Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: Christelle Vanessa Camprubi

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Old 08 August 2007   #1
Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: Christelle Vanessa Camprubi

Christelle Vanessa Camprubi is entered in the "Strange Behavior Challenge" update: View Challenge Page

Latest Update: Final Image: Breakin' the Snail
Krystal Camprubi
My Strange Behavior
Old 08 August 2007   #2
Concept Sketch or 3D pre-visualization: first sketches for "Elfic Rodeo"

Hi Everybody,

That’s the first time I subscribe for a CH challenge… I apologize also that I come a bit late. I hope that will be ok, anyway.

I had a quick look on what you are doing, guys, and the level seems to me very high! I don’t know if I will be able to produce something that good, but I enjoy sharing the work in process with you.

Before to add any comment or sketches, I just would like to underline a little detail (but which is really important to me).
When fulfilling my file for the subscription, they asked “my real name”… I put what I have on my official paper, but you have to know that it is not the name that my parents, friends, teachers, are giving to me. Even the administration, university, and so on. I am actually “Christelle” only for customs when I travel, cause it’s written like that on my passport. The fact is that in France, in the time I was born, you couldn’t give the name you want to your children, but pick up on a formal list. My parents wanted to call me “krystal” but they was not allowed to, and so they picked the name which was the closest to it.
So, knowing that, please, please, … call me Krystal !  (by the way, if somebody from the management can update that on my post….I would be grateful !)

Well, now that I’m done with that, let’s begin!
When I subscribed to CGtalk, I first didn’t really pay attention to the challenges. Then, I discovered Dehong Hee and his marvellous painting, thanks to Imagine FX. I started to have a look on the challenges threads…
At the very beginning, I had absolutely no idea about the theme “strange behaviour”. And to be honest, I didn’t even thing about it, because I wasn’t expecting to participate so early.

Then, I remember an strange idea I had once: I used to paint faeries when I started as an illustrator, I though about a strange elfic rodeo on a snail.
For I usually doesn’t paint humoristic stuff, I just kept the idea and first sketches somewhere and forgot about it.
As I remembered this yesterday, I decided to try to challenge with that theme.

The first sketches are done in 5 minutes in my sketch book. At this stage, I didn’t really matter if it was all right or wrong. I see a lot of mistakes but I just wanted to fix the idea and to find the general move in the picture. I made around 5 pictures like this, but here are my two favourite moves. Even if the first one (on the left) is a bit more vivid, I rather like the position of the women on the second one. So I chose this one to go further.

Finding snails is not too difficult, especially when you live in the country side. I just had to go out and pick up some in a little box, for the purpose of the class. I will release them every evening and pick up some new the day after; That way, I can observe their move and details. I have never done something that funny before! So I sketched the first snail to find the tones of the picture. I wanted something discreet enough with the very green background. The big red snails aren’t really the good hue so I chose my colors in making that snail’s study.

Here is a first try with the whole picture. I wanted a lush grass pictured from a very close sight. Then I made some studies about what the face could look like.
I really hesitate between the two styles… The first one has a more “Quaker look” but the other one a more “imp look”…
Anyway, I’m not satisfied with the move of the girl… So I tried this other picture, which looks better to my taste. It is still very loose but I find it more natural. The question remaining is: do I put her a Stetson Hat or not? I think I prefer not to… the hat could hide a part of her face and beside, she will have enough “western” symbolism on her garment….

I am now going to make a couple of studies of her face, in that position, and when I will be satisfied with her face (with hat or not!), I will start to push a bit the picture….
Krystal Camprubi
My Strange Behavior
Old 08 August 2007   #3
Nice story about you Krystal !

Your sketches are great and the "little things" I saw in your portfolio let me say that you can do great things in this challenge !
Keep the faith, now you are in !
Show us your art and welcome !
Old 08 August 2007   #4
great story and cketch too.
good luck.
Beauty is in the Details.

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Old 08 August 2007   #5
Amazing Artwork ! Can´t wait to see more .

Robberto Fernandez
Old 08 August 2007   #6
Yep great story and artwork indeed.Nice sketches!Good luck Kristal!cheers
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Old 08 August 2007   #7
Welcome aboad, Krystal. I don't think you have to fear not being able to reach the high quality of this competition, for what I see from your sketches and portfolio shows a lot of promises. You really seem like a dedicated person and quite frankly, it's the first time I hear of someone going outdoor searching for real snails to study them more closely. But thats a great example of commitment and it just makes me want to see more of your work. Good luck!
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Old 08 August 2007   #8
Thank you so much guys, for your nice appreciations! That makes me more confident...

I justed submit a new entry for an enlightenment's study... but I don't see it in the thread... For it is my first time in such a challenge, I'm not sure to understand well how the attachments are working... If I don't see any updates in the next minutes, I will try to fix that ! See you very soon...
Krystal Camprubi
My Strange Behavior
Old 08 August 2007   #9
Great concept! I look forward to seeing this completed! Maybe your farie and my worm can go on rodeo adventures togther! Yours by land and mine by sea!

Old 08 August 2007   #10
Great start Krystal!!

Love the sketches and good to see you are getting the snail reference from life

I really like the concept and the character expressions really make it work. Glad you have joined the world of the CG Talk challenges and best of luck
My B-Movie Entry
Old 08 August 2007   #11
Great Sketch Kristal! I will stay tuned on this thread!!
Old 08 August 2007   #12
Thumbs up

Hi Krystal, great concept this is going to look sweet on a poster.

Can't wait for an update.
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Old 08 August 2007   #13
Good sktech, i like the face of the woman, and the movement of the scene is great good job
Old 08 August 2007   #14
Concept Sketch or 3D pre-visualization: enlightenment - face study

Well… Last time, I change the position of the girl. So the studies for the face had to be updated as well… After some tries, I felt OK with the “physic aspect” of the girl. But the enlightenment was very casual and not so interesting. So I made those two studies with different light. The third one is probably the most real in that context. But I can help preferring the second one, which is more dramatic…
Krystal Camprubi
My Strange Behavior
Old 08 August 2007   #15
Greeeaat ! This time, I managed to updated ! (yesterday I couldn't... :-| ). So I let a new work to thanks everybody for the kind posts ! I must switch of my computer (a meeting right now) but I'm going to go and see your thread, guys... The story of the worm (I didn't see yet) makes me very curious, though...
Krystal Camprubi
My Strange Behavior
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