Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: Michael Dashow

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Old 06 June 2007   #1
Strange Behavior (Illustration) Entry: Michael Dashow

Michael Dashow is entered in the "Strange Behavior Challenge" update: View Challenge Page

Latest Update: Final Image: 'Wandering Monsters'
Michael Dashow
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Old 06 June 2007   #2
I knew I'd see you here. Best of luck Michael, it'll be a pleasure to follow your progress on this challege.
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Old 06 June 2007   #3
Hey hey Micheal!!!Nice to see you're in.This thread will rock!!!Your first challenge as a father all along!Wish you ooads of fun!
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Old 06 June 2007   #4
Well, here we go again!

Before it was announced, I wasn't sure whether I would have time to enter this one or not, but even with a baby to take care of, four solid months should be enough time for anyone to finish a Challenge! (and yet, some people will still enter and "complete" their entire entries three days before the deadline, go figure!)

But given that most of the art I would be doing anyhow fits into the Strange category, I should be okay. See you all around... Have fun, y'all!
Michael Dashow
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Old 06 June 2007   #5
Hey Walrus it's nice to see you again. Waiting for your art mate !
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Old 06 June 2007   #6
hey mikeglad to see u here,im sure this thread will rock big time

all the best and good luck
Old 06 June 2007   #7
hey mike!

great you joined and best of luck and fun to you

maybe we see some cuddly aliens or so from you .

it realy would be great if you come up with something
Old 06 June 2007   #8
Welcome back Mike

Expecting great things as always

Good Luck in the Challenge

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Old 06 June 2007   #9
As soon as I saw the title I hoped you'd join, I'm sure this will be a fascinating thread to follow, best of luck, Walrus!
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Old 06 June 2007   #10
Heya Mike, Welocme to the Challenge and Keep it Odd!
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Only the un-explored ways. =)
Old 06 June 2007   #11
Well Michael , I'm a big fan of yours and I cant wait to see what you will come up with
Old 06 June 2007   #12
Always a fan of your works, Michael. Best of luck.
My eyes are open, yet I continue on dreaming
Old 06 June 2007   #13

ayeah walrus is in welcome my purple fiend! wouldnt have been half as fun without you, good to see you join this best of luck and have lots of fun mate, let it rock

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Old 06 June 2007   #14
hi Walrus glad you have time to do this challenge I know you are going to do something ermm strange....
Old 06 June 2007   #15
Wotcah Michael... I'm gonna join you on this one, i just couldn't resist...

Good luck! (And i hope everything in Zachland is going wonderfully!)
Old 06 June 2007   #16
I think this summs up Zachland pretty well right now:

Lots of smiles, much happiness.

But I think we all have an agreement around the house that I'd go crazy if I weren't working on something artistic, so it might as well be this. Zach doesn't begrudge me my need to create as long as I spend time with him too. It mainly means my art time is not late at night and early in the mornings.

Anyhow, it's good to be back. This part of the challenge is like coming back to summer camp after having been gone for almost a year, or getting back to school after summer vacation, and catching up with all your friends you haven't seen in a while: Hey, how's it going? How was your summer? What'd you do? What are you studying this semester?
Michael Dashow
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Old 06 June 2007   #17
good luck man, lets pull out another winner =)
Old 06 June 2007   #18
OMG, that is the CUTEST baby ever! Okay, apart from mine...heh!

Glad to see you entered, Mike! Looking forward to your nonchalant and astounding brilliance....
Old 06 June 2007   #19
Hey Mike, I'm glad fatherhood isn't keeping you out of this challenge. That's one mighty cute baby by the way. Good luck mate. I look forward to watching your work develop
Mark David
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Old 06 June 2007   #20

Saying hi to some of the guys i remember from a few challenges we are again.

Looking forward to it.....good luck to you.

Old 06 June 2007   #21
yosh! good luck dude!
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Old 06 June 2007   #22
Great to see you in on this one! You have a new mascot now... zach! You should update your avatar to show him being hugged by the walrus.

