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Old 11 November 2012   #61

I might be a little late in on this rig. But damn after seing all the amazing work, i want to start working on it as well it seems like alot of fun and I find riging mechanical stuff is alot mor fun that organics. Justnbecause of att the tiny little bits that can move and what not

Thx for sharing!!!
Old 11 November 2012   #62
Great model

Hi Nico,

this is an fantastic model, and I also want to start rigging it - although it is quite late .

Keep you posted !


Old 11 November 2012   #63
Doesn't matter how late it is.
It's not really a competition anyways.

just go with it and have fun.
I'm not a computerfreak!! but a freak with a computer!
And I'm not afraid to use it!
Old 11 November 2012   #64
Hehe good to hear thanks ! I already started, grouping and setting pivots for like 4 hours now, I guess theres another 4 hours in there - at least .
Very cool model ! Did you do the concept yourself? Did you sketch a lot of it? Or was it more a start with a rough idea and then adding detail later on? I always find it hard to add so much detail if I dont plan it in from the beginning.. But then, sketching details like that is madness..

Old 11 November 2012   #65
It's completely my design. Can't say i'm still happy with it. So that's why i wanted to do another one. Only this time do some sketching. Not like this one where i did some basic blocking of the shapes and try to find ways of how things could move.

But because i try to make it all work on seem to be able to work, i lose vision of the whole thing and it looks more like an animal made from mechanical parts, rather than a mechanical animal. There's a difference. this way i also lost sight of the design as a whole too. The head and upper body/tank was pretty slick. But then the other things like the legs have less design and too much function.

In FX movies you'll see much more complex things that move, but it's so complex you can't even check if it would be technically possible. In 99% of the cases it just won't. That's why real life robotics doesn't even come close to the ones in the movie.

With the next one, i try to combine the 2 worlds. But that takes way too much time, and you start to work more like some industrial designer rather than an artist.
I spend more time doing concepts, and using my brains on making interesting shapes possible in one way or another. So when you find a cool solution to a technical movement, i then try to find an artistic shape to hold that technicality. A mix between simplicity, technicality and believability.
One of the bigger struggles is to make sure the whole thing is free enough to move around. It's easy to design a cool robot, but most of them can't even scratch their ass. Much like extreme exaggerated body-builders.

Then again, i'm pretty possessed by the technical part of things, due to spending a lot of time with my father in the garage. I already spend a lot of time taking machinery apart.

So hope i get my new stylus soon, so i can continue designing the damn thing. Then i can start showing stuff. But not sure how soon that could be. Got a full-time job, restoring my bmw k100rs (was completely taken apart), the current cgchallenge (first time painting something for a change) and trying to build soms CNC machinery. I even hope i can then make a real life model of the new mecha. One that can be posed. Would be sweet.

anyways, dreaming along.
I'm not a computerfreak!! but a freak with a computer!
And I'm not afraid to use it!
Old 11 November 2012   #66
Hi Nico,

well I think that from an artists point of view the model is pretty good, the degree of complexity is high enough to make you "woo..." for a sec, the overall design is quite nice and the only thing, that does not fit quite to well, are the weels, the design suggested to me some sort of "steampunk/antique" origin - probably because of the twisted rims - while the rest of the machine is quite "modern" i'd say. So the wheels where the first item to get on my permanent hide list .
I have to agree on what you said about the tank vs. legs, the legs indeed have loads of functionality and maybe - haven't finished rigging yet, so can't say - some of it would not even be needed. The design of the tank could have found its counterpart in some roundish "protectors" for the legs - these could as well have hidden some of the more complex functional parts.
I am currently rigging the shoulders and the double hinge/bridge from shoulder to leg is ... well.. doing it for me right now. But slowly and after several hours of do, undo, I am starting to think the legs are getting somewhere.
Nice bike btw, I have a Honda Transalp from 1996 but the most I took it apart was down to the engine in order to get to the valve clearance adjustment parts. This summer I was in Norway and met a Belgian guy, on a k100rs - first modelyear - very cool oldtimer.
A reallife model of the cat - poseable - would be awesome and surely some "nerdy" art buyer would spend a fortune on something like that I guess . Currently I am also trying to get into sketching some more - my Ten entry is going to be a 2d pic as well - if I have any good ideas for the cat i'll post them here.

