Eon (Trailer) Entry: Tomasz Jedruszek

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Old 10 October 2006   #16
Originally Posted by OmeN2501: Gonna spoil your fun - music must be original composition. You cannot use others people music unelss they are in your team... it sucks big time, but thats the rules...

then... Houston we got a problem
Old 10 October 2006   #17
Great detail on the stone. I like the second image better personally. The first one looks too much like a pear shape or a gourd or something.

On the music front, I posted a question in the FAQ about using loops for composing a soundtrack for the trailer and the answer was that loops are fine. There's both ACID Express and a free thirty-day trial version of Adobe Audition (among others, I'm sure) which use loops. Having some background in music probably helps, but a person might be able to come up with something decent enough with just tinkering around with the software. I found both programs to be fairly intuitive. Hope that helps.
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Old 10 October 2006   #18
Interesting.. interesting.
Good story board, specially shot with a politic

Make it like you see it and i think it will be interesting story.

Have a good luck !!!
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Old 10 October 2006   #19
Nice boards Morano...
It looks like a realistic amount of work for the time given. Let's see it!
Old 11 November 2006   #20
Edited storyboards or 3D pre-visualization: page 1of3

it is time to fight with the time. Must check if all these stuff going to fit those 90 seconds. I realized there is no point to spend time on animations and models while maybe they could not even take place in trailer. So first thing first - check time line then , if some space left -add whatever you want...
Old 11 November 2006   #21
Edited storyboards or 3D pre-visualization: page2of3

im not sure if i'm going right with this milestones schedule, but I made some changes to my previous storyboard ,so i hope it might be called "edited".
Old 11 November 2006   #22
Edited storyboards or 3D pre-visualization: page3of3

as You can see in the last panel,my studio suffering by lack of cast crew in this picture... from the other hand there is no point to use more people since we have such a strong and powerfull digital tools.
I can't tell if this is good or bad.
The worst is ...now it is time to perform sound and sfx track... dear God -Im scared!
Old 11 November 2006   #23
Oh.. yes i have the same problem. I've write some soundtrack's but now i can't choose which one to use
Bush began to visit a sport hall, now evil finds a form.

Old 11 November 2006   #24
I like your latest concept storyboards a lot - its gonna be one fine teaser :] Keep in mind that the Stone viewed from Earth surface is just 3 times bigger than the Moon (acording to my friends fast calculations ;]) so dont overdo it
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Old 11 November 2006   #25

here's my first timeline check on trailer (320x240 /360bitrate), also would like check how's cg uploader and flv codec working, results:

uploader works perfect!

flv codec is quite ok, i've tested it on 640x480 movie too (supposed to be final res for this trailer) and compression (360 bit rate) still alowes you to read small text on boards. I made this compression on full-no compress video (2,7 gigs ) ,of course

320x240 video has 1,7 mb, pretty much as for 90s -final video 640x480 probably will have aprox 7-8 mb

90 seconds is REALLY tight! Guys if you plan to put some nice animations in your trailers be ready to cut them to 5-10 seconds sequences ,of course if you still plan to use any credits boards or short description like i do.

I can see I would have to cut those boards sequences to minimum coz now my main sequence( astronaut aproaching to the Stone) has no more than 7 sec -it is not enough to build such an atmosphere as i planed.

ok it is time to sit on sound now.
Old 11 November 2006   #26
Really nice to see this one in action. Great stuff.

Two comments:

1) The second half of the "hope" line should read "there can't be a future" (i.e. the indefinite article "a" is required in that particular construction; it's somewhat confusing because you could also say "there can be no future" in which case there is no indefinite article present).

2) For me, the shots of the stone over various cities feel too close to the Earth. It gives the impression that the Stone is much lower in the atmostphere, and yet we've just seen it in space being approached by the astronaut/cosmonaut (I really like that space sequence, by the way, and the diaogue that you have planned for it). So I guess what I'm saying is it's the two images together (space and the Stone over the cities) that jar me a little. I didn't really catch that in the rough boards, but seeing it in the animatic made a much stronger impression.

But it's got a great flow to it overall. And that's just my opinion, of course. Others may not feel that way about it.

I'm looking forward to hearing your musical score.
Even the wildest of dreams might be realized through the pursuit of attainable goals.

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Old 11 November 2006   #27
Yeah bro... Loks like it's gonna be nice. This challenge is going to be a blast.
Old 11 November 2006   #28
Yes, looking good.
Nice job.
Bush began to visit a sport hall, now evil finds a form.

Old 11 November 2006   #29
thanx guys for your comments.

fifty : as You know english is not my native language-so any correction of my text lines are most welcome!

about stone - well , you probably did see many times a moon - is it bigger when still very low over the horizon? it is -and it is becouse of optical.... hm lack of word.. illusion? when space objects on the sky apears on bulding or tree on our eye has this intention to increase this space object- im not sure how it exactly works but just that how it is. however i can agree it is still little to big.
no matter , i guess i will have to loose those shots from my trailer anyway.
Old 11 November 2006   #30
No - dont cut them - just make them really fast - like 0.5s each witch 0.5s fade to black between them - it should give you few seconds
And also - from what I read in faq - you can add extra time to that 90s for credits
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