Strange Behavior (Animation) Entry: Jesse Sandifer

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Old 07 July 2007   #31
Looks cool Jesse !
You already put him with expression. Are you going to give him any facial animation ?
Old 07 July 2007   #32
Maybe. I'm not sure yet. Depends if I have time to go all out. I figure I can always make morph targets off this current face. Good question though! I really hope I can do some nice animation with this instead of just a camera move.

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Old 07 July 2007   #33
hello Sandpiper, very intersting idea, i'm very curious to view the next stage
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Old 07 July 2007   #34
Modeling: model progress - blocking

Just starting to block in the overall blob of the thing. The main body form you see there will be the guideline for my mesh inserts of different rock shapes that kinda match the concept art. Then I'll take those and sculpt out to work with the flow of the character so he isn't just a bunch of chunks. Should look cool - if I do it right. ;)

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Old 07 July 2007   #35
Ahhh... someone has been busy! Great progress, keep it up!
Old 07 July 2007   #36
The main form seems good but you'll keep the hard edge like of your initial setch ? I know that's not the simpliest thing on Zbrush (maybe easier avec version 3, I don't now it yet).

Good luck.


Old 07 July 2007   #37
Awsome concept, and your model is holding up to your sketch so well. Really cool idea!!
Old 07 July 2007   #38
Thanks guys.

To answer the question about the hard edges, yes, I will be modeling him just like the concept. This blobby form you see now will be more or less the area I "trace" over to put in the chunks. I"ll be using the meshinsert feature in zb3. It lets me bring in any model and add it to my current model. I can move, rotate, and scale each and every piece to my liking and once I get them all situated, I can custom sculpt them even more by adding sculptural details and blending it all together. It's going to be a lengthy process but the fastest way to do it as far as I can see....

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Old 07 July 2007   #39
Great start on the modeling !

not sure your intention, but maybe you should considder a retopology of the face. Not that it is bad, but it would be a good thing in my opinion. Will also make it easyer when wanting to animate this.

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Old 07 July 2007   #40
yeah, I'm anticipating a bit of retopo for the face because it's a bit organic at this point. The lowres mesh of the lips does this weird twist thing halfway through so I'll have to correct that as well. So you're definitely right, I'll have to hit that later on.

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Old 07 July 2007   #41
Yo, Jesse cool start on the modeling, so looks right on with the concepet to me. Curious to see how you model the parts where the gold and rock meet each other. I'll keep checkin it out man... Think I'll get started with mine Tuesday.
Old 07 July 2007   #42
Modeling: more modeling

progress so far...

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Old 07 July 2007   #43
Modeling: more

Obviously I decided not to go with the mesh insert route. I messed with it for a while and didn't feel like I was going to get the results I wanted. So I resorted back to manual good ol' fashioned hand sculpting for this one. I gotta say that it is a bit more rewarding this way and I have a lot more control than just bringing in chunks of simple shapes and pushing pulling. It feels like more of an organic process even though it's a bit tedious. :)

Right now I'm just laying in detail as I go along. I wanted everyone to kind of getting an idea of what the rock surface would look like in it's simplest form and get away from the blobby look that seems to be confusing people. My process right now is to work on certain selected areas at a time rather than do the whole thing pass by pass (which is actually the way I usually work). So far, working on large areas at a time seems to keep me from getting overwhelmed and it let's me feel like I'm getting somewhere.

His face will have some rock detail in it also so it blends better than what you see here. Also, I'll give more attention to the edge that circles the face so that it blends better and it doesn't look so obvious as a model seam.

More to come... :D

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Old 07 July 2007   #44
Nice progress Jesse!

But I was wondering... He's looks like hes made of a lose pile of rocks. If hes sculpting a sphere out of himself- shouldn't he be alittle more solid form? Like one bigger rock.
Also, the face and arms being different than the rock body, makes him seem like a blob guy with rocks sticking to him.... maybe something more along the lines of the 'RockBiter' from the 'Neverending Story'

Anyway...keep it up! great job! you can do it! all the way! etc!
Old 07 July 2007   #45
great question/crit slangie....

I wanted this guy to look a little more chunky than a solid piece of rock, so I'm going to be blending the solid look with more rocky chunks. Areas where he's already carved out will gradiate and blend into the sphere itself. I'm really wanting to give him varying levels of detail and coarseness so he looks really elemental.

At this phase in the project, you're gonna be seeing more layered efforts so everything will eventually blend itself out and work together as one nice happy family.

As far as the arms and face go, they will also have a rock/stone look to them as opposed to looking like bits being swallowed up by rock. They'll blend in with the surrounding rock and hopefully it will look as if it all came from one rock. Make sense?

CGNUGGETS - character process training
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