what before ESC studio?

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Old 09 September 2010   #1
what before ESC studio?


I'm studen of architecture and I'm finishing my masters degree on June 2012. After the school I want to take a intensive VFX course at ESC studio. I started with CG one and half year ago. My first projects were architectual visualizations and right now I am playing with Zbrush and AE. All my free time I'm spending on learning cg at home.

My problem:

I'm always working on my personal projects, but sometimes I feel like I'm learning wrong things. In future I would like to apply in commercials.
So I have 2 years before I'll apply the course, and I don't want to waste these 2 years. Do anybody have any ideas like to effectively spend this time and? [any courses or projects......]
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Well, you could subscribe to DigitalTutors, they have project based video learning online, there is no way to learn wrong from them .
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Hi. It is not a problem to find good tutorial , but the issue is, what should i learn?
Should I learn Max or start now with Maya? Make static objects or start with motion graphic or rigging. I don't want from you that you will write me down all my study program for 2 years. But I only want to know some direction,which way to go at the beginning. I want to apply in commercials- do i need to know human anatomy well? Or it is only time waste for me eight now. (is it soon for dynamic systems , when i did not mastered uv layouts yet?....blabla) Thanks for reply.
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Well, if all you want to do is participate in commercials in tv, then you dont need to learn anatomy, you will need some motion graphics experience, but depends on what commercials and doing what.. if its commercials about cars for example, what would you want to do ? animate the car movement, model the car, fix all the lighting stuff or you want to make the commercial effects like particles or animated logos?
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I'm more interested in "commercial effects like particles or animated logos" , but i don't want want to throw other possibilities away.
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Well, the thing is.. that you need to specialize in something, if you want to have the opportunity to work in a large studio.. i mean you can become a generalist, but you would only get good chances to work in small studios, anyway, for particles effects and logos, well i think it'll be best to learn Adobe After effects, is easy but powerful software, and i think it'll be pretty you much'll need, if you want more, then you could try learning Cinema 4d Broadcast version, very powerful motion graphics software, plus, it can do a lot of things for you like modeling, render, and well.. its kinda like Maya but a little cheaper, just that the broadcast version will have alot more features to work with motion graphics effects and particles.

Good luck.
Old 10 October 2010   #7
Well first of all Escape courses are all Maya based apart from the Compositing course. So learning your way around maya would be good because when you start the course you will know what they are talking about, even if the course starts from the basics of Maya, you will be ahead and can learn more advance things as it is a short course. If you want to learn particles then the VFX for professional is a better choice as you learn more advance particle techniques.

The thing that I dont quite understand is what you want to do, the whole animated logo idea. If it's motion graphics you want to do then why take a VFX course at Escape since it will have nothing to do with motion graphics (2D- aftereffects and editing) unless you make a 3D logos. The VFX course is all about 3D and how to intergrate 3D into live footage.

If you want to do 3D, learning a tracking software is essential as it is used in both commercials and movies when intergrating. If you want to do modeling, hardsurface modeling is an essential starting point as and lead to organic modeling. Learning anatomy can be helpful if you have the time but you'll mainly need it for creating characters and organic modeling, if this is what you want to do.

In terms of particles, UV layout is not needed as you don't need to UV anything with particles. You only need to UV if you have a model to texture. Just start with the basics of maya dynamics (Escape teaches only maya dynamics) and when you do more advanced things you will need to know scripting and expressions in maya, depending on what you want ncloth and fur might might be worth a look. Other Softwares to learn if you want to do particles are Houdini which alot of studios use over maya and for liquids RealFlow.
Old 10 October 2010   #8
thanks guys for deep answers.
The thing is that, now I don't know which way I want to specialize. I know which basic posibilities are in CG industry. But now I can't say that I want to be modeler or I dont know. Now I enjoy to work on my personal projects.

I want to stay in 3D. Particle systems look really interesting so I will start to get in maya and than to basic particle systems and so on...

For now all the time I was spending to get better in 3DSmax. Do you think that I should keep increase my skills in it beside maya? Or work hard only with maya. Is 3dMAX used in movie or commercials industry?

Conclusion. So you recomend me to find my "dream" specializatiom and get deep in to it. I will try, and if the ESC profesionall VFX course dont get more expensive maybe I will take it.
Old 10 October 2010   #9
If you want to work in featured films, i'd suggest forgetting about 3ds max, and start mastering maya. if you wanna go video games i'd stay with 3ds max; maya is mainly used in movies n commercials .
Old 10 October 2010   #10
i'm absolutely not interested in game industry. so maya it is.
Old 10 October 2010   #11
Hi Santal,

I know it can be tough to decide what to specialise in so it's good that you're asking for some advice. If there's anything I can do to help you then just let me know. For example, I could put you in touch with one of the course tutors so that you can find out a bit more about the courses and what you should be doing to get you to the right level prior to taking one. More than happy to help out, so just give me a shout if you have any questions. Drop me an IM here or an email at ryan.visser (at) escapestudios.com. Hopefully I can help you in some way.

By the way, we do have some free Maya tutorials this month that you could use to get started: http://bit.ly/bPXESF

Thanks. Give me a shout if you need anything.

Old 10 October 2010   #12
Originally Posted by escstudios: and what you should be doing to get you to the right level prior to taking one. More than happy to help out.

I am looking if you could explain this in detail...
Like which softwares we should practice, what kind of level you expect to reach before applying, so that a student could get a job...

Old 10 October 2010   #13

Why don't you send me an email? I'm currently getting the tutors to make some recommendations for Santal, so would be happy to help you out as well


Old 10 October 2010   #14
Originally Posted by escstudios: Hey.

Why don't you send me an email? I'm currently getting the tutors to make some recommendations for Santal, so would be happy to help you out as well



hi Ryan.
Yesterday I sent you huge email. I thought that you forgot about me .
Please check your inbox. If you did not get it, I can resend you that mail.
Old 10 October 2010   #15
Hi Santal,

I've just sent you a huge email in return

Miles, our training manager, has put together a big list of advice and recommendations for you, so it should be in your inbox now. If you need any more help or advice, just let me know.


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