Eon (Trailer) Entry: Sacha Angel Diener

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  11 November 2006
Edited storyboards or 3D pre-visualization: lower right corner, step2

update on the last scene of my trailer, the last take, patricia about to open a gate. In the background, lanier and olmi, axis city ready to take off.
  11 November 2006

warpy: yep, prepared this already when i went for the posterprepares. serious attemp top stress myself and my poor machine to death

Supersnake: tons of thanks mate, means a lot to me to hear that from you. love what you do, always did and cant wait to see what your further progres brings up this time!

Galaktor: thanks a lot mate!

General Midi: glad to hear, thank you! yep, hope this will be fun

igorstshirts: thanks a lot, thats mainly the illustration entry i am working at. actually doing all 3 entries parallel, so one developement helps the other

keep on rocking mates, storyboards next, more or less got most of the base concepts down now and happy it went forward with a more or less usable speed
lets hold the pace and rock it all the way!
  11 November 2006
Absolutely stunning. That final shot is beautiful (as is the rest of it). I can't wait to see what you do with the storyboards.
Even the wildest of dreams might be realized through the pursuit of attainable goals.

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  11 November 2006
Looking good, nice concepts, there is some charisma i think.

Keep on working and good luck !!!
Bush began to visit a sport hall, now evil finds a form.

  11 November 2006
So colorful

You are very talented, makes me wanna see more! This will be a hard challange :-) Please follow our thread film-trailer I will surtenly follow yours!

  11 November 2006
Last picture reminds me of the scene in matrix reloaded when neo stops the squiddies.
Amazing artwork. Haven't seen such incredible paintings very often!
  11 November 2006
These are some of, if not THE best, concepts I've seen for this challenge. Amazing, keep 'em comin' dude.
The real world needs to be imagined to keep us sane.

  11 November 2006
Rough Storyboards or 3D pre-visualization: basemodelling Patricia

temporary made a quick lowres bitmap for having a base for tweaking, here's step 1a - basemodelling patricia

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  11 November 2006

fifty3dragons: thanks a lot mate. started on patricia's model, so 3d takes shape first step was 1 hour of freestyle modelling, then got me some refs to tweak what was minorly off, then made a lowres bitmap to see how the model will look like when the texturing will befin. just a start, more modelling late. glad you like my concept work, thou, its far from finished but step by step approaching it

targus: thanks a lot mate. glad you like what i do here - as for my personal taste, the trailer is supposed to look slightly stylised at the end so i have the freedom to bring in as much of my own personal style as possible i still think trying to achieve photorealism is not the right mainfocus on a cg movie, specially when you are free to work as you like. thou, trying to keep a big amount of the clip slightly toony at the end so its way more fun for me to do

coolkonrad: thanks a lot mate. you got some kick ass prepares in your team thread, can't wait to see the next steps as for mine i actually solved some technical thngs now with the lightsetups such as how create a photometric corrct tubelight and stuff. started modelling patricia, hope you like the start. best of luck on your teamwork and i certainly will follow your progress with great interrest, keep on rocking

The-Evil: thanks mate. well matrix reloaded was the part i didnt like too much, thou, havent thought of it at all when i made my concepts. its patricia with the clavicle on the foreground seeking a gate that leads back to a past on eath without "death". so far, the final of her story before she becomes the sophe and the eternity part begins makes me happy you like my start, its just something i felt like i had to do after having had so many visions of it reading the book(s)

Henrikl: thanks a lot. welll you flatter me. i may be working as concept artist and modeller, but there's tons of other entries that have just breathtaking concept art in them, so as a 3 entries challenger i know i lack of time and have to keeep things fast in the workflow to stand a chance to finish them. lol was a fairly stupid idea to spend my sparetime this way ^^ thanks a lot for your nice words thou, best of luck ate and have lots of fun

thanks all for the great feedback. i'll post the nect update when i find time to finish the storyboards, actally made sure my friend from nyc has time to do a flawless voiceover on the trailer, so 1st step on the sound alright, also writing actually on a soundtrack and play a bit in cubase to get the soundtrack ready keep it up mates, thanks for the warm welcome. keep on rocking!
  11 November 2006
Like your scene of the Russian invaders comming, great work, Patricia looks good here too.
Nice overall blue light from the tube on Axis City. That blue and tan-golden-red complimentary color scheme- planning on making your whole trailer like that? Seems like that'll
work well

Last edited by userBrian : 11 November 2006 at 08:51 PM.
  11 November 2006

oh now I remember not saying any keep going to u my old friend please forgive me
very cool character I think she is going to look awsome when finished so keep going
  11 November 2006
Good looking model. I look forward to seeing her in action. Keep it up!

P.S. I must have missed it before, but I see you're actually in all three challenges. That's insane!!! But your stuff looks great. You obviously know what you're doing.
Even the wildest of dreams might be realized through the pursuit of attainable goals.

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  11 November 2006
Rough Storyboards or 3D pre-visualization: patricia basemodel

part of the trailer, intended to start with the storyboard detailing but then, pushed my 3d work a bit forwards since a mainactrice on a usale stage helps...
here's the step before she takes a nice zbrushing shower and getting her maps, but the temporary lowres bitmap more or less gives a nic preview on how she will look like hope you like the little preview, back on storyboadring later today cheers
  11 November 2006

userBrian: thanks mate. the part where the russian armada invades the stone is a part i'll look forward to very much, its fun, tons of action and great to animate jup, blue on axis city was for giving it the described "underwater-like" feel of atmosphere, also, i like blue so was not hard to decied on the final shot, tho, i got something special in my plan not drawn yet, but the clavicle activation leads to the grandfinal and i'll see if i desperately hope i'll have enough time to bring all i'd like to put into it in time outa ma lame machine thanks for the visit mate ^^

thebest: thank you so much old friend. hope you like the little update on my patriciamodel - after much tweaking i finally got her ready for zbrush you got a great teamwork running and i enjoy your progress over there much keep on rocking too!

fifty3dragons: thanks a lot. hahaha yeah i must have been nuts when i decieded to give all 3 a go well i actually started on what i have no biggerproblems with than lack of machinepower. so the only way around it are highly optimized working, much planing and fast as clean possible workflows to stand a chance to finish all 3. glad you like my progress, thou, i think about dropping my daytiejob and model and paint 24/7 on this better not, but i shall if time should get short take a few days off before the challenge ends - to get the maximum out and hopefully get the all 3 done thanks for the encouragements, much appreciated
  11 November 2006
TONS OF GOOD STUFF HERE! i never take a look to your "trailer" thread!...so cool!
I like everything.On patricia you know i have already written about,but i see nice progress on her body.Looks you are close to finish the model! great job M8!

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