I'm looking forward to stalking you for this one...
*sits on the couch with her coffee*
Old 06 June 2007   #23
Hey Michael good to see you in. What a cute baby boy, you must be so proud.
Expecting great things from you as usual, have fun!
Old 06 June 2007   #24
hehe good to see you in
´/) /)


Old 06 June 2007   #25
Great to see you again Mike! What a CUTE boy you have.
Monster in the city
Old 06 June 2007   #26
Hi, everyone! Good to see you all again (or meet those of you who are new!)
Yeah, Zach is really cute, isn't he? I'll try to do my best not to spend the next 4 months worth of Challengeness posting shots of him, but I doubt I'll be successful!

Still thinking about the topic... It'll be a little while 'til I get my thoughts together. We have four solid months to do this thing, longest time ever, so there's no need to rush into anything. I want it to be something worth working on for one third of a year. Given that almost anything can have strange behaviour, I'm just trying to settle on what I feel like painting and what its normal behaviour would be. I'll probably want something/someone else in the scene to react to the main character, so that you can tell that the behaviour is atypical (and incredulous expressions can be fun to draw!) I've got a great idea involving trolls... but as I'm almost finished with a new painting full of trolls, I may not feel like going there again (but if anyone feels like seeing that one in progress, check out the link to my sketch-blog below.)

Anyhoo, that's all for now... Good luck everyone!
Michael Dashow
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Old 06 June 2007   #27
I say go for no. 7 or no.8. I like the strength of no. 7 and the green of 8.
Old 06 June 2007   #28
Sorry, the voting has already closed! You'll get to see the final color choice eventually... I'm hoping the process will turn into a magazine article soon, but that's not nailed down quite yet.
Michael Dashow
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Old 06 June 2007   #29
As long as it's 7 or 8, I'm happy... It sounds like you're considering trolls for this time around. It'll be hard fitting that into the theme without being too cliche. No better man for the job, though. What sort of ideas do you have so far?
Old 06 June 2007   #30
HI Walrus, just checked your sketchblock and love it!Personaly I prefer the "7", as theble colors make it easier to travel your eye through in some kind a way.And it's more eye-catching I think personaly.The others sketches rock also, a lot of imagination in there.great!
IndeedZach is cute,haha!A lot of inspiration han?Me love to have them around while drawing, and hear their opinions about the things they see in yor drawings.
Yap well, that was my little drop by.LAter buddy!
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Old 06 June 2007   #31
awwwwwwwwwwww is all I can say about Zach, he is so CUTE (ok so I said more ha ha)
Old 06 June 2007   #32
woot!! cyb smells a walrus!

good to see ya again..

lets see some great work
Old 06 June 2007   #33
Theresa - Naw, I've abandoned the troll idea: It works much better with Elves, which is spiffy because, as I said, I'm already doing a piece with trolls. But I don't want to tip my hand yet. With a 4-month challnege, I've got a month 'til I really need to nail anything down. Remember 'Journey Begins?' I took forever to decide between some of the different concepts I had. (And if I recall correctly, you weren't a proponent of the one I ended up going with! And similarly, I chose a different color scheme for the trolls than the one you liked - but maybe it might be good anyhow.) But anyhow, sometimes things sound good on paper but don't work in a sketch. I won't really decide or even talk about anything 'til I've had a chance to sketch them out.

Remko - It'll be exciteing when I get to the point where Zach can give me opinions and comment on my work. But right now, he's too young... and when he's awake and I'm home at the same time, I'm with him and not doing art for the most part!

Linda- Yup! Feel free to say it all you want!

Simon - Good to see you here again! Missed you last time around - looking forward to seeing you work on a new piece!
Michael Dashow
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Old 06 June 2007   #34
Good luck bud! Look forward to your progress!!!
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Old 06 June 2007   #35
hi walrus wellcome to the challenge
steampunk entry
Old 06 June 2007   #36
Hey Michael, loved your master and servant piece! I look forward to seeing what you come up with for strange behavior!
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Old 06 June 2007   #37
hey walrus! looking forward to your first sketches every challenge with the walrus is a good challenge
´/) /)


Old 06 June 2007   #38
Ah mike, sure you should know by now that I exist only as a counterpart to you, i.e to do exactly what you DON'T do and to act as a devil's advocate. Either way, you usually have a winning formula, so I'm not complaining....

