Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: Michael Dashow

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Old 07 July 2007   #61
This last one is fantastic, Mike! whish I had the idea first

Definitely hoping you'll go with this one, the sketches are a riot alteady.
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Old 07 July 2007   #62
Concept Sketch or 3D pre-visualization: some landscape layouts

Zane - Interesting concept... So the "strange behaviour" actually predates these characters and goes back to the previous generation, where one of these elves' parents preordained that he would be a social outcast by saddling him with such an un-Elvish name like Henry? Huh, I hadn't thought of that.

Anyhow, as you can see, I've given poshspice's suggestion a try, and to great effect. Thanks, Aly! I think these do rather work better as a landscape.

Llynna - I've also given your try a shot too, as you can see in the bottom image. I like the perspective and proportions more in the lower one, but the table is getting a bit crowded, and having a girl theremaybe lessens some of the tension/excitement/what-have-you with 3 other girls walking by, so I'm not sure what I think about keeping her at the table ('though I like the concept.)

By the way, I have started coming up with names for some of these fellows, so that I do0n't have to keep referring to them as "the 2nd one from the right." The chubby guy maneuvering the miniatures is Beliobir. The one rolling the dice is Aggrolas. The third guy from the left is Normiel. (There are accents in those names, but I don't know how to type them.) Other names to follow...
Michael Dashow
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Old 07 July 2007   #63
Lol at the concept. ^^ Were you one of those teenagers?? I can just imagine one of those fellas wearing a yarmulke. I like the character designs, particularly belobir (sp?) and the girl walking past with a condenscending look on her face, esp. the top version.

I prefer the top perspective. Sorry for the short post, but I'm very busy today (looking after my 3 nephews under 6 years old takes a lot of work!)
Old 07 July 2007   #64
hey man! i always end up stalking your threads. good to see you upped something now! definatly keep an eye on this one.
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Old 07 July 2007   #65
Concept Sketch or 3D pre-visualization: Beliobir sketches

Theresa - I was the 3rd guy from the left. But a yarmulke? This is a Dungeons and Dragons fest we're talking about, not a Bar Mitzvah!

Anyhow, glad you like beliobir. Here are some more sketches of him. Good luck with all your kids today!
Michael Dashow
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Old 07 July 2007   #66
I guess I was remembering that photo (picture??) of you at your wedding...


I like the far right version of beliobir and I think you do, too (hence the full body) I like the way he seems to be thinking 'Will I put it here? Or, ooh, I could do this instead and...'

Will you have a cheater in the game? I'm not sure how you could cheat at D&D (having not played it) but I'm sure there's some way! Actually, which brings me to my next point. What exactly IS Dungeons and Dragons and how do you play it?? If that requires too long of an answer, I can just google it!
Old 07 July 2007   #67
I think in all role-player-gamer group their is a "Beliobir" as you draw (he look familiar ).
That's sure : this one is great for your scene !
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Old 07 July 2007   #68
Well, Dungeons and Dragons (D&D) and other Role Playing Games (RPGs) are games in which you get to play the part of some sort of fantasy character - a super-hero, a space traveller, or in the case of D&D, some sort of fantasy character like a mage, a barbarian warrior, a dwarf, or even an elf. There are lots of statistics you have about your character - your "hit point" (life energy), your abilities and skills, and the points they take to use, your "armor class," or level of protection, etcetera. Lots of conflicts are solved by seeing how your stats compare to the difficulty of the task at hand, and are resolved by rolling dice... All sorts of dice: 20-sided dice, 12-sided dice, 8-sided dice, 4 sided dice... One person (the dungeon master or game master) runs the game and tells you what you're seeing, acts out how the characters in the world respond to you, and serves as the arbiter for all conflicts. (In this case, it's the guy in the lower left with the tri-fold screen, often used by "DMs.")

In some games, or in some peoples' versions of games, you show where characters are placed in the world with metal figurines, miniatures of the world's characters and monsters. Some people put a lot of time and effort into crafting and painting these miniatures - they attract the artistic types!

There are also lots and lots of resource guides full of places you can go, pre-made dungeons and adventures, books with the stats for all sorts of adversaries (Monster Manuals.)

I thnk that about covers the basics. Each game and its approaches to all of the above vary. Sometimes the games are all just about stats, while others toss out the numbers and just have fun doing true role-playing, almost like an improvisational communal story. And all sorts of settings are available. D&D just happens to be one of the most widely known example.

Back to art, i think I misspoke earlier - i like the top layout better too. The 2 planes of characters are different sizes, which is more visually interesting.
As for the characters, thanks Deevad - I'm trying for the types of players that everyone's seen. Glad Beliobir succeeded. I hope the others will too, in time.

Michael Dashow
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Old 07 July 2007   #69
Beliobir looks very nice... i especially like the drawing on the far right... very geeky and very true... the expression is just right imho...
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Old 07 July 2007   #70
Concept Sketch or 3D pre-visualization: More Beliobir sketches

Glad you like that one, George, but I'm going to continue to design the character a bit more. Here are some head sketches for Beliobir.
Michael Dashow
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Old 07 July 2007   #71
I love to see all the steps you post as you work Mike. These are great
Old 07 July 2007   #72
hey again Michael... I like the following faces... second row first head and last column, the first three sketches... keep it up..
If you fail the first time... So much for skydiving...

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Old 07 July 2007   #73
It's lovely watching someone who can really draw and has a great sense of humour doing their stuff, Michael. A real treat.

Old 07 July 2007   #74
Concept Sketch or 3D pre-visualization: Elfin Maiden sketches

Thanks for the notes, folks! George, you've reminded me of the necessity during challneges to number and/or label sketches so that peopel can refer to them easily. I don't normally do it when I'm making sketches, and I don't want to entirely give the impression that it's a vote, but it certainly does make it easier for folks to post comments when I number things. So this time around, I won't leave that part out.

So here are various sketches of the Elf Maidens who are walking by the gamers, with various reactions, from mocking and disdainful to amused ('though there aren't many images of the altter emotion on this sheet.) More to come...
Michael Dashow
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Old 07 July 2007   #75
Concept Sketch or 3D pre-visualization: more character sketches

Here are more sketches of the elves.
Michael Dashow
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