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  04 April 2008
Work In Progress: Another bit!

This is what I wish will be definitive linework. Say hello the gecko gal again, I think it makes scene for the scene and the line of work to have many wall-crawling employees, you'll see them in the next post climbing big crates and such.

I see there's some confusion over the action between the kid and the main alien. Well, I really hope it's clearer in this close up AXEL. hehehe :D
Well I meant it to be some sort of High-five greeting, the open palm kind didn't work well because the big guy might look menacing, and the kid like merely touching the alien like he would do at the petting zoo. I think the fist greeting looks cool but I'm not sure it reads well. Obviously the alien can only give his knuckle, and that complicates the layout, not to mention It can always be mistaken for the alien trying to squish the kid, AXEL. hehehe :D
Oh, help me please with that part!! it is very tricky and I would like to get it right before diving into color, All your suggestions are most belovedly welcome.
Joy to you.
  04 April 2008

Here's the zooming
  04 April 2008
Talking Bien Gabriel!

Aaah! I get it now! hahaha! No he is a good guy now! I am not reading second intentions anymore! His and the boy's hand it's doing all the action of a good friend behaviour, and then again like they mentioned before the mom been there with the café add a better reinsurance to the whole picture!
The Gecko girl is back! yay! She’s not having any café! Why that's racist! haha just kidding my friend! It’s good to se different actions in the same set! Adds better value!

So I will say its line art already! And keep it up with color choices already! aaaah! Why is she wearing a rope is it that morning, or to emphasize the laziness of humans, and how we abuse others best? (Gecko girl it’s already dress up) that’s why I say so haha!
  04 April 2008
Hi Gabriel! Good start on the entry! At first, I didn't know that was a knuckle from a rather HUGE alien. I thought it was a head of some sort of alien creature. I've been trying to understand the features, searching for its eyes, nose and mouth. I thought the round thing at the top centre is the eye. But after reading your description, I understand it to be the hand. But yeah, its too huge. I would have love it if you make it a head instead of the hand. More emotional impact and better communication this way. But its too early to tell here.

All the best and I'll be keeping tabs on your entry!
  04 April 2008
Hey Gabriel, cool update my friend!! and like a lot the gecko girl on the scene!! ( and she have a great expresion) really cool touch for your concept. On the closeup the alien hand design looks awesome. Maybe the boy need to show his face and show he enjoy and love that "littles" aliens And can you put some crates with "Tequila" label ?? Again, great work !! Cheers my friend!! ( muy chido Gabriel, vas muy bien !! )
  04 April 2008
It's real fun to watch your new thread develop. I love your beautifully drawn characters and environment. As for making the giant look like he's being friendly and not about to squash the boy, well that is tricky, yes. The only suggestion I can make (and I'm not 100% sure this would work) would be to have the alien almost perfectly matching the boy's body pose (as much as its enormous alien anatomy would let it). That might help people see it more as a high-five between both of them, and also provide a bit of comedy to the scene. Currently, because of the giant alien's pose it does not look like a high-five and I think that's what's causing the confusion.

But like I said, I am not 100% sure that would work and don't want to waste your time
Mark David
People need nature more than nature needs people

  04 April 2008
Gabriel WONDERFUL IDEA my friend (should I say like usual ) And now I can't wait for the colors ...
" Anch'io son' pittore "

Ze Blog

Uplift Universe
Strange Behavior
  04 April 2008
Work In Progress: new canvas

tell me please if you like the new frame, I think the wide canvas is good for the scale of the image, but I'm fraid' the the highfive scene will get lost with all those big things passing on. of course I can use colors to bring that up, and I'm already on that.
you will also see some of the minor actions taking place over the crates, they're not important at all, but I wanted to show stuff going on in that area.
Thanks to everyone! I'm glad to hear of you everytime!
  04 April 2008
Yes, I definitely like it!
Wide canvas is better imo.
Looking forward to the finished piece.
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  04 April 2008

The people.
the geckos are all as asistants because what I read from the uplifted species having to pay tribute to the humans for a while but I'm thinking of ignoring that so the geckos won't feel bad about it, i don't wanna get all politically incorrect here.....
anyway heres a little zooming of it
  04 April 2008

Really nice work on this Gabriel. I just love images like this with many stories going on. They really draw you in and keep you looking for new things. Can't wait to see what you have planned for the colors.

