Newbie stroke and color practice

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Old 04 April 2005   #1
Newbie stroke and color practice now showing (Figure Study)

Hi all!

Ive been inspired by so many artists here 2d and 3d so i gave my butt a kick and get a wacom.
Ive been also reading theories about color and how to get the form right in 2d painting and put it to a practice here....

I trace the form from the photograph but i didnt use the color picker since i want to practice in getting my own palette....(if thats the correct way to say and do it.) And the color mix on the base of the speaker is not that good.

I place a piece of paper on top of my wacom to get the paper texture....wacom surface is way too slippery for me.

Stroke and color practice...hehehe

i hope i can get comments from the gurus from this site.

Wacom practice

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Old 04 April 2005   #2
I think you are already quite good at drawing digitally... good mixing of colors, and nice strokes for a first.
Also good color choices, and great that you are trying to pick colors manually

I like it.. do some more.. perhaps try to not trace, and leave out the "lineart" that comes when you trace. Just define the shapes only with color and shadow
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Old 04 April 2005   #3
Thank you Swoop....its an encouragement to me...
I jumped to do an update as soon as I read your reply!

Yeap there is a universe can be done about my stroke...if i were to leave the 'lineart' on, it'll be ugly....maybe i'll post it when i gets a lil' bit bettah...ehhehe
Thats y i have to put a paper over my wacom coz its like doing it on paper instead of 'skating' on the tablet with ur pen!

Here's some update....trying my hand on how far my patience can get me

Wacom practice

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Old 05 May 2005   #4
I dont know why i posted this. just ignore

Its a color practice that i did. I trying out hue, saturation and value.

And on the other pic, ive sketched out the basic colors for my composition...But how do you determine the number of values in the pic like some people have done?

Wacom practice

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Old 05 May 2005   #5
I guess i hafta start with doing it in B&W before moving to colors, as most artists here starts with.

Understanding how to get the form by playing with values before getting to hue....hehehe

O well...

Wacom practice

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Old 05 May 2005   #6
A light study with a cellphone....

Trying to get use to sketching on wacom..... loooong waaayyyy to learn.

Wacom practice

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Old 05 May 2005   #7
A tutorial from Craig Mullins sets me off....

I started with dark value....working through midtones....then higher values.....
very good exercise to eccentuate the form in 2d painting....

Still so much to learn abt colors.

Mouse.....10 minutes

Wacom practice

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Old 05 May 2005   #8
I wanna try my color toning out to i sketch and color it by refering to the original photo....but ive learned not to use the color picker.

I'll try to acquire the hues and values myself.

Well here goes....

Alot of correction on the anatomy but in the end still its two different person with two different body built. the original girl just touching gently the shoes but the sketch is really pulling her heels and she got obviously longer neck than the original...

...but im skipping that part coz this i wanna try coloring....

2B pencil on copy paper....approx 1 hour

Wacom practice

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Old 05 May 2005   #9
This is the original gal...

I love model shots coz the lighting resembles a painting so much ....a kind of composition style that i like, one properly positioned light source...accentuate the form and all.

Wacom practice

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Old 05 May 2005   #10
a thread full of my own avatar! lalalalaaaa...

posting an update tonite....
Wacom practice

Old 05 May 2005   #11
Maranello go right ahead posting, this is a forum, it's healthy to get your thoughts somewhere past the front of your own mind or you own computer. I'm fine with what you're learning and sharing with us, I'm seeing improvements. Just try to spend as much time as you feel is deserved for each study and you've got yourself in a healthy pattern developing.

Keep on going!
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Old 05 May 2005   #12
Thanks tdamcbigity! Thanks for replying and good words from you.

Yeap..Looks like im just putting my thoughts on the net thats all.'
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Some progress....painting the dark tones first......then some midtones....

I try not to follow the form n lighthing too much....since the my sketch is way off the original anyway...Im trying to learn shadow and light first...eheheh

Wacom + Photoshop + 30 minutes.
Wacom practice

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Old 05 May 2005   #13
Hi there!
I like seeing these kind of threads! I am newbie as you, keep doing your sketches and practice a lot! Use a lot of reference picture to learn the basic shape drowing technics. Keep posting!

Old 05 May 2005   #14
Ah after so long i finally got time to get back to this one.....I did a little detailing on her and i put my understanding on color and values to test....I dont want to carry too much similarities to the original photo coz i want to have my own value, palette on the painting....

Im a newbie so be easy on me....

Wacom practice

Old 05 May 2005   #15
I had some difficulties with the form and i draw some overlays as a guide not to lose the from while painting the shadows and highlight.....i spent almost two hours to get to this...

.....and thanks all and BrutalMonk for the support!
Wacom practice

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