Strange Behavior (Animation) Entry: Nenad Pantic

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  09 September 2007
Hi again!
Your lowpoly meshes look very clean and efficient! Those are signs of a good modeler!
Waiting to see more of your scene, because all pieces are coming together nicely!
Keep up!
  09 September 2007
Hey Varma, thanks for a very ecouraging words!
I am now trying to build few fine meshes to create the room where chicken reside. It is in fact small rented-like human room where is chicken kept like a pet... so I will add some more props like cupboard, fridge, a lamp, will add door with small door inside, a window...etc. will try to create warm but wierd atmosphere.

One thing I am afraid of, that I am working too much on the ambience now, and will shorten my time for animation part... but i need those props to create some story about it, i am fond to narrative way of telling story (and so are you, as I can see, judging by the number of meshes you create )

If there is any quality in my modeling, I need to say thanks to my highscool teachers (that was in about 1986, when computer modelling was unknow to masses, exept maybe Kraftwerk television spot with their animated heads), when they, as the heritage of the older Zagrabian fine painting scool (connected with Munich) forced us to understand thing around us as the surfaces. They insisted that we create our drawings, and render them (with pencil, usign differend shades of gray) as a simple low poly models! Then we were allowed to go in details, after we created relative good plain sketch, looking lots as an low poly wireframe.
Some of us, pupils, were angried by this rigid teaching, and rebbeled, but I embraced the technique after I comprehended that I can "subsurf" my models by shading and "subdividing" more and more parts, and achieve high realism!
Our teacher moto (which we mocked) was "Cleaner, cleaner surfaces!" ! Of course he was unaware of the modern digital era which is prospering by that theory
Later, on Belgrade art academy (which was closer to the poetry in art than to accuracy) i was introduced to the different technique, the Line, which is free and flowing. (maybe something like nurbs modeling?? I am not fond to it, so far). But it helped me to soften the accurate polygon style, and to add some "spirit".

I started to babble like an very old man. Also I noticed that I started to remember the things from early childhood. Am I getting old, am I going to die??
  09 September 2007
Thumbs up

Hi npantic

not babble nothing man jeje, i totally agree we need to have good knowledge in simple form and we need to have good hand drawing skill too, i start 3d old, very "old" and i loss with nurbs to much for my old brain and the 3d software fight with me and win me almost all the time when i want something, he rules (for now), your work are amazing, clean shapes and good use of loops to close the forms, the idea are very funny good luck, nice and very lucky you have good teacher.
  09 September 2007
Hey Nenad;
That was an interesting reading about your art background! I believe those 3d artists who
happen to have some amount of traditional art training/practice as backup, will approach
3d visualisering in quite a different way and very so often, successfully too! Once you have
managed to shade an object in different shades of gray, with say a pencil or charcoal, and
given it a true 3 dimentional essence, you won't have much trouble replacing the pencil with
a mouse and enter the realm of computer-generated art! Just a matter of time to learn how
to navigate and find the right menus!
Recently, I've been more and more attracted to, as you also mentioned, lines, instead of
solid forms! Personality and dynamic of a line, or curves, to be more precise! The silouette
of an object and how it can appeal to our senses, how it can divide the 2d space and it's
realtion with nearby siloettes, the negative space!
Unlike you I was so fond of curves, I started to learn them and play with them, starting
with Rhinocerous and then Maya! Now, I can't afford not to using them on a regular basis
and block out my sketches and pre-vis routines!
I would scincerely recommend exploring their power, as nothing else, even subD modeling
can replace them and offer the same flexibility and softness as nurbs! Although the newer
workflow methods suggest more and more use of polygon and SubD cageing, I still believe
nurbs/spline modeling will always be a part of any highend 3d package!
Huh, who is babbling now?
And please don't die just yet, at least until you finish the challenge!
I would like to see the room with all those objects and a little door within the door, made
for hens and chickens!
  09 September 2007
heya, funny concept ;p
modelling is looking cool
the cage appears a bit too soft and smoothed, (unless that's your intention?) are u going to define the edges a bit more?
Strange Behaviour - Spaced Out (Animation)


  09 September 2007
sadrack: thanks for sharing thoughts and words of support! Yes the knowledge of classical art is great, because all art have the same root in vaste abyss of mathemathics and geometry from one side, and emotions and spirit on the other . About software: There is a vast number of 3d application around us, an 2d aplications too... and they have their power, and price. I am trying (installing and trialing) any software I hear of, as much time allows me; first important thing is to see if the software package have all tools it needs to have, second how hard is to use that tools(icluding speed of execution), third what is its price. Yet, with some knowledge about matter, you cannot judge allways abot first and second. Because of factor number 3. i havent created anything useful in highly professional and high cost software. House adaptation was thing of ther rather higher importance . After all, most important is to create, even with the poor tools you can do something great if your will is strong. Though, with better tools and the same will the result will be even better. I think I found good tools for myself, with some downsides, yet very powerfull. At last, most powerful and most deadly weapon is one which you can handle. Elf is bad at Hammer and Dwar at Bow. What you are trained at, is most efficient. Efficiency can gave birth to a quality, because you can do more operations in less time. Yet it can be disaster if you are building on wrong roots. And from disaster man can learn too . Call me Nenad the Wise . After all, it is a Sunday, it is more propper to discuss today and work tommorow!

