Dominance War IV - Minichallenge #2 - 2D

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  05 May 2009
Alright, DarkBlueArt, glad to see you joining us as well, get ready to step up your game, as this is gonna be one hell of a ride with all the competing forums, lets ride!

yakonusuke:: any chance a animal seem to be appearing in this piece yet? it aint a pure breed for starters, and what you really see is just the shell. i'll make sure to relight the overall colors and saturation to pull more attention to the animal, you just wait =D.

i think this will be the overall color/mood that the final piece will have for now. Its time to work on the background.

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  05 May 2009

my General portrait was not entered because i forgot to enter it at gameartisan:( Dummy.
For the General I had a Ghenghis Khan like character. So i was thinking maybe an Eagle or Sabertooth. I thought a pet sabertooth would be kewl! Just got ot get the right feeling, kinda a fantasy general pitbull of masdiff. So i be doing alot doodles or scribbles and maybe a side profile like this or front profile?

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  05 May 2009

Real quick sketch to get some sought of impression what i am lookng for! um i think the frontal view is definately better. I am happy with this profile but don't think i allow the shadows to dominate, so i work from here as i do not have much time on this as alot of my free time i had was spent in the main entry.

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  05 May 2009
great to see more people entering! woot, go go go!

oh man, your joining in too? this is getting more crazier and crazier, now i gota step up my game after looking at your portfolio, love the color style!

nzrkiwi:: great start with the mood of the image, keep going or you will be over run with crazy artists on mental steroids!

quick, dodge!

certainly the other forums now have more things to fear since we now have more and more artist joining in, keep joining in guys, there is still room, for like a gazillion more, 4 days left of this nightmare! keep chuggin'
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  05 May 2009
Nice work, everyone!

Can't help but think it would be useful if they'd enable the submission page, however. So we could, like, submit...
  05 May 2009

Added some texture to skin and clothes, more contrast and a bit more saturation, a bit "overdose"-like, for a somehow comic-lookalike according the colours (not the style). This fits better to the mood of this lil' kobold.


Hey. There's still enough time to join in There must be other artists out there, who are not yet tired by the main contest of DW.


DeadInTheAttic Artworks
  05 May 2009
with all this competition, i gota step up my game and amp up my mental steroids dosage, ruijie1986 on HXSD forum is done i think( isnt he one of the 2D champion last year?anyone know??), on PELENG's 2D thread is gaining momentem, just because he can use crazy colors and make the piece amazingly good doesn't mean we can't, keep an eye on him guys, or he will zap by and take the trophy!

BaronImpossible:: i cant help but think that there is a higher being working to disrupt your entry submission , maybe its a sign telling you to increase a whole new level on your already uber piece; so that it can become a master master piece, if time allows that is, just a thought

to PELENG:: i am aware of your presence(s) lurking in this thread, just because you are speaking Russian on, don't mistaken that we don't know that you think cgsociety is a threat on the Dominance War IV:: Mini Challenge 2 , i might have lost to you on Dominance War IV:: Main Challenge with your delicious color pallettes/style, but no way in hell your taking another trophy without another fight. i am keeping an eye on your thread, should you make a move or a update, i will be there, stalking your every move.

heres my take on the crazy color level, with 3 days left, i should be able to amp up another level should the competition get more extreme with its already extreme entries all over; its a small entry, but every entry is a threat.

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  05 May 2009
BaronImpossible>> hehe, take its. Cool "pitbullfrog" Simon. )

black-kylin>> great final image!

fadingray>> wery well details

yakonusuke>> lovely colors,)

puiart>> great work


  05 May 2009
Hey guys, I don't really need to list you one by one in order to say how great you are ... everything is magnificent! Keep going!

And here is my nearly finished image.

  05 May 2009
Fernando: Thanks dude. Are you working on something to this mini challenge???

Another update.Any critic or sugestion will ve very wellcomed.

  05 May 2009
Ataulfo - Nice work so far - he looks like quite a character. But because you have done a great job at making him look like a "counselor or adviser of the General," he doesn't feel at all like a pet. He looks too intelligent to be someone's property or someone's dependent, and instead looks more like he's be the master of a pet himself.

Yakonsuke - I love the design and colors so far. Simple, but elegant! I suspect (s) would have a beautiful tail - in a way, it's a shame that the picture is cropped where it is on the left. I would suggest keeping an eye on the values: The colors are lovely, but the background green and the main purple are really similar in value. Good luck!
Michael Dashow
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  05 May 2009

The last days of war, keep on goin'!

Yakonusuke: Hope, you have found the right kick for your design, what you were searching for. The sketch and the colours were beautiful. I thought about something like a phoenix.
A flamy tail, some spectacular headfeathers, an extraordinary beak or similar things.
Out of the ash-style.

Nikolay: Cute thing, perhaps add a lil' fish or its bones within this bowl. The former inhabitant of that glass

Ravensbane: Something mythological mantikor/chimaire-like, nice idea. Perhaps bigger wings, for they look a bit like those of featherless chicken of KFC?!? And a longer tail, capable of holding the balance.

Ataulfo: Yeah, I think, Walrus is right. Your picture would fit within the first mini-contest, War General Portraits. Chosing a turtle as a wise ambassador is a good idea (slow, considerating everything properly ...), but by being humanoid (not on four legs) it seems to be everything else than a pet. I just think about a movie called "Momo", there also was a wise turtle within. Perhaps work with the attributes and the expression, while posing something more animal-like?
DeadInTheAttic Artworks

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  05 May 2009
Damn it

Everyday I want to change something. But I think, that's it ... my lenses must have become one with my eyes *rub

I like the Huckleberry Finn flair, which I added today.

But ... THAT'S IT ... isn't it?!?

DeadInTheAttic Artworks
  05 May 2009
as always IŽll have to do the whole stuff in a weekend, I had the night free yesterday and I came up with this, is some sort of dragon horse , maybe IŽll change the location of the eye, I donŽt know anyway here is the pencil line art I just scanned I only put it some light gradient to make it more colorfull, any comments let me know, IŽll be posting the final image on monday morning, see ya.

Last edited by Gyorkland : 05 May 2009 at 08:20 PM.
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