Shoulf I get a retina macbook pro?

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Old 03 March 2013   #61
Originally Posted by earwax69: Really? I'm googling "dell monitor with thunderbolt" and cannot find any... however I believe a USB 3 interface is pretty similar no? For exemple;

Ops, no, my bad, old and unreliable news that didn't eventuate.
Asus is correct, they have partnered with Intel and are delivering mobo, chain capable interface and monitor.
HP has since pulled out and decided to to USB3 instead, and Dell is on the fence and has delivered nothing.

As you were, Asus is really the only alternative I guess.
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Old 03 March 2013   #62
Are those usb 3 screen connected via usb 3 or DVI, using the usb3 onlye for peripherals?
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Old 03 March 2013   #63
USB3.0 is capable of the bandwidth and upstream management for it to actually drive the display, not just being a hub for peripherals with the video feed managed through DVI or display port.

HP is betting the house (well, not really) on it instead of TB by supporting it on laptops and monitors.

It's meant to be a generic interface capable of bundling and merging a lot of functionality (IE: docking stations dealing with display, ethernet etc. you can fully connect to with a single USB3.0 plug).
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Old 04 April 2013   #64
Hey guys, something new came up. I found a company that makes custom notebook and there's one for the same price of that retina macbook pro, except it has a 3 gb video card.
It is heavier but probably has better ventilation.

Im not really sure if OSX is worth the extra 2 gb video ram in this windows system.

What do you think?
Old 04 April 2013   #65
Are you going to render with GPU? if so 3gb will be helpful.

I think the strong points of the mac are more about ergonomics than power. It's thin, light and the trackpad is a joy to use compare to PC laptops. The 2-3-4 fingers gesture are well implemented.

I could have better specs for half the price from Lenovo but I'm not regretting at all the mac purchase. It's pleasant to use. End of story. I miss windows a bit though...
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Old 04 April 2013   #66
Don't GPU render in a laptop. That's a recipe for a meltdown. Anyway, the GPU hardware in laptops is too underpowered to make sense of GPU rendering anyway. It might help with Premiere Pro though.
Old 04 April 2013   #67
Alright, so that extra video RAM wouldnt help much, not even for viewport manipulation?
Old 04 April 2013   #68
Is it me or the search engine is a bit clunky? If I do a search in a folder, most of the time it's not going to find anything. The file is just in front of me, very healthy and visible, but the search engine find nada.
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Old 04 April 2013   #69
Originally Posted by technokill: Alright, so that extra video RAM wouldnt help much, not even for viewport manipulation?

Not really no.
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Old 04 April 2013   #70
Originally Posted by imashination: Not really no.

For the sake of completeness: With enough textures and/or shaders, at high enough resolution, it would.
With VP2 and DX11 stuff in Maya 2014 or Max it's actually perfectly possible to cap your VRAM.

Common for the average user? Not so much.
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Old 04 April 2013   #71
ya, and Maya 2014 has a fast texture limit cache setup for viewport 2 you can use to avoid that. Mudbox is really hard to max out now that it uses the gigatexel engine and unloads non-visible tiles. If you really want to see every full-res texture in Maya, 3GB would help but it's overkill considering you probably don't need to see that stuff until render.
Old 04 April 2013   #72
Guys, some people keep saying I shouldnt be getting a mac and Im having a hard time to decide.

They suggested I look into this lenovo workstation. The price is basically the same except it comes with a quadro K2000M and a 1920x1080 led antiglare display.

So again, how does the K2000m compare to the retina's 650m?
Old 04 April 2013   #73
ya, it should be fine. But I don't know why those people are trying to steer you away from the Mac. OS X renders faster most of the time ( ) and it's better at multitasking. I am typing this from my Windows gaming machine and I gave up trying to render in Maya and comp in Nuke at the same time on it - something my MBP can do without a problem but Windows still can't manage well with more cores at twice the clock speed.
Old 04 April 2013   #74
Well I think it's because I tell them I'll be working with 3ds max mostly FOR NOW, but Im starting some training in maya. Anyways, I'd be using bootcamp a lot.

The thing is the retina has a very nice body. It's light, thin and has the retina screen. That's what's really pulling me into it.

However, a windows laptop would have some advantages, as matte screen, the possibility to upgrade parts in the future, better cooling, less heat, no need to use bootcamp, so better performance overall. (I actually dont know how much of the overall performance is lost when using bootcamp).

And that's it, too many little details to take into account. Cant figure it out, especially since it's so much money for me.
Old 04 April 2013   #75
I think you're probably better off with a Windows machine if you're going to be using Windows. Windows is not good for retina right now so don't bother with an MBP. But what makes you think it has better cooling? I've been rendering on a unibody MBP for years and it's never had issues with heat. Apple's engineers make their machines to run full throttle, not just to look pretty.
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