  04 April 2008

Wow!! I'm really thankful for all the comments I receive, even more because I haven't post that often, just when I think no one is givin' squat abut me anymore some nice comment comes in.

DaVee: Glad you like the scale difference, I was dying in despair when that very simple concept came to me. I was lucky

laurentino: Cheers my good pal, glad to see you here, I worked the gexgirl's way in to the pic again, well, a tiny version of her. I like her too.

andreas-V: Thanks a lot, I really glad the hand works for you. let me know if you think the high five idea is clear enough.

AxelAlonso: Vintage colors? mmmm yeah I have to try it. my first color doodle was totally random. Yeah I miss some agree on it too.... and oh your social issue.... as I said above I planed them to be assistants to humans because of the book reference, but I think I will add some more equal opportunities for them too Oh and the lazy mom looked just sweet there and is my only way to set the time of the day at this point.

walrus: Hi Mike good to see you! Yes I have checked the colossus game but never played it (damn PS roasted days before I could get it) I'm gonna try to play some tricks to imply great proportions and distances like they did. and some big shadow blocks maybe...

Ferx: Thanks Fer, If one thing I regret is not having the guts to make em' even bigger Cheers busy! and I still consider the contents of the crates... that'd be cool!! and yes, I know about the face, what to do there?.. I'm too lazy to turn the whole pose around now

GaeasHerald: Hehehe. muchas gracias. que bueno verte aqui! I wanted to show that the kids are not just being imprudent or something. the mom served well as the definitive testament of the alien's good soul. Y' know moms

jeromoo: oh sorry I had you going through that! now I hope you see the whole pic and tell me if it gets clearer for you I added a face to face contact like the one you describe in the other side of the canvas....

mdavid: Oh man. I see your point! trouble is if that big guy rises his arm it will fill even a wider canvas I promise you I'll try that in a thumbnail to see how it works.

scala: Thanks for the visit and the comment buddy! Colors are coming real soon.

SaphireS: So glad, thank you! I think the widescreen looks better too. I'll do my best to have it done in time

Fetus23: So good you liked the little actions, I hope I find the time to add more, but the deadline is getting thigh for me, we'll see... Tanks!

But as of now I'm gonna redo the whole alien head. I just find it weirder everytime... the new one will be still weird but hopefully work better.

Thank you very much.

Last edited by SteevieWoo : 04 April 2008 at 01:18 AM.
  04 April 2008
The new updates are fantastic. I love the wide canvas and geckos climbing the walls. The funny thing is, since you widened the canvas and added the new stuff, I now think the high-five thing is working just fine. (I understand what you mean about the problems of changing the pose of the giant.)

I think the pose of the boy is so well-drawn and so clearly a high-five that the message does get through and somehow the new wider canvas seems to help. Also, I think there is now obviously so many other delightful interactions between humans and other species that the high-five feature is perhaps no longer required to be so noticeable anyway. I'm not expressing myself well here, but to sum up I will say these new updates have changed things a lot and give me a really good idea of what you were aiming for. And it's really good
Mark David
People need nature more than nature needs people

  04 April 2008

oh that's funny! I thought it would be a problem for the high five to have more things going on than before, You make me feel relieved *whew*

I'll still try to work color so the hi five gets the atention, but this is a good poit on my struggle.

Ferx added that the Kid's obscured face could be a problem, I'll try to draw him facing the viewer, but some how I don't think it will fit well, I'll let you know
  04 April 2008
Work In Progress: some flats

Nothing final at all, but I start to see a palette there,even if many colors are in the wrong place, once I get them right I will add a general shadow layer and start with the issue of the huge shadows the aliens would project, that keeps me a little nervous :D
I didn't find time to redraw the head today, but that can be done some other time before the real painting step starts. stay tunned.
Thanks and good night...

I had to edit the post to add that the right side alien has some kind of tool hanging from his hip (he should have a belt too), That's not a gun, but all of sudden it appeared tome it was a gun. When did that happen??
Rats! I hate when the drawing changes witout asking me....

Last edited by SteevieWoo : 04 April 2008 at 07:17 AM.
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