questions about florida schools

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Old 06 June 2009   #16
I would say do it... no matter the cost

school isnt just about learning, its more about experience, your not going to get as much by sitting in your room. Your going to meet people face to face, work on group projects and learn how to deal with other people. that is 90% of being in the industry.
Old 06 June 2009   #17
I don't know man. This is just my opinion, but yeah going to school is great and fun cause you meet people face to face and get the experience of...........well.... being in collage?......., but is that worth 4 years and $80,000 - $200,000? You think it's fine now, but 10 years down the road when your still paying off your school loans, you might not think its so fine then. Most people think "oh I will get a great job with a big studio right out of collage and pay off all my loans"....., but that's not the reality of it. I have met a lot of people at AM that came from other schools including Ringling, that wish they came to AM first because it would have saved them a lot of time and money.

As someone already said AM is the Master Class in Animation.

Also with AM you learn from working animators. Guys that are in the field working at Pixar, Dreamworks, ILM, Disney, Blue Sky etc. etc. They are giving you the inside track on the industry as well as all the tricks they have picked up over the years of working in the trentches. Not a collage teacher sitting behind a desk that while I'm sure is competent, but is not in the current industry. Not to mention you know these animators in the industry now. I have all my instructors emails to keep in touch. These guys may be giving you a job down the road.

I'm sorry I know I may sound like a fan boy of AM, well I am and I'm proud of it and for good reason. Its the best decision I ever made.

Agian this is just my opinion.

Good luck with your decision
IF it doesn't hurt, you didn't try hard enough!

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Old 07 July 2009   #18
Wow I'm surprised to be hearing anything good about FullSail's animation program. In my year at DAVE School and the 6 years after all I've heard is bad things in fact it's not uncommon for me to see people making jokes about going there. A couple of my DAVE teachers used to work there and left when DAVE was started. I keep hearing about students who graduate and then are immediately hired as teachers without ever having worked a day in the field.

In fact someone wrote an entire article about this kind of stuff:
~~Phil Nolan
3D Modeler & Texture Artist
Sculpt first, Polygons later

Old 07 July 2009   #19
If Ringling is only a few minutes drive away from you. You should go there.

Ringling is an amazing school.
Old 07 July 2009   #20
hey guys well i decided to go to Ringling school, but have few question because i am sure that somebody been in that situation. Since the school so expensive the financial aid and Stafford loans only cover like 19 thousand a year but i need 30 thousand. So my question is if you not rich how you about the other 11 thousand. And if anybody been in my situation would appreciated there opinion.
Old 07 July 2009   #21
get some loans my good friend... debt is an American past time
Old 07 July 2009   #22
Only other option is to take out private student loans.
Old 07 July 2009   #23
can you give some websites about all this private loans,
and do i have to pay these private loans later after graduation

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Old 07 July 2009   #24
Get federal loans whenever possible

There is a new law to help folks with a lot of student debt. If it is a federal loan, you can get convert your loan to a direct payment loan and pay the loan based on your income! If you have insufficient income to make the payments ,such as not being employed, the loan doesn't have to be paid during that time till your income increases. Once the loan exceeds 25 years, the remaining balance gets discharged. However, this only applies to federal loans and NOT private loans.
Old 07 July 2009   #25
well for private loans thats my last choice, is there other choices besides private loans
Old 07 July 2009   #26
Not really, some people would say army but since the school is a private school you wont get much financial aid for service. Loans are your last option. Unless if your parents pay for it.
Old 07 July 2009   #27
because stafford loan only gives so much, so basically my last option is private loans. Because i heard few bad things about private loans thats why
Old 07 July 2009   #28
talk to the school about co-ops, grants, ect... see what they can do. They are usually performance based so i hope your portfolio is up to snuff.

that being said, loans are very cheap right now and i would say about 70% of college students have some sort of debt when the get through school.
Old 07 July 2009   #29
Originally Posted by philnolan3d: In fact someone wrote an entire article about this kind of stuff:

That article has been floating around for years. That was written by some guy who slacked off through school and just coasted through. You don't just get a degree and except your school to hand you a job.

I currently go to Full Sail and will graduate this year, and while things aren't really the way they present themselves, it's still a pretty solid school. You get what you put in - if your looking for a school to just idle through the program, this isn't the school for you. If your not asking questions throughout class, getting critiques on your work or working on your own projects in your free time, it's probably not the school for you. They give you a lot of work in a short amount of time, and if your not using all the time they give you to get the most out of it, your just wasting space. They give you 2 years to get a 4 year degree; it's more of a crash course. All the classes are a month, and your expected to learn the subject and then bang out a project. That's not alot of time, and if your expecting to learn at your leasure it's not for you.

The majority of the animation teachers at this school are industry professionals, or at least have worked in the industry.
Old 07 July 2009   #30
Well be that true or not, with the full sale grads I know I still recommend DAVE over them. Since the vast majority of what I've heard about them from various people on the net and people I know is not good.
~~Phil Nolan
3D Modeler & Texture Artist
Sculpt first, Polygons later

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