Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: David Harrington

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Old 08 August 2007   #16
OKMER: thanks for stopping by. All the best gentlemen about town wear craniometers now - it is de rigeur

Frotze: thanks for your comments and acting as my yardstick You are right, an average viewer wouldn't probably have been able to tell exactly what is going on without researching outside the picture. I'm hoping the drawing will make the story clear(er), or at least intrigue someone.
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Old 09 September 2007   #17
Concept Sketch or 3D pre-visualization: The Choleric Physiognomist

I've changed the action to make it clearer he is cutting off his nose. With a knife the guy may have looked like he was just having a shave or cutting a wart off. With the snips I don't think there should be much confusion. I don't know if there were snips like these in the late 1700s, but they did have similar design hedge clippers, so as he is a man of books he could have commisioned them specially.

I've also added the picture/diagram on the table to reinforce the action and show it is pre-meditated. I wanted it there for explanation, but hopefully it isn't too in your face and explicitly explanatory.

Now I am close to the final composition and main lighting, it is time to get on with proper modelling and texturing. The man's face will have clenched eyes in anticipation of the impending pain and will not be so passive.
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Old 09 September 2007   #18
Hahaa, I like this new point of view
Great separation of the noise with that device... strangeeee behaviour...
Old 09 September 2007   #19
I like the direction you've taken, the snips really make the action clearer. Will you start modeling directly in this pose, or do you plan to do the usual T-pose first?
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Old 09 September 2007   #20
Oh! I love what you are doing here! Very strong composition and lighting and quite thought provoking. Certainly funny and strange.

One thing that bothers me slightly is the shadow that is being cast onto his left elbow. It creates the illusion that his left forearm has been severed. Perhaps he has other physical hangups besides his nose?
Old 09 September 2007   #21
that`s really an interesting piece, I`ve seen the earlier versions but this new one is really cool
the character is great and also the silhouette idea is nice
because of the tools he`s using I wouldn`t mind if they were more fantastical, like the stuff Johnny Depp used in "Sleepy Hollow"...I mean a design that looks more complicate than usefull^^
keep on going man
Old 09 September 2007   #22
ouch! this dude is crazy ..... cool illustration man!
Old 09 September 2007   #23
dubbilan: thanks man. It's funny, until you said it I hadn't really noticed that the tip of the nose is isolated and highlighted by shadow - lucky chance

Frotze: thanks for popping in again. I'm glad the action seems clearer - in the little time I have I have been struggling with the fundamentals of making the story more obvious but feel I can make headway now. I'm going to model in this pose - given the acute bends in the arms, the folds in the coat will be deep and there is no way I could get it looking right with rigging/weighting alone. Luckily this pose is symmetrical and because you will see the outside of one arm and the inside of the other, I can get away with sculpting just one side - as I said in your post, I am looking for every shortcut I can - my spare time is becoming less and less and this picture is moving along at a very slow rate.

Paul4wood: thanks and you are right - that is one ugly shadow - it comes from the top of the candle stick. There should be a bit of bounced light around there to wash it out so if I have time to set up more sophisticated lighting it will hopefully deal to it, otherwise I'll paint it out in post. Hopefully the folds in the coat in that area will also break it up a bit.

guterrez: thanks - he sure ain't having no teaparty (though I had thought of including a laudenum bottle, or maybe a glass of brandy). More fantastical machines could be fun, but I am a bit afraid of going that route. I did try to have the proper craniometer that sits in the ears as per the reference, but the extra lines and dark shadows seemed to fracture the image too much, especially around his head. I guess I would also like to keep a strong foothold in reality - cutting off his nose is an irrational action based on a supposedly rational 'scientific' system, so I am contrasting the extreme nature of cutting of his nose against a mundane and practical backdrop - I hope the action stands out more this way. It's funny - in a way it is the opposite of your picture, where an everyday action (the teaparty) is occurring in a fantastical world and that contrast makes it strange

Jassar: thanks man. He is crazy and pretty soon he is also going to be mad - but then, he is choleric
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Old 09 September 2007   #24
So he is cutting off his nose to spite his face?
Old 09 September 2007   #25
Line Art or Model: The Choleric Physiognomist: Modelling

I've modelled the clothes and played about with some shaders. Hopefully I can finish the modelling tomorrow and start texturing. This picture hasn't been retouched at all. In the final I will fade out the parts around the legs and bottom of the table.
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Old 10 October 2007   #26
Line Art or Model: The Choleric Physiognomist: Chugging away

I've been continuing to refine the modelling (hands finally) and started texturing and tweaking of materials. The head isn't completed yet and at the end when I bump up the poly count I'll do a final sweep to remove the perfectly straight edges and smooth surfaces for most objects. I'm not entirely happy with the diagram and may try the head as just an outline. Most things need bump and spec maps too and I will probably add some lights to fill out some of the forms better, especially as all materials have had the ambient taken to zero to give the dark shadows.
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Old 10 October 2007   #27
Erg, the image is looking quite different on my laptop monitor compared to my PC. On my PC the shadows go to black and the colours are rich (you aren't meant to see anything much below the level of the table). I don't trust either, so I'll really need to sort this out before the final image is done.
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Old 10 October 2007   #28
great progress, the colors are very moody
Old 10 October 2007   #29
I like the mood you have created. The dramatic lighting really adds to the horrorscenario you have depicted. Are you gonna give him a certain look on his face by the way? wide open eyes or something which reflects his 'madness'? He looks quite calm now, considering the fact he's gonna mutilate himself within a few seconds. Which is cool as well, in a way. Makes it even more psycho I guess.

Old 10 October 2007   #30
I find your creation interesting and being able to express the human
madness fully, I also like the light and his atmosphere.
If you to be able at final to remove the effect 3d and to bring back naturalness
your image will be large, good courage.
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