Greetings and keep you posted on the rig

Old 11 November 2012   #67
thanks for the nice reply!

my first bike - and still have it - is the honda SLR 650 from 1997. So i thought it was the follow up on the transalp. Thought it's the same engine. Though the SLR is more street than cross.
But i needed something more street for longer trips and comfort. So the k100rs i have (i have 3 actually) is the very last model. The 4 valve per cylinder. It's more sporty than the first.

that said, nice to see the thread getting some life again.

I'm not a computerfreak!! but a freak with a computer!
And I'm not afraid to use it!
Old 11 November 2012   #68
Hey Nico,

just had a look at the SLR 650 and it looks a bit more "cool" than a transalp wich is quite nice buuut, its a one cylinder whereas the transalp is a twin , some of the other parts look identical though.. So you never know how much they reused . Puuuh 3 bikes... thats to much work ! How do you even find time for modelling :P ?


Old 09 September 2013   #69
Bumping this, just to make sure I don't forget and it doesn't get archived. I haven't had time to work on it recently but wanted to keep this alive.
My opinions/comments do not represent those of my employer.
Old 09 September 2013   #70
Thanks for bumping, david!

Almost forgot about keeping it alive!.
Still doing design on the new meccha, but not enough or fast enough either!!
Not even doing anything in 3d except some design work for a diy laser cutter.
What a shame!

In other news, the BMW k100rs is finished. Now i also got a volvo amazon to have fun with.
Wished i had a good 3d scanner to be able to put them all in digital. Manually is just way too hard to have an exact main shape.

So, on to some more drawing i guess.

cheers all
I'm not a computerfreak!! but a freak with a computer!
And I'm not afraid to use it!
Old 11 November 2013   #71
I've been trying to rig this cat for almost a year now on and off ...haha
I finished it last week, I'm working on the presentation now!!!
Old 12 December 2013   #72
Earlier this year when I was looking at getting into rigging some more, this seemed like a good way to do so and it was. One weekend and I had something that worked but had a number of limitations. Went back and redid it with fewer limitations the weekend after that. Now that I know more, I redid it a third time with more trial and error to get things right. Still can't get the legs to move out correctly when moving the control along the x axis. Every time, the IK handle would slip from the connection point.

Anyways, this is where my version is at now and I am rather pleased considering my experience with rigging is rather limited thus far. I still plan to go back and redo bits here and there on it but I need a break from it for a while.

Old 01 January 2014   #73
Great work so far!
Wished i was better at designing that cat. Now i wanna work harder on the next one.
Been doing way too much of anything and hardly anything 3d.
But slowly it's getting better.

Good luck on the old model for all who still rigs it !
Let's hope for a new model in 2014. It's almost been 4 years.

Cheers and happy newyear!
I'm not a computerfreak!! but a freak with a computer!
And I'm not afraid to use it!
Old 01 January 2014   #74
phantom28: Awesome, still the hardest project I've ever done, congratulations! Looking forward for your presentation!

Darrolm: Getting the legs to move with IK in all directions/rotations without slipping off from it's center is the biggest challenge in this rig, by far. I would say that 95% of my time rigging this one was spendt on figuring out how to rig that.

Nothingness: I'm still checking this thread from time to time to see if there's any updates on your new project Fingers crossed for 2014

Last edited by shcmack : 01 January 2014 at 09:56 AM.
Old 01 January 2014   #75
Originally Posted by shcmack: Darrolm: Getting the legs to move with IK in all directions/rotations without slipping off from it's center is the biggest challenge in this rig, by far. I would say that 95% of my time rigging this one was spendt on figuring out how to rig that.
That is where most of my time was spent each version. I think I might be able to reroute my setup a bit so that it works. Right now there are a couple joints and an IK handle that correct the angle of the leg for when the shocks move up and down. A similar system might be able to control the z rotation on the leg to keep it moving in sync with the foot controller as it moves side to side.
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