Strange Behavior (Animation) Entry: Brian Anderson

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Old 07 July 2007   #31

"Lord, beer me strength."

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Old 07 July 2007   #32
This really is getting somewhere man. GReat updates.

don't know what the final pose will be, but i think the dog head should look much more below so the cat can see. Will also be more natural since there is a lot of weight in the front.

i hope i'm not stepping far ahead with these things.

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Old 07 July 2007   #33
Shading (Textured and lit): The Skull is finished.

Okay, here's the completed head and skull configuration. I might detail it with a bolt attaching the jaws. Next is the body. It might be a while... Deathly Hallows does come out tomorrow after all. ;)
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Old 07 July 2007   #34
Thanks Nothingness. Yeah, the final pose is pending because the animation I've envisioned has a couple different scenes/set pieces. If it comes to the point where a frame takes two hours to render, I'll just pick out my favorite scene which upholds the theme and pose it in there. I just seriously want to animate this guy and make him funny.
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Old 07 July 2007   #35
Haha, this is cracking me up - poor cat!
I like your modeling so far, the dog wanna be is such a character. Or is he a Dino wannabe now?

WIP: Anatomy


Old 07 July 2007   #36
SIMPLY GREAT!! idea and model.

Old 07 July 2007   #37
Concept Sketch or 3D pre-visualization: Body tests

Okay, here's a nurbs body test... just trying to work out the proportions. Since, as a cat, he'll be bipedal he needs to look good on his back legs. I'm still working on the proportions though. Those hind legs seem a little thick and froggish. I'll have to observe some cats today...
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Old 07 July 2007   #38
Thanks Gunilla. Yeah, he does have a dino wannabe vibe going on there. Originally he was supposed to have a dog skull, but the question of how he got it kept bugging me so I made it a plastic dino skull. I'm still trying to find ways to dog it up...

Infoarq. Gracias pa' el apoyo . Quisiera tener tu estilo. Es bien chulo to cardboard.
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Old 07 July 2007   #39
Really nice character, it seems very original. The story sounds interesting too, a cat that wants to be a dog. want to see more.
Old 07 July 2007   #40
awesome idea.
if you want teh legs to be more catlike experiment witha backwards leg. use google images to check out cat skeletons. it will help alot. on the other hand what you have is very fun/cartoony, so either way you win.
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Old 07 July 2007   #41
Hehhe. very cool idea.
some comments.
1. make the skeleton some sort of the cage.(cat in a prison)
2. some part of the bone is cuting cat skin and bleeding

Old 07 July 2007   #42
very good concept, and head model too

the anatomy of the legs and hands is more human not cat, cats stand on theyr toes (back legs), while the heel does not touch the earth.
Old 07 July 2007   #43
This is a nice idea, that cat should be in a nut house!
it reminds me of some people who are always trying to be something different than their own personality and they just look quite ridiculous, or the weirdo at the movie silence of the lambs but a little more insane..
anyways, in the techincal side i think it will be quite dificult the skinning and rigging but a challenge is always a challenge and if you can make it it will look very nice!
and btw the drawing you made at the church is very nice too! what better place to draw something like that? hehe
well, good luck man and keep up the good work!


Old 07 July 2007   #44
Concept Sketch or 3D pre-visualization: New Biped to Quadraped poses

Thanks a lot guys. Everybody's input has been phenomonal. I thinned out the back leg, double jointed the fingers, a couple other joints, and did a quick animation test.
The really annoying thing is that I'll have to make three individual rigs: One bipedal standing rig, one quadrapedal rig, and one in-between rig that shouldn't be used for the actual walk cycle unless I really want to be artistic and annoying. Bleh.
Here's a 4 second playblast:

Jason: Cool, I'm glad you like the story. It used to be a far more complicated story, for a different format, but when I saw this competition I knew I had to do it here.

bstout: Yeah, there should be a mix of practical science and tooniness. For one, when he's bipedal it would look weird with a backwards leg, because it'll look like he's walking on his tip toes. But he looks weird without it being inverted in a quadrapedal pose. Thanks.

ali-rahimi-shahmirzadi: We'll save that for a future animation. I'm still thinking of using the rib cage, but I'm afraid it might take away from the doginess and make him look more and more like a dinosaur... I'm still holding out for stereotypical dog ideas though. Things I could do to make him seem more doglike from a general perspective.

ania: True. Scientific practicality may have to be sacrificed if I can't get a working rig. Good input though.

DigitalOmega: Oh, he's definitely a nut. He just lives in some suburban home, and his owners think it's cute how he's acting and never actually intervene. I'll have to post that animatic in the next couple weeks. I think I've found the voice for the cat, and he's a South African of all people. ;)
"Lord, beer me strength."

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Old 07 July 2007   #45
Modeling: Jeffy's got a brand new bod.

Alright here's the (smoothed) basemesh for the body. It's extremely low rez and will resemble the head after I ZB it. The head and body are separate meshes. The division will be disguised by a flea collar. Now, on to Zbrush!
"Lord, beer me strength."

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