Just wondering though, will zach be part of it?
Old 06 June 2007   #39

hey dude!! a very very warm welcome back! looking forward to great works from ya!

cheers mate!
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Old 06 June 2007   #40
Thanks for stopping by, everyone! I'm not actually going to post any sketches... I'm just trying to see how long I can get this thread without posting a single piece of imagery.

Just kidding, I've just started preliminary (read as: ugly) sketches for a couple of different ideas, but a lot of my free time is taken up finishing up a new digital painting (what timing!) so when that's wrapped, I'll be able to concentrate on this more.

No, Zach won't be part of this painting. But I am thinking ahead to 14 years from now, and it's possible that teenagers will figure into the final piece. Because everything teenagers do is Strange Behaviour!
Michael Dashow
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Old 06 June 2007   #41
Bring on the good stuff.

Good luck

Old 07 July 2007   #42
Concept Sketch or 3D pre-visualization: Sunbathing Vampiress - sketches

Okay, so here's my first concept: A cute teenage vampire girl who wants to join her friends (or is it fiends?) to go hang out on the beach during the summer time. In the bottom sketch(es) she's trying to convince her folks to let her go. She's got her whole bag of stuff, and she swears she'll use her SPF-4000 sun-screen! Her coffin is right behind her, btw, coverred with posters of teen idols and the like (Vlad Pitt is one of them.) And her poorly-drawn aprents are in bathrobes bewcause, if the sun is shining, it IS the middle of the night, right?

In the top picture, she's at the beach. Despite the sunscreen and the umbrella, she let one of her feet hang out outside the shadow. It's now smoking... ouch! There are some guys checking her out in the back left. One of them is a teen Frankenstein. (See the scars?)

Yes', it's all poorly drawn at this point, mainly all there for the purposes if composition and basic mood and emotion. I doubt this is the one I'll stick with. I'm not sure if I'm even the best person to draw this... Hey, Aly, need an idea to work on? :) I have another idea to still flesh out- but hey, at least I get an image thumbnail next to my thread now!
Michael Dashow
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Old 07 July 2007   #43
Your theme good luck as always micheal.
steampunk legend
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Old 07 July 2007   #44
Hello Walrus !
Happy to see you in the contest.
Your first idea is cool to have a thumbnail thread, not an idea lol
It's not strange that's young Vampire girl, want to have a sunbath... Cause : teenager are strange ; and Vampire too. Imagine vampire teenager !
Trust in me to say you when your sketch will be powerfull and the idea exellent. I Bookmark your thread, and I will be here often.
Have a good and creative day

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Old 07 July 2007   #45
I love the top sketch! So cute!
The facial expressions are great and I like the idea.
Looking forward to your next sketches!

Aly would make a sexy vampire out of her who isn't afraid of the sun ^^

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Old 07 July 2007   #46
Great to see you in the challenge Walrus.
Good luck with the strange ideas... though it doesn't seam like you need any luck...

Old 07 July 2007   #47
Nice to see you Walrus. Im shure you doing another great Illustration.
Lovley greets to your Family.
Old 07 July 2007   #48
Hi Michael! Nice to see you again and enjoy your painting process one more time.
Old 07 July 2007   #49
Concept Sketch or 3D pre-visualization: RPG Elves

Deevad, you hit the nail on the head when you talked about teenagers: To an aduly, just about anything a teenager does might fall into the category of "strange behavior." But even amongst teens - a typically harsh, merciless, conformist bunch - there is behavior that is considered strange. So I'm depicting the perpetual pariahs of high school, the role-playing-gamers!

Only in this case, just depicting high-scholl kids would be too boring (and too autobiographical) so I've reset the scene to a village of High Elves. Because elves playing RPGs is strange too. In the background, some haughty/hottie elfen maidens scoff, as they wander by on theri way to battle traingin or something more important.

Oh, yes, and pretty treetop villages in the background.
Michael Dashow
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Old 07 July 2007   #50
Concept Sketch or 3D pre-visualization: Elfin maidens - sketches

... and here are some doodles of the female Elves.
Michael Dashow
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