Varma: yes that was my point too! Hapily, besides art, I allways had great will and love for computers. Maybe it is because of my elder brother, who was very interested in Computers, studying them, and today working as the IT proffesionaly. Our first computer was zx81, and then Spectrum, on which we learned to program, even in Assembly code! (about 5% of time, other 95% was spent on games (which are great too!)). That all gave me the strenght to live today from both of that experience, as an Graphic designer here in Croatia.
Which brought me to another thema which you mentioned. As an designer I use curves very much, also transparencies and gradients. Curves can twist observers brain, and can hypnotise the customer to buy a product . Curves have natural and attractive look, and when combined wit gradient and glass effects - there is a winning combination of a modern era . I like curvy approach in my classical illustration work (can be seen on my 2d classic wor web page, i think link is here in my cgprofile), as I am fond to organic and natural objects (ZBrush would be good to me, I will not hide that I am watching some video tutorials about it from time to time). For now I will stick to box modelling and receiving them from smoothing the cubes...but I know what you are saying and am not afraid of pulling konts, just I am leaving that for later.
Just do not have time for all! Got family with two kids, and great ambition too, which can tear a person apart. Family though, must be allways of the higher importance. I envy little to younger people who have plenty of time or who are on studies: If I had this experince and 15 years less, I would never got myself without investing time in learning, learinng and learning! Yet I would never throw away live experience and great motivation that family gives me!
About the negative space: I learned much of its practical power doing the classical watercolours: often modeling in watercolours is based of painting something by painting its surroundnings. Especially because there is no white colour in pure watercolour, the white is white of the papper. So you are painting light by avoiding it!
I remember one of my good colleague impressions of my rigid technique. Most greatest madness is when I was creating some starry skies with aquarell. He was shocked observing me paint every star by avoiding small gaps of white space .

Well all kids went to bed and wife too, guess it is my turn now
  09 September 2007
Versiden: Thanks for the visting by and comment!
I wonder anyone will comment it, but-yes, I have done quick subsurf of my low poly model without defining smoothed and non-smoothed groups, what resulted in some eges to receive unplanned smoothing. But it goes with idea, the smooth, orient looking golden cage, delicate one. Mesh is twisted in its low poly geometry a little, to receive even more fluid flow, and notice how the legs of it are twisted too. Yet I will consider should i harden the lower edges of the cage and some other details a little - surely i have to define some harder edges!
Thanks for bringing it to light
  09 September 2007
concept work

cool concept work and good work on the chicken....
  09 September 2007
Modeling: previz of room and cupboard

Stimulated by the increasing number of props i started to create, I decided it is time (lol) to define te whole room more precisely. So this is it, i guess, without little details, of course. I guess this will be the battleground for furniture of all kind, the flymarket :), but here it goes. I succeeded again to make my life more complicated...
Good thing is that I came to new ideas for filling starter simply scenario with small funny situations. I must create detailed storyboard very soon.
How many days we have... about 50? Less? Well God help me finish this...
Also here is Cupboard, without some smoothing groups I plan for that springs etc. Even like this it looks solid enough... Hope to have less complicated props now left, save the bed only...

Did I mentioned that hen Lucy is held captive by strange person, who seems to be off now from his flat? well thats the reason why we have such room. I plan to put some pictures on the walls, which would explain more.
  09 September 2007
Modeling: bed

...continued with furniture production... Here is the lovely bed, one of the mans best invention :) I even modeled some minor parts underneath the bed... who knows, what is it good for! :)
The blanked is not yet perfectly positioned but I will correct that later...
  09 September 2007
Very nice modeling on the cupboard! The mesh is so optimised, it almost look like an
Autocad sketch! The details on the bed are very good too! These props will add the
overall effect of you scene, for sure!
More, more!
  09 September 2007
Modeling: mesh manufacture

Proceeded with mesh manufacture... I want to have all the room meshes soon as possible (there is UV paint ahead also - it will consume time... i think i will not go in much of compexity in UV... i think ;) ).

I am also studying now how to apply feathers to hen... it is very complicated to do it accurate, then again i would like to have some of them in space, not only of UV paint nature..will see... anxious to finish the ambient and return to chicken anim.

Verisden: Thanks again for support, lad. Trying my best, though working utterly tired at the late hours... my daily job consumes about 11hours of day with travel...and kids... my leggs stars to freeze and eyes to shut ...
  09 September 2007
Varma: LOL, the comment in my previous post was aimed at you, but i wrongly typed Versiden there... I really need to take a break... but i cant!
  09 September 2007
Love your overall style, nice modelling! Good progress, looking forward to watching it develop

Imagination is more important than knowledge
- Albert Einstein. ~ I live HERE


  09 September 2007
Morning Nenad! I like the last modeling session very much, looks very nice and very efficient!
I guess this is your watermark, not an extra polygon to waste, just as many as needed to
do the job! Almost like CAD precision! I can see it by the way you have cut out the windows
in the clock!
The refrigerator reminds me a lot of our old one, which I think will add a lot to the overall
feel of your scene!
And hey, no rest until we get old, really old! but even then...

can't wait to see your light setup!
Keep up, kompis!
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