Quadro 4000 with Maya 2012

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  04 April 2012
Originally Posted by realmISR: so you're saying as long as I use viewport 2.0, then I don't need a quadro?

That changes things.

Yeah, that's how things seem to be right now - from my experience at least.

In my scenes on windows 7, quadros utterly destroy geforces in polygon performance with the standard viewport. However in viewport 2, geforces seem to have the advantage.

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  04 April 2012

Ya Vp2 is basically a GL game so that's not surprising. Considering the Quadro 4000 gets the same OpenCL score as my 1.5 year old Radeon 5870, it's not really an appealing option. Kepler quadros will be appealing but screw them - luckily Radeons on OS X are stable for Maya and the next Mac Radeon should destroy my Quadro 4000 for OpenCL.

Are Max and Softimage also crippled? If Autodesk flips the switch to viewport 2 and Nvidia is actively throttling Maya on the GeForce driver, they will likely cripple vp2 once that switch is made. It could just be a bug unless it's a prob in max and softimage

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  04 April 2012

I have literally just started using VP2 since I just got maya 2012, but so far I see no reason to go back to v1...these past comments are definitely making me think I should wait to see either the new kepler quadros or something from AMD...
  04 April 2012
I heard from someone at SIGGRAPH 2011 that AMD knows about their Wondows Maya issues and are trying to improve Radeon drivers - the Mac drivers are rock solid with pro apps so it's a relief since the Mac Quadro drivers are not nearly as good.
  04 April 2012
Thanks cgbeige, much appreciated.

Could you please give me your expert input in this thread?

  04 April 2012
Originally Posted by realmISR: Thanks cgbeige, much appreciated.

Could you please give me your expert input in this thread?


I'm a Mac guy - best leave build advice to other people who know stuff about that.
  12 December 2012

I just read this thread because I was thinking about upgrading my graphics card because I want to switch back to Mac OSX Lion with using Maya 2012. I use a Mac Pro 4.1 2.26Ghz, 32GB of ram, and NVIDIA GeForce GT 120.

This year I used Maya 2012 on Bootcamp Windows 7 64-bit because it crashed all the time on Lion. But as I said I'd like to bring it back to OSX. According Autodesk there are only two cards recommended using Maya 2012 on Lion. The Nvidia Quadro 4000 and FX4800. But if I understand correctly from this thread the ATI Radeon HD 5870 does work well too, which is a lot cheaper. Would this be a fine choice for me too?

Just some more preferences, on Mac I use also Photoshop CS4 and I prefer low power usage. It would be nice too if it'd still work well with bootcamp. Please let me know if there are even more good graphics card options for Maya 2012 on Lion or Mountain Lion.

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  12 December 2012
Oops double post, I deleted it.. Please read my post above.

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  12 December 2012
Just use Mountain Lion. It works fine and I use 10.8.2 every day with Maya 2012/2013. There are bugs that have been fixed since Lion and 10.8.3 is bringing performance improvements for Maya with Nvidia cards. You have the Nehalem Mac Pro so you can use any graphics card you want but it's sort of an awkward time to upgrade since the (expensive) Quadro K5000 Mac edition comes out very soon and there will probably be a new Radeon coming out as the base option for the new Mac Pro soon-ish and that will eventually be available as a separate purchase on the Apple store. If you want to stick with Nvidia, you could probably get a Quadro 4000 Mac edition new for $500-$600. It's a low power consumption card and it will be a huge upgrade from what you have. Don't buy a PC card and hope it will work in OS X – you need a Mac version since it has EFI boot support.

And honestly, Maya doesn't crash any more in OS X than it does in Windows, in my experience. It's a crashy app and the first thing people do is think that it's a fault of the OS. I see the same crashes in Linux as I do in OS X – it's Maya, not the OS.

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  12 December 2012
Thanks a lot for the quick response : ) That helped a lot!

I'm not really aiming for the newest big cards, that Quadro K5000 is probably a bit more than I need for this computer. I'd just like a stable card that is a lot better than what I've got now. So I might just try to find that Quadro 4000 Mac card for the most reasonable amount.

You're right it crashes in Windows too now and then. I think that it is just the combination with this specific GT 120 graphics card that made Maya 2012 less stable in OSX. I think Maya should definitely support more cards on OSX. But it's good to know that with the right card Mountain Lion works well too. I really like to upgrade now... But I just checked roaringapps.com , and it unfortunately says Photoshop CS4 still has problems with it.

Anyway thanks again for the info, it's really appreciated
  12 December 2012
I haven't seen any problems with Photoshop and the Quadro. But I'm using newer versions. What did they say was the problem? I don't ever remember having any problems with PS and the Quadro 4000 Mac edition.

Also, Maya is supported in a lot of Mac Pro, iMac and MacBook Pro configs.
  12 December 2012
Good to know you found no problems with Photoshop and the Quadro. I couldn't really find alerts about that either in the web, so I guess that is save.
It was just about Mountain Lion, Photoshop CS4 seems to have problems with it. And according the list on that website many other Adobe apps aren't save either on Mountain Lion:


So I guess I'll stay on Lion for a little longer. But it is good to see Maya 2012/2013 are okayed for both Lion & Mountain Lion. So with the new card I should be fine .
  12 December 2012
Geforce GTX670 or Quadro 2000 ?

Geforce GTX670 or Quadro 2000 ?
I want to build a new workstation ,will be use for maya animation ,rendering ,effects.
I will starting with video card choose . My options are Geforce GTX670 or Quadro 2000 !
Can you tell me wich of this are better for my purpose and why ?
Genius bravo !
  12 December 2012
Nothing has changed really, if you work in viewport 2, then the gtx should work perfect for you, if you mainly work in the classic viewport, then the gtx is crippled by nvidia to not work as well as the quadro's.

Quadro's work well in the software (though they are hugely over priced imo), and are crippled for games.

If you work in maya already, you should have an idea of if you can work in viewport 2 or not (which can still be buggy), if the answer is no, then go with the quadro
  12 December 2012
These comments beg to ask if you have used any current Quadro cards.

Quadro offers acceleration in Photoshop and Maya- It's a professional card.

If you're looking for a justification to get a consumer card for pro cg work then you've already made up your mind- I used to be on this band wagon but having worked more closely the last few years with the pro media staff I realize I was wrong to a degree-

meaning, it makes sense for a hobbyist or maybe even freelance that doesn't make a whole lot

Compare it to the Wacom devices. Sure, an INTUOS will get the job done but a Cintiq is the pro/best option although both camps have valid opinions defending each
CK Pinson
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