Dominance War IV - Minichallenge #2 - 2D

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  05 May 2009
Submission link doesn't work... I'm hoping they'll correct it before I forget all about it
  05 May 2009
BaronImpossible & BLack Kylin : lovely

Puiart: i meant those shadows inside beak to be almost black (at the most inner part ofc), just try it and you will see how much more depth it will give to your painting

just noticed the slime path , good idea and builds a story

DeadInTheAttic: good idea, waitin for update

my update:
  05 May 2009
fadingray - He's looking good. Nice choice of frame too. Watch the toes of the boot, though, they're very close to touching the border.
  05 May 2009
Originally Posted by BaronImpossible: Submission link doesn't work... I'm hoping they'll correct it before I forget all about it

ohhh, thanks for the submission error report, hopefully they will get it fix soon =)

wow, u guys all are about to be done, don't leave me all alone here, its all dark and scary, and stuff.

alright, scrap the mouth idea, changing it to a gem instead, with many legs grabbing onto it, i think its a lot more scare-ry-e-er this way. Think of hummingbird-butterfly-rotton egg scary, yeah, thats right .

|Blogspot|Tumblr Webfolio|DA|CGTalk|LinkedIn||Email:: Pui.Che(at)

Last edited by PuiArt : 05 May 2009 at 08:18 PM.
  05 May 2009
Hey guys, nice progress here!

I also wanna try this.
My first step:

  05 May 2009
One WiP a day


After the big contest there only seem to be a few warriors left. Nevertheless good to see some guys fighting on ^^

PuiArt: Really nice approach and cool documentation. It develops while you are working on it. And as Michael Jackson sings "You are not alone". Not everybody already has finished his illustration ^^

fadingrey: Yeah, another one picking a more servantlike pet. I like the dull looking expression on its face. But as BaronImpossible mentioned, don't stay to close to the border; keep a distance to it or the other way around, obviously cut the elements of your illustration by the border.

BaronImpossible: Nice puppy I think, you might split his tongue?!?

Yakonusuke: As always ... I like your sketches.


Here the first step in Photoshop. The "Deathclock" around its neck will be added later on.
And of course this will become much more elaborated.

DeadInTheAttic Artworks
  05 May 2009
OMG! great to see yakonusuke and DeadInTheAttic entering this contest, i aint alone no more, i aint! =D

take that fadingray, black-kylin, BaronImpossible for going mach 4 on us!

alright, heres what i got, just a quicky.

oyeah!, thats how shiny that little gem thingy is, it even lits up the frame!

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  05 May 2009

  05 May 2009

On with the show. The next steps. I will put some rusty nails in the border, detail the body of my char and so on. This time I try to create something looking more painted, though I am used to work with dozens of layers, everything as realistical as possible. Somehow I just thought about the Gummibears while working on this piece

By the way, I forgot to mention black-kylin, cool bird. The face pointing left and some darker coolers (I prefer the violet one) make it look really evil, especially with some feathers flying around.

Here my update

DeadInTheAttic Artworks
  05 May 2009
Hi everybody
So many great works i see here.
it's my pet wip.

  05 May 2009

DeadInTheAttic:: i am intrigue by your progress so far, and i would like to suggest a few alternate steps that you can/may take to make your style go even further, because currently, your texture quality and your brush quality dont quite mix so well just yet, but again, this is still in the work in progress stage, so i may have been too quick to judge, and you have my sincere apologies for being too hasty like that =).

just as how you have your art at this stage, try blending some of your brush strokes OVER the top of some of the existing textures but not at full opacity( i am assuming that you are using photoshop or similiar digital pixel base appilication in approaching this piece). this way, your texture and brush strokes will blend better but at the cost of branching off to another set of style; so do take note, this will alter your style and approach slightly if not grastically in the long term, so read on at your own risk, as this is how i usually approach my work::

1. creating the base form of the composition
2. adjust lighting
3. color pallette
4. copy and paste existing elements in the piece and REUSE them as textures, and reclapse down everything into one layer, be brave lad, as this will create a trillion level of detail over the long run, and you can call the piece 100% yours and yours alone.
5. relit the lighting so the overall composition/color palette/ quality matches.
6. add in new elements as needed to streghten the piece.
7. check overall compostion.
8. take a break, roughly 15-20 mins, come back with a fresh mind and you will find a few new idea or adjustable existing idea already on the piece that can be alter/change/rotate etc.
9. search for inspiration if runing low/dry, you'll be surprise with the amount of new techniques/lighting/approach/style/texturing/brushing/ etc that u can come up with =)
00. rinse and repeat any of these random steps at any time, again and again till you get to the quality result you like.
01. add in your own spices, and herbs, thus u will be able to season your own unique piece of raw meat =D.

again, this is not to say that this approach is a one in a galexy if not milkway approach, nor is it my alone, i am quite sure its already out there, and i find this approach very comfortable for me in approach any of my Illustration work.

once again, i am at no command in agreesively enforcing you to change your style, nor am i claiming at any base level and assumption that i am at any measurable skill sets in comparison to all of you pros ; because having texture and brush base contents unmix togeher is a distinctive style/approach in it self. This is simply a suggestion in possible branching to existing styles that can overall help streghten your overall style/approach; because for me, i am just mashing together all the awsome style/approaches that i see out there and adding my own little twist and turn here and there, thus i would believe that it would not only streghten my current skill set, but making it more and more distinctive and unique to my own approach/style.

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  05 May 2009
walrus : Thanks for your comment. I agree with you. A bit of warm color really make some different.

baronimpossible : Awesome art work!

nikolay : very cute pet!

DeadInTheAttic : interesting design!

puiart : very nice frame. i like those small leg /hand design. interesting!

fadingray : nice artwork. I like the the face's detail.

yakonusuke : nice design!

here is my final pet. just name it "Angel". Is the submit page not yet open? I can't submit now. How about you guys?

Good luck everyone!

black kylin

  05 May 2009
nice concept
CGTalk > Mini Challenges > Dominance War IV
  05 May 2009
Cools works everybody, really great concepts!!

Hey Simon, you did your painting in ArtRage?? looks really great.

Looking forward for the progress on all concepts!! Cheers!!
  05 May 2009
Thanks, PuiArt

What a response. It seems, one summary thread works better than a single thread for every user ^^
I have still not textured the body, smoothed it within the background and so on, but here's another update. As been said: at warpspeed trying to reach the end, the progress of you guys is really astonishing.

DeadInTheAttic Artworks
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