Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: neville dsouza

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Old 07 July 2007   #31
Line Art or Model: more shading and elements

hey people!

another update .. this time added a inner suit thingy, chrome joints, more contrast on the forearms ... and hey! .. she's getting her facial mask :D hehe

cheers! :P
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Old 07 July 2007   #32
Hi Neville its good to see you again my friend! the best luck to you
Old 07 July 2007   #33
mmm, interesting update, but bro where is her face? We want to se her pretty face!!! ;)
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Old 07 July 2007   #34
hey mate, cool design. you very fast, dude you have time for this challange. ^^
good look.
Old 07 July 2007   #35
Hi Neville,

Here you are! And with a great start!
That's a nice pose, beautiful lines, very feminine - and funny
I liked your first idea too, actually. May be because it's a bit closer to me...

It's great to see you here again, my friend! Good luck!

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Old 07 July 2007   #36
looking great nev... jut one thing... to emulate the shoulder ball joint maybe you should make it just a little bigger or maybe push it a little inwards on the left side of the image... right now i think it seperates the arm a little too much from the main body... maybe its just me...

keep it up
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Old 07 July 2007   #37
Hey Neville, interesting progression!
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Old 07 July 2007   #38

icedeyes ~ hey bro! glad to c u again! :P yup .. i'll get on it and c what i can do ... thanx for your comments mate .. me need em! good luck to u as always!

Greatto ~ Timur! ma man! :P surely! da feeling is mutual .. really happy to meet ya once again! :P hehe .. yup .. soon enough shes gonna get a pretty basic facial look ... maybe her eyes will be digital or smthin .. dont kno for sure .. but that thought is there .. lets c what happens! more update soon take care bro! enjoy! :P

bandro ~ holy cow! dude ... its been soooo long! wonderful to meet u again! do join us bro .. just like old times! .. this is gonna be fun till the end! thanx a lot for ur wishes my friend! hope to see u again! cheers to u!

zweiDee ~ hehehe thanx a lot mate! yup .. i think i gotta slow down .. looks like im still in that 'EON' challenge mode .. :P hehe .. good luck to u my friend! stay tuned ...

musi ~ wow wow wow! da family is re-uniting! very happy to c u again my friend! your wishes always carry a lot of love and support! just what the doc ordered! hope u join us mate ... let history repeat itself! :grin: god bless ya mate!

~ great to see u once again my friend! :P thanx for your comment! :P
.. vision is the art of seeing things invisible.
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Old 07 July 2007   #39
Yep,yep, yep bro!!!
Me just watching, liking and then waiting for the next step!hehe!
She look's quit muscled.Me want too see her face too!hahaha.Looking cool the sketch you did on the mask.
And with da nice & clean Neville final render, I'm sure this is gonna rock BB!
Me looking forward to your next steps
Take care Bro!
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Old 07 July 2007   #40
Thumbs up

I like that hawt android. Very nice contour, I will agree that I missed some expression in the android to see better that madness that happen in those circuits, that made her be “fashionista”. very nice start. Have fun and hope to see more soon!

Old 07 July 2007   #41
mmmm yoummie I must say quite interesting project

Hi there my friend! Great you're in, will try to support you as much as I can now I'l leaving for some vacation, but will be back soon.

good luck!
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Old 07 July 2007   #42

OKMER ~ hehehehe thanx a million bro! really need the encouragement hehe .. yep .. shes quite a muscled gal ... but once i add the textures n all .. it wont be so noticeable ...

coolio ... i think i'll try workin on her face ... ( initially i thought to leave her face just like that ... with the cover on .. it would be pretty glossy hiding her mysterious face :P )

lets what turns out ...

thanx a lot ma man! u ma lucky charm for life!
good luck to u too!

AxelAlonso ~ thanx a lot my friend! :P .. hehe .. yup .. i agree with you totally! .. there will be a slight change in the story .. while working on the concept and later with all the shades and lighting n all ... i thought to myself .. this is turning out to be a personal thing for her .. ( an android with feelings?? ) thats going to be the catch .. which will leave the audience at the fashion show in super shock!! how can this be possible ?? how can she do this?? why did she do this?? .. these are the trademark questions which everyone is goin nuts about :P ...

hehe .. i revealed a little about her iconic moment .. lets c whats next

thanx again for your comment! will need it again!

good luck to u as well! cheers!

arturro ~ hahahahahahaha great to c u again bro! really missed you guys! but now we're back once again! yipeeeeeeeee! me there for u too! as always! .. enjoy your vacation bro! wishing u a safe and happy journey! come back as soon as possible! take care bro, god bless ya! and good luck to u too!

thanx again u guys! very happy to be with u all n now back to funnies! :P
.. vision is the art of seeing things invisible.
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Old 07 July 2007   #43
HO ho ho Neville!!!

It's great to see you in. Interesting Idea.

I hope you'll show us all something really special.

Old 07 July 2007   #44

Originally Posted by Demitsuri: HO ho ho Neville!!!

It's great to see you in. Interesting Idea.

I hope you'll show us all something really special.


hellloooo my friend!!! :P very very happy to c u too! this keeps getting better n better yup yup .. surely .. just a takes on shading ... elements ... round 2 will be colouring ... i will be posting techniques n stuff :P stay tuned buddy!

take care! n good luck as always!
.. vision is the art of seeing things invisible.
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Old 07 July 2007   #45
exellent idea! Now the robots r stilling our beauty shows as well I'd love to see that execution under ur hands, the pose is great already and rendering has begun. Maybe let "her" have some neck, right now its quite without it.. maybe u can also put her head behind the hand and keep it a bit misterious. Just a thought great work so far, keep it coming!
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