DWIII - Showcase Thread [unofficial]

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  04 April 2008
DWIII - Showcase Thread [unofficial]

CGSociety took place in the Dominance War III challenge and now with the judging in it's final stage, I would like showcase all of their hard work. CGSociety had the second most amount of people enter the challenge [next to the forum that actually hosted the challenge] and I hope, the most in the final 50.

So please take a minute and look through this thread at all their great work. Please feel free to leave a comment / critique / praise

Good job everyone!

[for CGSociety DMIII participates - if you didn't post your work, please do so at anytime]

***this has nothing to do with the DMIII submission process***
.rick | heavyness.com

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  04 April 2008

This was my first DW challenge and it will surely not be my last. It was a great challenge and it really pushed me without having a lot of formal experience in the industry. Ultimately I am happy with how it turned out. There are a lot of areas I would have changed and improved. All in all, it was awesome to be a part of something that has grown so big in such a short amount of time.

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  04 April 2008

cold beer for everyone!!
  04 April 2008
Name: Commissar
Race: Human
Class: Clericon
Artifact: Warder with a shining fragment of the Kremlin’s ruby Star
Influence: “The Light of October” (Light/Holy)

…After deceitful destruction of “The Heavenly Kremlin", only the few who escaped managed to reach reliable shelters. It was a great success to rescue 26 fragments remained from the Kremlin’s ruby Stars. In secret laboratories were made 26 Artifacts. Rescued fragments were inserted into these Artifacts. From thousand people were chosen hundreds, from hundreds tens, from tens only 26 were selected. They became these Artifacts and just they should deliver “The Light of October” into the most remote parts of a Galaxy…

Winning Pose Shot

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  04 April 2008

The concept and model sheet:

  04 April 2008

Artist: Albert Feliu
Name: Maha Kali
Race: Demon
Class: Invoker
Artifact: Void

Polycount: 8999 tris / Texture: 1x2048 color/spec/normal/glow/transparency

Beauty Render.




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  04 April 2008
Arrow chandaal

Artist - Samar Vijay
Name - Chandaal
Race - Human
Class - Warlord
Artifact - Fire Hammer

Tricount - 8998 / Maps- 1 X 2048 ( Diffuse,Specular,Normal,Opacity and Glow )

Beauty Render :-

Winning Pose :-


>>>WIP Thread<<<
Freelance 3d Artist

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  04 April 2008

To be best, play with bests.

my smears
  04 April 2008

Name - Choler
Race - Giant/Human/Beast
Class - Warlord
Artifact - Earth/Rock

Choler travels back to the age of trees and asks The Great Tree Gods to grant him with a weapon to go back into the wormhole and defeat the enemies. Upon The Gods engulfing Choler’s left eye he received two artifacts. With the powers of The Gods and knowing that The Gods are with him, he goes to war.

-[ WIP Thread ] -
  04 April 2008

His name is Shanto Man and he is an old master, very well respected and feared for a reason. The people, his kin, the Shataria was from the beginning a peaceful race, but for the past 1000's of years they've become evolved for war. If not killed in battle a Shatari could live to be very old, however records of how old a Shatari could become has been lost over the last millenias of war. At this time there is only a few elders older than Shanto Man, who as a soldier is expected to die at the average age of 32 years. Shanto Man is now as last heard, 346 years old, though rumors says hes older. His calm and patience can stress the meanest and most mindless of enemies they say. He may not be a creature of brute strength, but he will hit you where it hurts and you wont see it coming. Over the years his fysical eyesight has gotten worse, his other fysical senses stay sharp though. There is some weakness that come with age, but with age comes wisdom, wisdom that has altered his knowlage and control of magic. With this magic his mind see the world in a new light, the sights of his mind is not limited anymore through the perspective of his eyes.


DW III - Shanto Man

  04 April 2008
Thumbs up

Here's mine:

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  04 April 2008
Great idea, heavyness, thank you

Char name: Ms Van Nadmor
Race: Human
Class: Invoker

Summary: Ms Van Nadmor is a little girl that can use the power of her imagination and a magical brush to sketch and summon the creatures that live on her mind to the real world, to help her on battles against machines. The frog, called The King, is her mount and best friend. He can jump great distances, making them both safe from enemies.

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  04 April 2008
what a great ideia =]

here´s mine


Race: Dryad
Class: Stalker
Weapon : Vine Whips

Background: Eva is a stalker, she can run like wind, make herself invisible in the middle of the forest, and she can use the main power of nature, the vegetation.
&quot;Divine vine whips&quot; are her main artifact weapon, the vine cross all her body creating a sort of armor for her, very strong and light.She has a powerfull whip made of vine with poisoned spikes that can inflict a lot of damage. She can do some serious damage with strong and fast attacks, using both hands and the &quot;hair&quot; as a whip weapon too. On her back, trunks and spikes coming out, for her defense against back atacks. Shes a very strong and fast warrior.

Wip Thread:

Winning Pose

Beauty Shoot
'The things we do just to keep ourselves alive'
  04 April 2008

Name: NeeTahDav
Race: Pixie
Class: Clericon
Artifact: Titan's Star
Power: Light/Holy

Ages ago, titans fought a horrific war on the world of the Gnomes, using fearsome magical weapons. In their mad war frenzy, the titans destroyed themselves completely, leaving a devastated world in their wake... but one of the magical weapons survived.

Although for a titan, it was small enough to fit in one hand, to the Gnomes it was huge and unusable; still, having seen its great power, they decided to keep it in case a way to wield it could be found. They called it the Titan's Star.

Now, war rages again across the galaxy, and the Gnomes face a new invasion, potentially as ruinous as the last. In desperation, they contacted the far more magically skilled Pixies, whom they knew were already fighting the enemy on their world, and offered thousands of Gnome warriors and the use of the Titan's Star if in return the Pixies could find a way to actually use it.

Even though the Pixies and Gnomes had in the past suffered uneasy tolerance of each other, the Pixies, fighting a losing battle on their own world, saw that perhaps an alliance offered a sliver of hope in the face of unrelenting destruction. They sent their finest priestess, NeeTahDav, to study the device and hopefully activate its powers.

At first she made little progress. However, as message after message came in from the Pixie world, each one bringing more dire news, NeeTahDav decided that only one chance remained: to actually merge herself and two of her own magical items with the Titan's Star, to wrest control of it from inside.

And so she did - knowing all the while that she might never be able to separate herself from it once merged. While she can sense all that happens, she cannot communicate with anyone outside except by vague empathic suggestions. Non-living objects could not enter the sphere.

For their part, the Gnomes provide support, bringing the Star into battle at the forefront of their army. The Bearers of the Star, marked by their green belts, hoist the heavy (to Gnomes) device on their shoulders with poles, carrying NeeTahDav like a queen and knowing that they themselves may not survive as the awesome power of the Star is unleashed.

While she did indeed manage to take control of the Titan's Star, its power is nearly overwhelming and she constantly fights to maintain her force of will, to direct its energy to her needs. Can she gain total mastery of the Star in time to save two worlds?

WIP thread: http://forums.cgsociety.org/showthr...?f=234&t=597418
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