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Old 09-11-2007, 02:58 PM   #46
3D Artist
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Y.Soner Yurtseven
Istanbul, Turkey
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Hi Alon, exciting concept and the application is very well done especially mimics are superp.
I'm watching the progress impatiently. Cheers!
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Alon Chou
freelancer, illustrator
Taipei, Taiwan
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Concept Sketch or 3D pre-visualization: change the king and servant

Hey guys:

I let the king's face more shock and his eyes more big, not so anger as before,because that's happened in a very short time, at that moment I think he should be shock at the first, and that will be more funny.

and I add some scar on his face to make him not only anticly but also horrible, it have to let viewer feel that the most worst thing is happening.

I also alter the servant's face and pose, the face is more like the first one before, but more exaggerate than that. thank you mate!
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miko nok
mattepainter, illustrator, concept artist
naku, Oman
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Thumbs up hi

This is realy excellent, great facial and body expressions.
Only one thing bothers me, what is servats hand doing above kings head, because glass is in front of servant?

Waithing for next update


Old 09-11-2007, 05:53 PM   #49
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Alon Chou
freelancer, illustrator
Taipei, Taiwan
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the servant want to pour wine for the king, king hold a cup for that, but the goddess make fun
of him, raising the servant's hand to pour wine on the king's head.
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I used too many monkeys
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Michael Dashow
Art Director / Illustrator
Oakland, USA
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Alon - This is by far the funniest expression for the king so far. I laughed out loud when I saw it! The only thing I would worry about is that the now the kind is less threatening. He's more silly, less fearsome, and I find I'm not as worried about the fate of the servant the way I was in the first try. How do the other servants' shock work with this new face of the king's? We can't see them here.

I think the first pose (your post #24 & #25) was the best so far at conveying anger and threateningness, but it was a bit unrealistically stiff. In those earlier posts, he had something in his hand, a scepter or staff. What if you added something like that back in? He looks like a warrior-king... A giant sword in his hand could help him look menacing again, even with that shocked expression on his face. Anyhow, just an idea... I'm really enjoying watching your iterations on this! Good luck!
Michael Dashow
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Lord of the posts
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Tiziano Baracchi
Sona, Italy
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It is true that the king looks less fearsome in this specific moment, but who knows what could be in a minute's time? Their expressions are all magnificent, love both the king's shock and the goddess playfulness, and the servant's expression is perfect, IMO for someone who doesn't understand why his own hand is acting strangely.

In short... I love it and will definitely stay suscribed to your thread.
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Old 09-11-2007, 08:15 PM   #52
Mathias Kollros
Student, Freelance Artist
University of Art
Linz, Austria
Join Date: Aug 2007
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every facial expression you created here is awesome, I think you have done something like a timeline; every piece shows a part of the few seconds it takes to pour the wine over the kings head
the last pic shows the very first moment, but your first version shows the king at the end of the process, when he`s really pissed of and crunches the cup because of his anger...that`s the coolest moment I think
hope you know what I mean, can`t describe it better^^
Old 09-12-2007, 06:45 AM   #53
AlonChou's Avatar
Alon Chou
freelancer, illustrator
Taipei, Taiwan
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Hi mate! thank you for all your comment!

I am glad that you laughed out loud of my work this time, concerning the kind is less threatening, it was really bother me, but I think his fearsome can be expression by other way, as you said just like put a sword beside him or other things, maybe the other servant's facail expression or pose will tell about how fearsome is this situation,even thiugh that's not easy, but I will try again. anyway if the pic will make people laughed and feel funny that's important for me.

I think you are right, who knows what could be in a minute's time? before, I want him very anger, but considerate funny and at the first moment, I make him more shock, and thank you for you like all their expression, I realy do many effort for make them more lifelike, thanks Thaldir!

sure, I know what you mean! thank you for you mention about the "timeline",
and I will take more time to think over that.
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Old School
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Marlon Kromodikoro
Concept / Production design Artist / Freelance Illustrator
Vanguard Games
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Alon, maybe make the left eye smaller and looking more angry. The eyes are both the same size. Maybe this helps making the King more fearsome. A sword would help too, or a mummyfied chopped off head at his feet... heheh
Old 09-12-2007, 03:35 PM   #55
bratty poo-poo
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Kulbongkot Chutaprutikorn
freelance digital artist
Singapore, Singapore
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I'm absolutely IN LOVE with the facial expression and the movement! i will look through the thread more thoroughly later,
Old 09-12-2007, 07:55 PM   #56
It is me!!
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celine bellon
Up Above Designs/freelance
Denver, USA
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I think the servants expression is perfect! The kings is getting there I would agree that it should look a bit more angry. I would do what Art2 suggested about making the one eye smaller then the other as in closed more like he has a and maybe he could be crushing the glass in his hand as this is happening? That way he still has a look of shock but also anger.

Other then that perfect!
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Assassin droid
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Jason Gardiner
3D artist
Melbourne, Australia
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I think the facial expression are just right and to me it seems that the poor servant, is bound for a world of pain once his master recovers from the initial shock. Great work so far.
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Derek Tokarzewski
Schaumburg, USA
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Hi Alon, I must say badass. One thing with timing,have the drink end the flowing on his cheek. Other than that awesome. Her being a ghost vs human makes things more interesting.
Good luck.
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Dago Fernandez
Peña Blanca, Honduras
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Superb !!! that's an excelent piece of work...
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Fernando Porcel
Mexico City, Mexico
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Hey Alon, hahahahahahahahahahah, great expression mate, really fantastic!! I think that is a cool comedy touch, and the strange behavior was mainteined perfectly, really great!!
Awesome work like always!! Cheers!!
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