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  03 March 2009
Originally Posted by artistcg: where do i get the color palette for the demons ?! , i mean it says in the rules "Your character MUST possess your team's colors and/or your team's insignia/logo." ??
what does it mean ?!

Check the first entry in this FAQ.
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  03 March 2009
Hi, I made a mistake with my user name

This is my thread

Can I have charlesv replace by charlesvarenne

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  03 March 2009
Quote: Powerful Magical Weapon:
Powerful magical weapons are needed to aid you in your battle against all opposing forces. Your character "MUST" have a single powerful magical weapon. Weapon examples include: sword, dagger, Necklace, amulet, chopsticks, funny item, coin, closed box, slippers, belt, helmet, armor, spoon, teeth, book, eyeballs, etc. You can only have a single extremely powerful magical weapon but you are also allowed to equip your hero with additional magical gear for protection.

I'm just wondering, i'm making a clericon, and my powerful magic weapon would be a staff that can greatly enhance her healing over thousands of troops, would that work as a weapon? knowning that normally weapon is used to destroy or curse or whatever the enemy?
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  03 March 2009
Just a little question. Did the Norms just use magical Weapons or did they use Guns (MGs or MPs) too ?
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  03 March 2009
rideable Pets

I have a quick question about the Main-Challange Rules:

We are allowed to model pets for the character.
But do horses or something similar on which the character can ride on count as pets or is it restricted to make something like that?
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  03 March 2009
Hey Ktian,

The rules say:

Quote: Pets and steeds are allowed for all races.

So they are allowed - and if you are doing a 3d version, the triangle count of 10k includes the pet/steed.
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  03 March 2009
thx a lot lostpencil
Going to War ! .... Dominance War IV
  03 March 2009
I'm considering entering this time around depending on my time.

One question: For the Demon Race, does the Demon Prince have to be male? I know Prince is male and all, but seems a bit limiting if it is...

Anyway... hoping to join the battle.

  03 March 2009
hey kids

Do we have to use both the logo and the color scheme within the project?
Can we use just one or the other?

As for the colors are we allowed to incoorperate other colors into the textures or are we restricted to the red black and grey colors???
  03 March 2009
A question regarding the rules / my idea.

I am planning on creating an Invoker, an old female elf whose weapon is a time piece. Her weapon is an elaborate pocket watch with which she can summon up a magical image/hologram of a demon over her head. She carries various cogs on her belt with which she can change the shape and form of her illusion to suit any situation.

Stalker - This character has mastered the art of magic to aid his/her stealth, information gathering.’

My character is stealth; she infiltrates behind enemy lines by projecting an image of the enemy to blend in.

I imagine her walking through the landscape as this frail old lady, her suroundings appearing none eventful. However if you get too close and happen to see her from the right angle, what seem like parts of her environment combined with the projection from her watch, create this mighty illusion of her enemies.

Is this breaking the rules? They clearly state you can not combine races/characters. My character is an elderly female; however I can see how this might be seen as otherwise.

Id appreciate someone letting me know if this bends the rules too much.

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  03 March 2009
2 questions about cyborg~
It's a "comprised of living body parts fused together with mechanical additions",so could the "living body parts" be any living creatures like animals or even an organ?
It didn't mention it's size, so could it be very large as a boss-size?
thank you!
  03 March 2009

Sorry if this is at the wrong place, but I'd like to rename my thread title
Would like to switch "Gnome Invoker" to "Hedgehog Warlord"

Thank you!
  03 March 2009
Originally Posted by Octostatue: just a quick question ... What is the latest i can start a thread before the Deadline? i want to participate again but ive been very busy lately.

Disregard my last question, i thought the deadline was April 11 but i see that its "11:59 p.m Eastern Time, Monday, May 11th, 2009"

this is enough time for anyone to make something cool
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  03 March 2009
It seem to have contradiction between french version of the rules and the english one...
Quote: Your character "MUST" have a single powerful magical weapon. Weapon examples include: sword, dagger, Necklace, amulet, chopsticks, funny item, coin, closed box, slippers, belt, helmet, armor, spoon, teeth, book, eyeballs, etc.

The french one:
Quote: Les objets magiques qui « NE COMPTENT PAS » pour des armes sont : Pendentif, Amulette, Baguettes, Objets amusant, Pièce de monnaie, Boites, pantoufles, ceinture, Casque, armure, cuillère, dents, livre, globe, etc.

To translate the french sentence: objects like books, box, etc, doesn't count as "the powerful magical weapon".

I hope the english one is the good one, because I want to make the book as the weapon of my character...

Somebody know if a book, or other such objets as box, etc, could be the weapon?
What are the good rules? There are some contradiction between the rules in french and english...

EDIT: rules have been corrected. Good news. Book can be a weapon!

Last edited by IrvinDosReis : 03 March 2009 at 03:00 AM. Reason: Correction of the rules
  03 March 2009
*update* I got it figured out. For some reason it just wasn't posting from my own computer. It worked on another. My internet connection is weird.

Hi Heavyness,

I attempted multiple times since about 3 this morning to start up my thread but I just don't see it. Whenever I submit my thread it goes to a link with a blank page. Do you know why this is happening?

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