybe just for the form. Just to delight himself with peaceful thinking. She turns back with 'I love you' on the face and kills him.
Nobody knows if she loved him a bit or not, if this gesture is a proof for it or against it.

Thank you all for the encouraging comments. I agree with the sleepy face and I'm not happy with the volume on his face in some place, so I'll work on that.

DreamingOfAfrica: Thank you for the extra information about the Glock and stuff, you seem to know your subject. Someone noticed for the water earlier, but the piece re-turned in its original concept of the dream so the gun is two time not a problem. I like the gesture of the tie too, it has advantage and disadvantage. I liked it because she was draging him to her, almost in a cute way. And the open posture has equal goods and bads too, to better show their face and emotion. I had to make a choice.
  06 June 2009
Hmm if your still willing to change the pose (Which you don't have to) I think having the arm in the way was a good thing.

Personally it made the eyes stand out a bit more and kind of gave a whole different feel to the picture. In my opinion I think it was more interesting seeing it all portrayed within the eyes.

I also liked it with the feet in front and what not. It really feels like she's reaching out for him. W/o the feet kinda seems like she's always been there. But maybe that's what you going for :P

Good luck though eh. I really like this, your style and concept and what not.
  06 June 2009
nice cancept
  06 June 2009
This idea is really interesting. Underwater? cool. I love that underwater look. gives loads of movement to everything in the picture.
I think my favorite part isnt just the fluidity of the cloth which looks really good btw, but the intense kinda stareing contest their haveing.
I really like this and cant wait to see it progress
  06 June 2009
shaping up nicely . Keep it up .will come back to spy more updates . he he he
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