Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: Axel Alonso

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  07 July 2007
Hi Axel! I really like your concept witht the little monster tugging at the puppy! That'll look really cute! Keep up the great work!!
Imaginism studios
  07 July 2007
Wink Concept Sketch or 3D pre-visualization: evil sells anything?

This new strange behavior its a sketch of my idea of a big illustration in witch the characters will be separated in 3 parts , the main one will be my vampire-then this with the Witch and then the other with the were wolf and the skeleton girl (and some bg characters). The reason I am sticking with the summer for monsters Idea its because, When I used to be goth. And evil,( 1 of my many phases ) we moved to live to Cancun, as you can imagine, I was devastated about not having my perfect ďLondonĒ weather, and since there I start to adapt better to other weathers haha! So I think on that every time I see a dark drawings and characters witch I love, I think what will happen for all those poor evil souls, when itís not dark or grayish? This is the reason, of my decision in taking this monsters, out side of their natural habitat and there fore behaviors.

Please let me know what you think of the idea?

Btw-I donít like this perspective but I have to make graphic my idea, to know your opinion....Thanks :) before going into composition ideas!...:)

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  07 July 2007
Bruja-Thanks a lot! I give it a change to the witch. Letís see if this make her a bit more approachable for the challenge

Rishikesh-Thank you, I will keep the werewolf and the sk.girl, because looks promising to the idea of the challenge. And having good feed back always helps, thanks!

Neville-I will guive my best to put a good show hehe, thanks for the support

Uldison-I will post some other sketches about the werewolf and his friend, and let's hope you find them appealing.

Kei- Thanks so much, I was so exited that you were taking time for feed back, I will keep the little monster thatís the next sketch, I am only iffy about the cat with him or with the witch running in the ocean. witch its weird also I think?
  07 July 2007
Hello Axel,
I almost pee my pants!!! Your devil selling crosses is just Ö priceless. And in a more serious tone, your idea sounds very good. Keep the good work.
Strange Behavior
  07 July 2007
Very nice characters and sketches!

__________________________________________________ ___ Vampires death
Strange Behavior
  07 July 2007
Nice start here! I'm not sure which direction you're going, though; after all these different concept drawings. Are you going for just a certain couple, or in the end will there be all these things on the beach at once in a huge wide-shot? (you do have 117'ish days to do it ) Also, will this be a painting or in 3d?

Suggestion-wise, I have only one at the moment -- Make the kitten gray, and maybe one-eyed or something just to make it look jacked-up. The reason I suggest this is that in Shakespeare's MacBeth, one of the three witches who drive the story is attended to by a cat named Greymalkin. A literary reference is a great way to add weight to an image; anyone familiar with the reference can connect the two and that brings all these subtexts and allusions to the party.

Good luck with your work! I'll be keeping an eye out for it
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  07 July 2007
Hey thanks for hitting my page and leaving a note!
Seeing your post made me wonder why i didn't play around more before I really started, but on well it's a little late for that.. hahha i guess i want to make the monday deadline for that exotique thing..

oh well anyhow, keep those ideas flowing!!! I'm sure it'll be interesting to see how this is gonna evolve! btw i think they're hilarious... hahaha
Strange Behavior - my first contest!
kinginmotion - My forever temporary website out of school... haha
  07 July 2007
Hi Axel, you've done a lot of work, man. And a very nice one :-)
I like the idea and the characters concept. My two cents are that I think a tropical landscape must heve a most brilliant/blue sky.
  07 July 2007
Hey Axel,

You have got some fantasy there! I am wondering which direction you will choose to go...
Good luck! Looking forward for an update!

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  07 July 2007
Quoted !

They are absolutely cute !

  07 July 2007
Concept Sketch or 3D pre-visualization: Whoís looking who?

Itís a doodle for an idea I had, when I used to work in an Aquarium..
Soo I will keep with my monsters but I still think I t was fun to have here..
  07 July 2007

Thanks a lot for all the feed back. Every one of you, are awesome artists.

Uldison- Thanks a lot for the funny note, I just have to play with the devil, and push his behavior limits, as he does with us, sometimes as well.!

Carlos- Thank you, I will add more funny things and hope you like them!

Chris- I will put all the monsterís teams in the beach in one illustration, since itís a challenge and we have time. And it will be 2D because I have no patience what so ever for 3d software. I am a bit old school, and having a tablet itís already to tech for me!! hahaÖ For the cats reference I love your suggestion, I definitely love history weight composition on any illustrations, and I will put my brain to think witch way to approach that design. I had on my mind, a half zombie cat I will post it and letís see what you think? Because I am going towards a very cartoonist but yet detailed style for my illustration so thatís why I am taking time on playing around for the characters ideas.

King- hey thanks a lot! For the support as well we are practically neighborís haha, and yes I will keep posting , because I have so many darn ideas, that its one of my problems, make up my own mind on what to pick. maybe its why I am doing a beach lots of characters.

Giovanny- I am thankful that you like the ideas, because I want to make some laughs (good ones) about my finished idea. The sky will be for sure blue and bright so its more rare in contrast with those strange skin colors of my monstersÖand besides itís going to be clear sand and a Caribbeanís turquoise ocean. will post that more detailed later.

Alexandra-yes fantasy its my real way to live..ha ha ha..So I will pick the direction on the funny and strange, as also cute for some reason, maybe it is part of the strange for me? About the direction will be very stylized not to photorealistic besides the environments, since I like fantasy that way.

Serena- I am glad you liked, hope you like the next ideas, and have a good funny time.
  07 July 2007
Hey axel,

I like the werewolf and the girl; the werewolf seem to be excited at something the girl is doing. It's really quite strange. haha, btw nice concepts, it's expected from the dark artist axel alonso. Good Luck!

Best Wishes,
VFX Artist + Web Developer
  07 July 2007
That's possibly the cutest jellyfish I ever saw. The aquarium's deifinitely a great place for inspiration; I used to work at one too. Shame I was stuck outside selling tickets

I would suggest you start roughing out ideas of the full picture; nothing too detailed, scribbles would do. It would just help you out to see these ideas all brought together to figure out how it'll all work in the end. You might even get new ideas for how they might interact with each other.

Thanks for the comments on my WIPs, by the way
FXWARS #20: Daleks In Charlotte
  07 July 2007
Soooo, since i got the invitation to your galery i've been looking for your entry, but i still get lost in this enormous site, thanks by the way.

You know, i find the red devil selling crucifixes really hilarious, but i liked the hot witch better than the fat one (i wonder why). I think if you really meke her aclasic pinup style she shoul be alitlttle less thin and with a cute expresion , that would look weird in a witch, i think, and that is good...

that little octopus thing it's really funny!!

keep the good work!
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